United Home Life Burial and Final Expense Insurance Review

United Home Life Burial and Final Expense Insurance Review

Wondering which insurance company you should work with if you are interested in buying burial and final expense insurance?

If you are looking for the best burial and final expense insurance company, you should know that there are endless options that you could choose from, but they’re also are endless possibilities regarding the company you’d have to choose. 

To ensure that you don’t make any mistakes regarding the company you choose to get the final expense insurance from, you need to weigh your options against your needs. 

In other words, the insurance company you opt to work with should offer great options in terms of the products they offer, and also, it should offer affordable or rather, reasonably and competitively priced plans.

One of the companies that you want to keep under consideration is United Home Life Insurance Company, a company that offers a lot of options that you would want to try out. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at the features, products, and plans offered by United Home Life Insurance Company.

To learn more about the competitive state of their insurance products and to have an overall view of the quotes offered and how they compare with others, keep reading!

Overview of United Home Life Insurance Company

Founded in 1948, United Home Life Insurance Company is one of the subsidiary companies of the United Farm Family Life Insurance Company. 

The first thing that makes this company stand out is the fact that the company focuses on offering insurance products to individuals aged 50 years or older, specifically, burial insurance and final expense insurance products. 

This insurance company offers simple insurance products that are easy to understand, and it might be a good option for you.

United Home Life is owned by the Indiana Farm Bureau, a company that offers many more insurance options, making it easier for you to access a wide range of important insurance products.

Although this insurer doesn’t have a robust website, the insurer sells its range of products via its agents. Unfortunately, this would mean that the brand is not very much interested in bringing in more new customers.

What stands out from the company is the fact that they are heavily focused on offering the Simplified Issue Life Insurance, a category of life insurance plan that includes the final expense life insurance or burial insurance, as well as whole life, term, and accidental death insurance. 

Note that the Simplified Issue Life Insurance offered by United Home Life Insurance Company means that the persons who apply for this insurance plan will have their applications approved automatically, even if the applicant suffers from any form of adverse or chronic health conditions. 

The reason for this is that the applicants who are approved for the insurance products may not have to take application exams, and in other cases, the applicants may not have to answer the rest of the health-related questions.

On top of all this, United Home Life Insurance Company runs its operations based on a motto – Simplified Products – Faster Results, which means that the company promises to meet its obligations, offering the best insurance products and allowing its customers the best customer service.

So, now that we have the basics of this company out of the way let’s now dive into more details about United Home Life Burial and Final Expense Insurance Company.


United Home Life Insurance is a top-rated company that boasts an A- Rating

According to A.M. Best Rating, United Home Life Insurance is a top-rated company that boasts an A- Rating. A.M. Best is one of the leading independent insurance companies’ analysts, which means that the company is financially stable and it will be able to take pay its clients’ claims. 

This is because the A rating is the 3rd highest-ranking that’s offered by the company out of the 16 rating levels offered by United Home Life.

United Home Life Insurance Company is accredited by Better Business Bureau, which considers this insurance company an A+ insurance company. 

They were accredited back in 2016, and they hold on to their excellent rating, something that points to the reliability of the company, their strong financial standing, and the fact the company would be able to pay claims as and when needed.

There only have been two complaints by customers about the company in these past 5 years since their BBB accreditation – these complaints are about poor customer service and some clients getting policies that have different specifications to what they’d applied for. 

United Home Life insurance has, however, responded to these complaints and resolves the issues raised, which makes this one of the insurance companies we would recommend in a heartbeat.


So, what options are there for you, and which insurance products will you enjoy from this company?

Well, there are two main product categories offered by the company under the Final Expense insurance plan, Express Issue and Guaranteed Issue. 

These are both the primary categories of the simplified issue of life insurance, which, as mentioned above, means that there is no need for medical exams for these insurance products to be approved.

Express Plan

Under the Express Plan, there are different levels of insurance plans which are issued based on the company’s own underwriting process that takes into account the health status and history of the applicants. Below are some of the main types of Express Plan Insurance products.

  • Basic Express Issue Whole Life Policy – This is the graded death benefit plan. It comes with a 2-year waiting period, and in case death occurs within these two years, then the insurance company would only pay the equivalent of the premiums paid plus a small interest unless the death is accidental. 

