The ABC’s of Why on Earth Someone Wants Burial Insurance

burial insurance

Here is the reality.  We are all going to die.  For some, like fallen Democratic Presidential candidate and super rich guy, Micheal Bloomberg, they would laugh at the idea of getting any type of insurance coverage for burial.  Heck, they are rich.  They don’t need any of this.

But for the rest of us normal folk, the costs of both Cremation and Burial are totally out of control.  My beloved Dad passed away 3 years ago and as much as I loved him (more than the ground I walk on), I was still very concerned about the cost.

You see, my Dad wanted no part of any form of burial insurance coverage unless mandated by the Federal Government, and even then, he didn’t want it.

When we finally got hit with the $23,000 bill, even though I’ve been doing burial coverage for years, it once again slapped me in the face as to how it doesn’t take a policy genius to realize that YOU NEED COVERAGE.

But All that Being Said, You Still Have Questions About Burial Insurance…

But First Off, Why do Folks Delay Getting a Plan?

  1. They just don’t care what happens when they die
  2. There isn’t a beneficiary in their lives that they can trust
  3. They have no money … and when I say no money, they are virtually homeless
  4. They are natural procrastinators

Now notice … none of the reasons above include cremation and burial rates being so cheap, folks can just pay for the services out of their own pockets.

Even Mike Bloomberg would probably say that cremation and burial costs are way too high, even though it wouldn’t be a problem for him (obviously). 

When you die, your family is going to be left with all of your debts and final expenses.  Now I can try and say this in a nicer way, but the truth is, if you are reading this, your family can’t afford any of this.  And you are not alone.  Reports have it that over 500,000 families are currently seeking money online through sites like GOFUNDME.com to cover the burial of a loved ones.

Worst Choice: Colonial Penn Final Expense Whole Life Insurance

Best Choice: Mutual of Omaha Burial Insurance

As We Said Earlier, the Costs of Burial & Cremation are Obscene.

The cost of a funeral continues to rise, and all of the burial costs can easily equal $12,000 or more, which can bury a family. A burial plan gives your family the funding they need to either have you cremated or put you under the ground.

Again, we hate to be so blunt, but it’s just not fair to soft shoe the fact that we will all pass and that the costs are horrific for a family.

And this is the truth, Globe Life Final Expense is not your best option. Mutual of Omaha Burial Insurance is a much better choice. And even more truth, Colonial Penn Burial Insurance is even worst. Shop around, click the quote tool to your right on this page. Get the best coverage for the best price.

Because when you pass …

Do you really want to be the one being cussed at as your casket is lowered into the ground?

I know, some of your family members don’t deserve for you to provide for this, but in every family there are some gems.  Maybe a son, maybe a daughter.  Or maybe a spouse.

But in truth, if you don’t have a beneficiary you feel any love for, then proceed on your own what to do next.  Our belief is that this (coverage) must be done with a beneficiary you trust.

A Burial Insurance Policy is Much Smaller than a Traditional Insurance

Most burial insurance plans are around $25,000 or less.  But that’s not the end of the world, because these are whole life policies and as a result they DO NOT expire.

Never Forget, Estimates are 94% of All Term Policies Expire Without Payment 

So yes, you can have a $1,000,000 policy if you are young, but then you pay in every month and the time goes by and you think you are going to die, but the body is pretty resilient and suddenly you are a bit older with NO coverage.

So in actuality that $25,000 whole life policy is better than the $1,000,000 term life policy, unless you walk in front of a truck and pass away years before your time.  (not recommended of course)

And more truth, the waiting period for funeral coverage, such as the 2 year clause, is something you want to stay away from. Mutual of Omaha Burial Insurance offers instant coverage. Shop around, use the tool on the right hand side of this screen and get an instant quote.

So what about just donating your body to science.  Surely that would be the “Green” thing to do.  I hear this all the time from folks who are on the fence about getting a policy.  While it sounds good, there are all types of hoops and fine print you have to jump through to get this done.

This would just be a guess, but over the years, I have probably heard this excuse 1,000 plus times and I bet, NONE of these folks will end up actually doing it.

They would be better off to just hang up the phone with me and tell me they really don’t care and at least they would be honest with themselves.

The Truth is, the Family that is Left Behind will be Forced to Care

Think about it, how many times has a family simply walked away from the responsibility of a dead relative?  It just doesn’t happen that often.

Burial insurance scams? The truth is the biggest scam is the billing from the Funeral Homes. Why should it cost $12,000-$23,000 to lay your loved ones to rest?

Usually it is left to a credit card, or group of credit cards to somehow fund things.  This is one of the most unfair things anyone could ever do to a family member, considering a monthly payment as low as $19.95 could provide plenty of coverage.