Security National Life Burial and Final Expense Insurance Review

Security National Life Burial and Final Expense Insurance Review

Are you looking for the best final expense insurance company but are not sure about the insurance company to work with, especially with the long list of insurance carriers on the market today? 

Well, this is a review of one of the best final expense insurance companies – Security National Life Insurance Company. It is one of the top-rated insurance companies on the market, and it might be a good option for you. 

To determine its suitability, we’ll take a comprehensive review of the features offered by this company.

So, let’s dive in!

Overview of Security National Life Company

Established a few decades back in 1965 in Salt Lake, Utah, Security National Life might not be the newest burial and life expense company on the market, but it is one of the companies that offer the best burial and final expense insurance products. 

This insurance company is a publicly traded company that was developed as a pre-arranged option for individuals looking for insurance. They also offer prepaid funeral options which are all accessible through licensed insurance agents, as well as funeral professionals. 

Over the years, the company has achieved a great deal of success, with the most impressive feature being the fact that this is one of the companies that offers a phone app for easy access to their products and services. 

The SNL app is accessible on Apple and Android devices, hence a great demonstration of the new way of marketing burial insurance. Note that Security National is a subsidiary of the Security National Financial Corp.

This company is also an overarching provider of not just life insurance but also mortgage loans, as well as funeral services, which are all deemed as natural extensions offered to customers looking for final expense products.

Unlike other insurance companies, the Security National Life insurance company also offers insurance policies to applicants up to the age of 90 years. They also offer 3 burial and final expense insurance plan options that you can choose from.

Throughout the company’s tenure and the financial services they offer, Senior National Life is, therefore, one of the top-rated senior life insurance companies in the industry. It’s also the 160th largest life insurer and the largest health insurance provider based on its total assets and their ranking.


The Security National Life Insurance Company has, since its establishment grew, recording an overall jump in sales from $510 million up to $666 million. And by the end of 2018, Security National Life has an income base of $1.78 billion.

With these numbers in mind, the company is top-rated by rating companies. A.M. Best rates Security National Life as an A- company, which demonstrates the company’s excellent financial standing, as well as the strong likelihood and ability to demonstrate its financial obligations. 

The A- grade is a representation of the overall stable outlook of this insurance company, and it is also an indicator of the solid financial standing of the company, which would say that the company is headed in the right direction.

It’s important to note that Security National Life’s A+ rating is an upgrade from its previous B++ rating, which gives it a more promising outlook. 

So, although this company is not BBB-accredited, there are a few complaints against the company, which means that you can look forward to a strong relationship between the customers and the company.


Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is one type of permanent life insurance that can provide lifelong coverage.

Security National Life burial and final expense insurance offer a wide range of insurance options. These options include:

Whole Life Insurance Guaranteed Benefits Policy

The whole life insurance options include the modified, standard, and the preferred life insurance options. All these policies feature guaranteed death benefits and grade-level premium payment options. 

You’d have to talk to the insurance agents to determine the suitability of the plans offered.

The types of whole life insurance options are as follows:

  • The Simple Security Standard

This is a plan that offers death benefits from the first day of the application’s approval. Based on your age, the premiums are variable, but you could be eligible for insurance coverage from $10,000 – $25,000. This policy would allow you to access the policy, even with pre-existing medical and health conditions. It also comes with multiple riders.

The health issues that are still covered by this policy include stents, A-Fin, and stents. The catch to the immediate death benefits access is that you will have to pay higher premium rates.

The insurance coverage options range from $25,000 for ages 40-75, $15,000 for ages 76-80, and $10,000 for ages 81-90.

This policy also comes with riders for a dependent child and accidental death.

  • Simple Security Modified Whole Life Insurance

This final expense insurance plan is the ideal plan for you if you struggle with significant health issues, meaning that you cannot access the traditional forms of life insurance. Now, although this plan doesn’t come with similar benefits as that offered by the Standard plan and not suitable for persons with fatal illnesses, it comes with a 2-year waiting period, and the full death benefits are only payable after the lapse of the first 2 years. 

With this in mind, this plan is only ideal for persons in perfect health, or rather, individuals not at risk of dying within the first 2 years of applying for the plan.

