Unique Ideas for Memorializing Your Pet in 2021

Unique Ideas for Memorializing your Pet

As a pet owner, you must be aware of the strong bond that exists between a pet and its owner. The unconditional love they share connects them despite not speaking the same language. People get pets for different reasons, whether for security or companionship. Either way, for many people, pets are best friends, their greatest support, and even family.

Just as it is hard to lose a dear one, it is equally difficult losing your pet. It’s especially hard when their death is sudden. Their death leaves behind a void that can sometimes be difficult to fill. The initial moments are usually the hardest when you struggle to come to terms with the fact that they are gone. Not to mention, the immense guilt you feel when you think of moving on or replacing them. 

At such times, it’s important to remind yourself of all the good memories shared with your furry or feathered friend. One of the best ways to do this is by memorializing your pet. Pet memorials are a great way of working through your grief and finding closure for the demise of your pet. 

Such a tribute helps you focus on the fonder memories shared with your pet. Additionally, you will have a long-lasting and loving reminder of your pet you can always visit on the days you miss the most. In this article, we took the liberty of going through the different ways to memorialize your pet and come up with a list of unique ideas. 

Unique Ways for Memorializing Your Pet.

Unique Ways for Memorializing Your Pet.
Unique Ways for Memorializing Your Pet.

The shared bond between a pet and its owner is unique to each pet and individual. It’s for this reason that while you plan on ways to memorialize your pet, you also remember to keep it unique while also cherishing the relationship you shared. Below is a list of unique pet memorial ideas that will hopefully inspire you to memorialize your pet in the best possible manner:

  1. Have a Pet Funeral or Memorial Service.

Planning a funeral or memorial service for your pet is a great way of grieving and finding closure. The service brings together everyone who shared a bond with your pet, especially the children, to offer each other support during the difficult experience. It’s also a great way of memorializing your pet because you each share the best moments or memories you shared with your pet. 

The service can also be planned to uniquely fit your pet and can be as big or small as you would like. Today, there are hundreds of pet cemeteries country-wide that offer such funeral services. They also offer burial spots, caskets, digging services cremation services, depending on how you’d wish to lay your beloved pet to rest. In some pet cemeteries, you also have the option of a burial volt or tombstone.

Alternatively, you could always hold the service at home with close family and friends. You could create a beautiful burial/memorial site at the back of the house or in the garden. The service could involve reading poems or scriptures to commemorate your pet or take turns with your loved ones giving speeches.

  1. Purchase an Urn for Your Pet’s Ashes
Purchase an Urn for Your Pet’s Ashes
Purchase an Urn for Your Pet’s Ashes

Depending on your financial situation and religious or other beliefs, cremation is a popular choice when it comes to the remains of your lost pet. It’s economical and offers various options on how you can memorialize your pet using its ashes. There’s always the option of scattering the ashes or burying them in a cemetery or your garden. The best way to keep the ashes, however, is to keep the ashes in decorative urns. 

An urn is a great memorial of your pet, especially because it can be customized to fit your pet’s characteristics. They come in different shapes, sizes, and materials and you can choose to engrave anything that reminds you of your pet on the earn. Some great ideas would be to engrave its names, photos, or paw prints, or even the date of birth and death. You have the choice to make the urn as elaborate or artistic or simple as you’d wish.

  1. Select an Appropriate Resting Place.

Finding the appropriate resting place for your pet is an important step in the grieving process. It’s a special place you can visit to find comfort when you find yourself missing them. Therefore, finding the perfect final resting place for your pet is a great way of memorializing them. 

There are very many appropriate resting places you can consider. You could choose to lay it to rest in your garden or at the back of the house if that is your permanent residency. You could also choose to bury them in a pet cemetery or place them in a burial vault. Alternatively, you have the option of scattering its ashes or burying it in its favorite spot in the house or park and place a memorial stone or mark to identify it. Whatever place you choose should be a unique reminder of your pet.