In that case, the company would pay the full amount of the policy’s face value. If you live past the 2 years waiting period, the full death benefits would be paid from year 3 onwards. This graded insurance plan has been developed for individuals that struggle with riskier health issues or if they have a high-risk health history, which would only cost more to the insurer in the absence of the 2-year waiting period. 

The acceptable age gap for this product is 25 to 80 years, though it might vary depending on the state you live in. The minimum and maximum death benefits offered are $2,000 and $25,000, respectively. 

This graded plan comes with additional no-cost riders, specifically, the Identity Theft, Hospital Stay, and the Common Carriers’ Accidental Death.

  • Express Premier & Express Deluxe Plans – These are two of the leading death benefit plans that have no waiting period attached to them, and the benefits are in effect from the day the insurance policy is issued. 

The premiums payable are slightly higher, but you get to enjoy great benefits, such as rider options, as well as addons like the No-Cost Accelerated Death Benefit that applies to policyholders diagnosed with a terminal illness. There also is the accidental death benefit and the child riders, which you can enjoy at a small cost.

  • The Final Expense Express Issue Premier is suitable for applicants aged 20-80 years, but the coverage amount is not a lot – the maximum death benefit offered is $100,000 for applicants aged 20-60 and $50,000 for anyone between 60-80 years. The minimum coverage or death benefit is $5,000.
  • Then you have the Final Expense Express Issue Deluxe, which is United Home Life’s 3rd level of their whole life insurance policy. The eligible applicants are aged 20-80 years; the minimum offered death benefit value is $5,000, while the maximum amount is $50,000. 

This plan comes with something called the immediate-level death benefit, but the payable premiums are relatively higher than the amount payable in the Premier Plan.

  • Express Provider Plan – this is the other type of simplified Express plan offered by the company. This is an immediate death benefits policy. It is regarded as another whole life policy that is ideal for individuals in all age groups. 

As a result, this plan is not considered a final expense planning insurance product. This plan is open to applicants from ages 0 to 80, and the coverage amount ranges from $10,000 to $150,000, depending on the applicant’s age. 

There also are two main levels under the Provider Plan – Standard and Preferred. The latter plan isn’t an option accessible to tobacco users, or rather individuals who haven’t used tobacco in at least 12 months prior to their application. 

With this exception, the Provider plan is suitable for persons in excellent health, preferably ones who have not had or needed medical intervention in at least ten years – of course, a minor cold or temporary problems don’t count, and you’d still have your application approved. The minimum coverage is $10,000.

Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance Policy

Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance Policy by United Home Insurance Company

This is regarded as the simplest insurance plan offered for persons looking for burial and final expense insurance options. This plan is approved with no medical exams or health questions, which means that it is a great option for you if you haven’t had much luck with other companies or the other plans offered by this insurer.

Under the guaranteed plan, the maximum age for eligible applicants is 100 years, meaning that this is the most inclusive plan for anyone interested in a graded plan. 

In other words, the insurance company is still protecting itself here; in that, even in the absence of restrictions for entry, the company still offers a 3-year wait period before the full benefits of the insurance policy can be paid off. 

Moreover, a policyholder’s beneficiaries would only access the full death benefits if death occurs 4 years after obtaining the policy. 

However, the full death benefits would also be payable in full in case of accidental death from the date of issue of the policy.

Note that the company doesn’t specify what the maximum death benefits offered is, but the limit is considered low for the Guaranteed Issue Plan because of the high risk that the insurance company places on itself, given the limitations in the underwriting process.

In Nebraska, applicants have to be between 45 and 75 years to access this plan, whose minimum face value is $5,000, while the maximum payable amount is $10,000. There also is a graded death benefit period of 3 years.

Rates and Quick Quotes

So, what are the rates offered by United Home Life like?

Well, there is no doubt that this insurance company offers some of the best burial and final expense insurance products, and in this section, we’ll look at the options offered and whether to consider their products are ideal for you or not.

