Top-Notch Burial Insurance Coverage for New York Residents

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A lot of people in New York are understandably in fear of becoming one of those devastating death statistics. Many of these people don’t want to leave their families (many of whom are out of work right now and struggling), a huge financial burden should the pass from the coronavirus (or something else).

New York is such an amazing state, and we know that its residents are fighters. We will get through this in New York and as a country. Please read on to learn important state-specific stats about New York and the many things that make New York such an amazing state. We will also let you know how to find the best final expense insurance policy in New York and truly understand exactly how burial insurance NY can help protect you and your family members.

Leading Causes of Death in New York

RankCause of DeathTotal Deaths
1Heart Disease44,092
4Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases7,258
8Alzheimer’s Disease3,521

(note: these statistics are taken from the CDC website, and the data is 2017. Keep in mind that these numbers vary from state to state due to population and state rank across the US)

Life Expectancy in New York

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The average life expectancy in New York was 81.3 years (in 2018), putting New York at number 3 among all US states. The statistics went up by .8 from 2010 when New York’s life expectancy was 80.5 years old. You’re doing something right in New York!

So, New York is in the top five in terms of life expectancy compared to the rest of the country. But this does not affect your burial insurance rate or policy.

What affects your Burial Insurance in NY and across the US? It’s your gender, age, & overall health, but not your state.

What Is the Free Look Period in New York?

New York life burial insurance

New York State allows a free look period of 10-30 days for buying burial insurance. You can review your policy during this period and cancel it if you want. If you cancel the policy, you will get a complete refund of the premiums paid. 

Even after the free look period, you can cancel your policy, but you won’t get a premium refund. So, unless you have the right reasons, switching the insurance policies or canceling an existing one may not be the best option. No worries, though. You can discuss your doubts with our independent agents to make the appropriate decision. 

How Does Burial or Final Insurance Work

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New York life Burial Insurance plans are logical policies tailored for folks who don’t want to leave their families in financial distress when they die. Final Expense Insurance policies are simply small-scale whole life policies tailored to cover your final expenses. Throughout the policy term, the payments remain unchanged, death benefits do not decrease, and policy doesn’t expire. 

After approval, you will be protected on the day of your first payment (unless you have certain major health conditions, in which case the insurer may impose a two-year waiting period).  

Underwriting Can Be Lenient

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The best part about final expense insurance is that the policies are underwritten to allow most health conditions. So, even if you have a serious medical condition like cancer or stroke, you’ll still find a policy to cover your funeral expenses. 

Some burial insurance NY policies may not even ask any health questions and offer guaranteed acceptance to all folks. However, they come with a waiting period of two years. So, consider them the last resort for those with serious issues. But we would rather get you into a policy with a NO two-year waiting period when possible.

Expenses Covered by Burial Insurance in NY

New York life burial insurance policies cover all costs of your end-of-life celebration, including casket, flowers, transportation, etc. You can also choose the cremation option and buy a policy to cover the same. The death benefit won’t end here. Your survivors can use coverage amount to pay off your outstanding expenses like loans, medical bills, and credit card debts. The families can use remaining funds in any way they want.

Do You Need Medical Exams for Burial Insurance?

Some burial insurance products may ask about your health history through some straightforward questions. However, if you have extensive health history with a serious medical condition, the process may get a bit complicated. 

Some carriers may ask you to undergo a simple medical examination to determine your health category and final rates. It’s a straightforward process that involves a home or job site visit by a doctor or nurse for weight, height, and blood pressure checkups. For complex diseases, you may be asked to provide urine and blood samples too. 

Once the application is processed and you have New York life insurance quotes, you can accept them or look for another provider offering better rates for your conditions. 

How Much Does Burial Insurance Cost in New York?

Burial Insurance Cost in New York

The monthly premiums depend on your age, gender, and health conditions. The rates for NY burial insurance for women, who are non-tobacco users and above 50, may range from $17.41 for $5000 coverage to $47.01 for $15,000 as coverage. The rates also vary by location, the insurance company, and its underwriting process. 

Although your adult children can buy a policy for you, you have to answer a phone interview and sign the paperwork.

Who Can Buy Burial Insurance in New York?

Anyone can buy a policy for funeral insurance in NY. Some companies even accept seniors aged 80. You have two main options to choose from. 

  • Simplified or Level Death Benefit: You need to answer health questions honestly to qualify. It offers immediate coverage. 
  • Guaranteed Issue: Even if you have serious health issues, you don’t have to answer any health question and qualify for this policy. Though, the premiums are high, and there’s a 24-month waiting period.

How Can You Compare the Best Burial Insurance Policies in New York?

List of final expense insurance companies in New York

It is important to use good sense when shopping for Final Expense insurance in New York, especially. But here at Insurance for Final Expense, we make the whole process uncomplicated for you. You know plenty of agencies for their big ad campaigns, and you most likely are familiar with their names. 

These are companies like AARP Burial InsuranceJohn Hancock Burial Insurance,  State Farm Burial InsuranceColonial Penn Burial InsurancePolicy GeniusGlobe Life Burial Insurance, or Gerber Burial Insurance the best burial insurance in NY. We never dismiss these great companies who have been around for a long time. But what is our big advantage? We offer you full competition. They don’t.

The cost of insurance over the policy’s life is minimal, and the benefits provided are essential to your family during the difficult time of your passing. Think about what they will need at that time. Then, call us with any questions.

How Insurance for Final Expense Can Get You the Best Policy

New York life insurance quotes

When it comes to getting Burial Insurance in NY, it is important to work with a licensed, independent agency specializing in burial insurance.

To find the best burial insurance in New York, you must be working with an independent agency representing multiple burial insurance companies. Suppose you choose to go with one of the big-name advertisers like State Farm, Colonial Penn Globe Life, Gerber Life Insurance, or AARP. In that case, you are locked into just one burial insurance solution, whereas we can give you multiple low-cost options.

Working with an independent agency like Insurance for Final Expense is entirely free for you. Unlike working with a captive agent, we, as independent agents, are paid by the insurance companies. It does not affect your rates. 

If you need help with a guaranteed issue or final expense insurance, it would be our honor to assist you. Please call us at 1-800-400-8319. If you would rather that we call you, just fill out the quote form on this page and a licensed agent will be in touch with you promptly.