  1. Shop for a Memorial Keepsake for your Pet.

Another great way of memorializing your pet is by finding a memorial keepsake that will keep the memory of your pet alive for a long time to come. A memorial keepsake can be any item but it must have a personal or emotional connection to your pet. 

A popular choice for memorial keepsakes is jewelry. Some people get customized earrings, pendants, necklaces, rings, or bracelets. It depends on your preferred choice of jewelry. On the jewelry, you can choose to engrave your pet’s name, photo, or dates. In some areas, you can even have your pet’s ashes turned into a diamond and used to make your choice of jewelry. You could also have its name engraved on a key chain.

Your pet’s photos are also great for making memorial keepsakes. You could have the photos framed or turned into portrait paintings or canvas photo prints. Alternatively, you could have the photos in customized items like a blanket, mug, or t-shirt. Some people also use their pet’s collars to have collar keepsake frames made or have them displayed on a beautiful stepping stone for the garden. Using the collars for keepsakes is especially great for dog memorial ideas.

Other great ideas for memorial keepsakes are statues of your pet. In some places, you can have a small stuffed version of your pet, by giving a detailed description. The type of memorial keepsake you choose to get depends on how much you’re willing to spend and the kind of connection you have to it.

  1. Write an Obituary for Your Pet.
Write an Obituary for Your Pet
Write an Obituary for Your Pet

Everyone has a unique way of grieving but writing has been proven to be very therapeutic in such cases. Writing an obituary for your pet not only helps you work through your grief but is also a great way to memorialize your pet. An obituary is usually a summary of one’s life, which is what makes it a unique way of remembering and honoring your dead pet. 

When writing your pet’s obituary, it’s important to remember to state the important facts first. This includes the beginning of your bond with your pet as well as, other relationships your pet shared with others. You could write about what made your pet special and the fond moments you have shared. If you’re comfortable with it, you could also share the date and time of your pet’s death and what caused it. 

If the obituary is being read at the funeral or memorial service, you could also include any important information about the service. At the end of the obituary, you could wrap up by thanking everyone who made time to attend the service as well.

  1. Create a Photo Tribute.

As a pet owner, you probably have a lot of photos of your pet or moments that you shared with your pet. Using these photos to create a tribute is another great way of memorializing your pet. Photo tributes are a great way of reliving those beautiful moments shared and reminding yourself or your pet.

To make a photo tribute, you should begin by selecting the best photos of your pet that have the greatest emotional connection. You can use these photos to create a slide show video that pays tribute to your pet. You can choose to add music to the background; it could be any song that reminds you of your pet. Some photo tributes also include short clips. 

How you arrange the photos or clips depends on the story you want to talk about your pet. One way would be to arrange the photos beginning from when your bond started to the day it ended. This would be a great way of remembering your pet’s life from the beginning. 

  1. Nose and Paw Prints of Your Pet.

Like human fingerprints, the nose and paw prints of your pets are unique to them. After they have passed, looking at their paw or nose prints can be comforting and meaningful. It is also a great way of memorializing your pet, especially as a dog memorial idea.

It’s okay if you don’t have the prints from when your pet was still alive. Most veterinarians offer euthanasia services and so can make a paw or nose print for you upon request. The prints can be made on clay or using ink and paper. You can then keep the prints as a memorial keepsake.

You could have the nose and/or paw print framed with your pet’s name and date. You could also have them put or engraved on customized items like pillows. Alternatively, you could mold a stone replica of the paw print that you can place in the garden or its final resting place. Some people choose to have their pets’ noses and/or paw prints tattooed on them.

  1. Remembrance Through Nature.

There are several ways to remember your furry or feathered companion through nature. One way could be naming a star after your pet, so whenever you look up at the stars you are reminded about your pet.