In addition to the graded 2-year plan, they also offer insurance options for different age groups, ranging from $10,000 to $25,000. Like the standard plan, you will also enjoy the riders for dependent children and accidental death.

  • Simple Security Preferred Whole Life Insurance

This insurance plan model is the perfect plan for you if you don’t have to deal with any health issues. As a result, the death benefits will be offered and enjoyed on the first day of application. 

The company offers maximum death benefits of $35,000. There also are riders offered, including the dependent and the accidental death riders.

As mentioned above, this plan is suitable for persons with no serious medical issues, hence the immediate death benefits offered from the first day of application. 

The face amounts of the policy depend on the applicants’ age – individuals between 40 and75 years will access a maximum insurance coverage of $35,000, ages 76 to 80 access a maximum cover of $15,000, while applicants aged $81-90 access a maximum cover of $10,000.

  • Final Expense Insurance

This is the other insurance option offered by Security National Life. It is a great option for you who are looking for an effective funeral planning option, and it is considered the most significant costs associated with costs such as transportation, medication, medical bills, and all other existing debts. 

Thanks to the final expense insurance cover, the beneficiaries named for this policy will be able to pay for the different funeral costs without having to worry about draining their savings.

Note, however, that the final expense insurance cover by Security National Life comes with rather extreme coverage limitations. 

In this case, a policyholder who dies within those first two years of the policy will not access the full death benefits unless you live in Arkansas or Nevada. 

Generally, policyholders that pass away during the 2-year waiting period will only get a refund of the full premiums paid and an additional 10%. But if the policyholders survive beyond the initial 24-months of buying the policy, then the beneficiaries would enjoy the full death benefits.

  • Preneed Insurance

Security National Life also offers the pre-need insurance cover, which is a great option for you if you are considering funeral pre-planning. 

With this insurance product, the funeral expenses will be covered long before your demise, meaning that your family wouldn’t have to think about the funeral costs. So, how does this policy work?

Well, for the preneed insurance plan to work, a plan has to be drawn out between the policyholder and the funeral director. 

First, you’d have to find the funeral home that you’d like to handle your finances and funeral planning options. The funeral director would help you come up with the list of funeral expenses and funeral costs to handle funeral arrangements. 

The funeral director would then give a full cost of the expenses; then, Security National Life would help you come with the pre-need insurance option that you could work for you.

Thanks to this policy option, you get to think through and plan your funeral.


Final expense insurance is designed to cover the costs of your final disposition as well as any funeral or celebratory.

Security National Life offers final expense insurance options for applicants aged between 40 and 85 years. 

The applicants are given access to the graded plans, which means that the policyholders only access full-death benefits after the 2-year waiting period lapses. The maximum age limit for the applicants is 90 years, and some of the plans’ death benefits are accessible immediately.

The maximum insurance coverage offered by Security National Life is $2,500, while the maximum ranges from $25,000 to $35,000. The $25,000 plan maximum is applicable to applicants looking for graded policies, while the preferred plan has a maximum coverage limit of $35,000.

In terms of the payable premiums, 50-year-old males and females pay premiums of $27.92 and $24.40, respectively, for the $10,000 plan.

The minimum insurance coverage by Security National Life is $2,500.


Thanks to the high financial rating of the company, you will be happy to know that Security National Life promises to pay their policyholder’s claims. They have a high assets ratio, and their financial standing ensures the best customer experiences and claims paid up in a timely manner.

The good news is that claiming for beneficiaries is easy, and from the 3-step process outlined online, then you could submit a claim via email or on the phone. The claim is paid once the email application is submitted. The claims section on the website makes the application easy.


The main underwriting advantages offered by Security National Life include:

  • The security deposits drafting options are offered to ensure reduced lapses
  • There are coverage options available for prospects aged 86-90.
  • The competitive preferred insurance plan options are available for smokers and non-smokers aged above 70 years.
  • The modified plan is ideal for prospects who would otherwise opt for the guaranteed whole life issue insurance carriers.
  • The preferred rates are offered for individuals who suffer from atrial fibrillation.
  • There is a 10% co-op lead bonus that is paid monthly.