But first, it’s worth noting that you’d have to find a United Home Life insurance agent to access their quotes and to be able to fill in an application – even in this wild digital age, this company doesn’t offer online quotes, something that doesn’t really come off as a surprise given the website’s dated appearance. 

So, you’d have to contact an agent, which really shouldn’t be the case today, especially when you consider the many insurance companies and direct competitors of United Home Life Insurance Company that offer competitive online quoting as one of the basic features provided.

The other thing you need to bear in mind is that despite their competitiveness, the company’s products err on the expensive end. 

But their financial stability and years of experience in the industry still place them on top of the list of some of the best and the top-rated insurance companies that provide burial and final expense insurance coverage.

Here is what we have as a rough estimate of how much 40 and 85-year-old males and females would pay in monthly premiums for the $10,000 insurance policy – at 40 years, males pay $24.02 vs. $20.43 for females the same age, while at 85 years, males part with $230.74 monthly vs. $181.52 monthly premium for females.

Naturally, the monthly payable premiums go up with age and the face value of the insurance policy, and a policy with a face value of $20,000 would easily mean that you’d have to pay an estimated double of the premiums specified above. 

Depending on the specifics of the insured, the premium could be higher or lower.

How to Qualify for United Home Final Expense insurance Claims?

To qualify for the Premier and the Deluxe plans, for example, you’d have to meet these requirements:

  • Hospitalized for minor conditions (e.g., hernias or carpal tunnel) within the last 12 months do not count in the application.
  • Applicants with a combination of heart disorders or diabetes are accepted in the immediate death benefit option.
  • The rates are unaffected if you suffer from a medical condition resulting from retinopathy or diabetic neuropathy.
  • An applicant that uses insulin within the past 2 years before application is eligible for the immediate death benefits upon the death.
  • Deluxe policy covers DUIs for over 10 years.
  • Express Issue plans are also applicable to applicants with felony convictions, the ones on parole or probation.
  • Express Issue also works for persons with liver disease such as hepatitis C or kidney disease. This also applies to persons diagnosed with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or cancer within a period of 2 years before the application – this also applies to heart issues.

Underwriting Overview and Advantages

Here, the underwriting agents check the information provided by the applicants and determine if they qualify for the applied products or not.

Now, the good news is that the application is made in the presence of the agents, meaning you have a better understanding of the product you are applying for, and the risk of rejection is subsequently low.

What Are the Knockout Questions?

What Are the Knockout Questions?

This insurer accepts applications from persons across the divide and even individuals with life-threatening conditions. 

The only catch is that you would have to be within the age range offered, but most importantly, the period lapse between your application and a serious health issue diagnosis is important, with individuals who’ve had chronic health issues for more than two years often paying higher premiums. 

In other cases, they qualify for the graded death benefits plans rather than the immediate death benefits plans.

What Are the Health Questions Asked for a Whole Life Policy?

The insurance agents will ask about illnesses affecting the heart, the kidneys, liver, blood, mental health illnesses, and generally other chronic illnesses that last most of the human life once diagnosed.

Valuable Riders Available

They offer free riders such as:

  • Hospital stay rider
  • Common carrier applicable in case of accidental death 
  • Identity theft rider

All these apply to the Express Issue Whole Life policy

  • Under the Deluxe and the Premier Plans, the free-rider offered is the Accelerated death benefit rider for terminal illnesses. You could pay for the accidental death benefits and the child riders.

Pros & Cons


  • Great riders, and mostly free
  • Excellent rating and financial stability
  • The immediate death benefits option is accessible to a few more people
  • Great options to choose from
  • Good customer service 


  • Their premiums are deemed expensive by most individuals
  • There are many affordable alternatives
  • The 3-year wait period for persons under the graded death benefit plans
  • No access to online quotes

How to Sell United Home Life’s Final Expense Product?

You can sell the final expense insurance product sold by this company, but you’d want to make sure that you understand the basics of the insurance product, the impact of selling the plan, and the state laws around the sale of these products. The carrier has to be informed, and they would have to confirm the details of the new policyholder.


With a good range of product options at your disposal, the fact that the company is financially sound, and the flexibility in terms of the feature offers and who can qualify for their products, United Home Life Insurance Company is a company you’d want to consider in your search.