Another way to memorialize your pet through nature is by planting a garden in their honor. The memorial garden can contain monuments that remind you of your pet along with beautiful plants and flowers. The monuments could include statues or stepping stones among others. You could also make a bird feeder with your pet’s name engraved on it. That way you’ll have a memorial keepsake that helps birds find nourishment as well. 

  1. Plant Trees in Memory of Your Pet.

Another creative way to make the memory of your pet last forever is to plant a tree as a symbol. The same care and love you give to the tree will remind you of the love and care you gave to your pet. It’s also a perfect way to ensure your pet “lives on” even if it’s in a different form. 

The tree could be planted where your pet was buried or its ashes were scattered. You can also have the tree planted in your pet’s favorite local park or your backyard. Wherever the tree will be most accessible to you. You can even use your pet’s ashes to plant the tree. To do so, you will need a tree urn. The tree urn is biodegradable hence environmentally friendly. It also turns your pet’s ashes into seeds of a tree. You can purchase the tree urns online on sites like Amazon. 

  1. Make a Donation in Honor of Your Pet

Donating to honor your pet is yet another great pet memorial idea. You not only memorialize your pet but also get to help the organization’s cause through financial support. There are many organizations you can choose to donate to.

Great examples of places you can send donations in your pet’s name are animal rescue shelters, animal protection centers, and humane societies among other organizations. Such organizations are usually in need of financial support to help them propagate their cause. Your funds could go into protecting endangered animals, preventing animal cruelty, and promoting animal care among other causes.

If your pet died of an illness, your donations could go towards supporting any research being done on the illness. That way other animals can be cured. Most of these organizations will normally put your pet’s name alongside yours in their newsletters following your contribution.

  1. Contribute to an animal welfare organization

Animal welfare organizations play an important role in protecting and rescuing animals. Contributing to such organizations is a great way of memorializing your beloved pet. Aside from making donations, there are many ways to contribute to such organizations.

Another way of contributing in honor of your pet is through volunteering. Most of these organizations are understaffed, so offering your time in helping care for the animals makes a lot of difference. You could also take time to educate your friends and loved ones about the importance of animal care and the issue of animal cruelty. This would help the welfare organization’s message reach more people.

You could also choose to foster or adopt an animal from the organizations. Offering shelter and care to a helpless animal can be very rewarding. The act of caring for a new pet could also be a great way of moving on from the loss of your pet as well as reliving the moments shared. 

Need help with the Pet Burial Insurance?

Need help with the Pet Burial Insurance
Need help with the Pet Burial Insurance

Given the strong bond shared between you and your pet, it is only normal to want to give it a befitting send-off. Pet burials, however, can be costly depending on the kind of send-off you had in mind. A pet burial cost can range from $400-$1000. For some people, this cost may be too high. Fortunately, there are pet insurance policies that can help alleviate the burden of that cost.

Pet life insurance unlike pet health insurance pays only after the death of your pet. The amount can help clear or offset any burial costs with regards to the cremation or burial casket, plot, and funeral service. The pet life insurance, however, varies beginning with your pet’s monetary value. The age of your pet also affects whether or not it can be covered. Older pets are considered riskier to insure. 

Additionally, some pet life insurance policies only cover death due to sudden illness or accidents, meaning you will not be reimbursed if your pet died of old age. Therefore, when choosing a life insurance cover for your pet, consider the following:

  • The monetary value of your pet.
  • Your pet’s life expectancy and age.
  • The specifications, limits, and exclusions of the policy.


It can be difficult figuring out what to do when your pet dies. There’s a lot to decide concerning the best way to lay them to rest. Depending on your financial situation, religion, and other beliefs, you may decide to either cremate or bury your beloved pet. Whichever option you choose, memorializing your pet is a great way to honor it and ensure its memories live on. 

In terms of burial costs and insurance, consider the terms and conditions of your pet life insurance policy. This is in terms of whether or not your pet’s death is eligible for you to receive reimbursement. If not, you could consider more economical options like group cremation or home burial services.