Final Expense Coverage benefits

  • The insurance options offered are accessible over the phone
  • High age range up to 90 years
  • The minimum acceptable age is 40 years
  • The premiums are fixed throughout the duration of the policy
  • Fast claims processing

What Are the Knockout Questions?

When it comes to your applications for the best final expense and burial insurance, you have to think about the answers to your questions. 

Essentially, you have to answer No to all the questions that are asked. The knockout questions include:

  1. Have you, in the past 30 days, been admitted or treated in the hospital, nursing home, health care facility, hospice care, etc. And have you been treated, medically diagnosed, or tested by a licensed medical professional in the past 12 months?
  2. Have you been treated, medically diagnosed, or tested in the hospital in the past 30 days by a medical professional? Does this apply to cancer, basal cell skin cancer, ALS, Alzheimer’s, sickle cell anemia, dementia, hepatitis C, cystic fibrosis, cirrhosis of the live, organ transplant, brain aneurysms, etc.?
  3. Do you need any kind of supervision or assistance with daily activities like eating, dressing, personal hygiene, or transferring from a chair to the bed, etc.?
  4. Are you receiving any kidney dialysis treatment?
  5. Have you ever been diagnosed with AIDS, AIDS-related complex, or tested positive for HIV; and been diagnosed by a licensed professional?

What Are the Health Questions Asked for a Whole Life Policy?

Here are the important health questions you need to ask:

Do you use any form of diabetes medication or insulin, and if you do, how many units daily do you need?

  • Have you received a diagnosis for, tested positive for or treated, or prescribed medication for any of these conditions by a medical professional?
  • Angioplasty, bypass surgery, stent implant, heart-valve surgery, or had a pacemaker installed.
  • Any type of tumor or cancer diagnosis,
  • Brain disorders, brain tumors, mini-strokes, or strokes
  • Kidney disease, liver disease, pancreatic disease, hepatitis B, organ failure, etc
  • Lung disease, COPD, emphysema, or any other kind of pulmonary disease?
  • Diabetes or diabetes-related complications
  • Parkinson’s Disease, major depressive disorder, schizophrenia, suicide, or hospitalization for any mental diseases or disorders
  • AIDS or HIV diagnosed by a licensed medical professional
  • Have you been diagnosed or treated for excessive use and abuse with non-prescribed drugs, prescribed drugs, alcohol, narcotics, and other habit-forming substances?
  • Do you require or use a walker, wheelchair, oxygen, or the hospital bed?

Pros & Cons


  • The company boasts great financial strength with excellent financial ratings.
  • They offer great customer service.
  • Products offered from their Android and iPhone apps
  • They offer great customer service
  • The upper age limit is 90 years


  • They are not BBB-accredited
  • They only offer policies under the final expense category and no other life insurance options.
  • The policy limits offer considerably low for the payouts
  • The rates are not the most competitive

Should you use Security National Life final expense insurance?

Security National Life Insurance will cover burial costs and any other expenses you provide for your loved ones.

If you are of advanced age and have been in search of the best final expense insurance option that would take the financial burden off your loved ones’ after your passing, it would be a good idea to invest in the final expense insurance options or products offered by the Security National Life Insurance Policy. 

Besides offering great options that you get to choose from, the company also boasts a great online application process that makes the purchase process relatively easy and the claims processes just as easy. The customer support service is also quite reliable, and you will be happy to know that your needs will be attended to with ease.

The company’s website is also comprehensive, and you will access a wide array of important information and insights into the plans and services offered.

The other perks associated with Security National Life Insurance include ease of use thanks to the e-app process and the instant rating, great underwriting options that do not sacrifice the premium level of competitiveness, not to mention the lead program that is great for underwriters.

How to Sell Security National Life’s Final Expense Product?

If you are planning to sell Security National Life Insurance, you will be able to enjoy great benefits, including additional annuities, training sessions, and high-quality leads and programs. You could work with an independent company or agents to get started.


Security National Life is one of the large and fairly competitive insurance companies on the market today, and if you are looking for the best final expense insurance companies on the market, Security National Life would be a great option for you. 

But before you settle, shop around and compare the products to make sure that you are buying a product that meets your needs in the best way possible.