Scleroderma: The Hidden Truth with Burial Insurance

Scleroderma Burial Insurance

If you would like to get an instant Burial insurance quote just look to the right hand side of the page and quickly fill out the form.  It will instantly give you the answers you are looking for in terms of cost. Scleroderma is a visually brutal condition to live with and you may wonder if it will effect your ability to get final expense insurance.  It makes your skin crawl with spots and red welts.  It is not comfortable at all to live with.

The good news, it’s a rare condition, but if you are reading this you might not only have heard of it, you might have it yourself.

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But will having Scleroderma effect your ability to get affordable Burial insurance coverage? By the looks of it, it might, but in fact IT DOES NOT.

You Can Get Affordable Coverage in Most Cases.

Now granted, at times Sceroderma can create side issues and those can effect your ability to get coverage, but those cases are even more rare than Scleroderman itself.

We’ve been doing this for years and the overwhelming amount of clients we had were easily able to qualify for preferred rates and first day coverage.

No Colonial Penn two year waiting periods.  No having to pay overpriced rates like those of John Hancock insurance.  The best policies like Mutual of Omaha at preferred rates.

Yes, yes, yes ….

The overwhelming majority of scleroderma clients we have helped over the years easily qualified for preferred rates and full first day coverage.

Today we are going to spell it all out for you and then let you decide what type of coverage is right for you.  Hint: if you have Scleroderman and you do not have any current side issues created from it, grab coverage quickly.  Once those side issues show their ugly faces, then coverage gets to be expensive.

Better Early Than Never …

First I have to tell you an amazing story….

My Aunt Josephine had this rare disease, but only on her hands.  It was terrible.  She was in constant pain and had to wear gloves most of daylight hours.  First of all to protect her hands and second to hide her hands.

You had to see this to believe it, but for whatever reason it was only on her hands.  She went to doctor after doctor.  I even drove her to the UCONN medical center in Connecticut where she met with some of the best experts in the state.

They gave her prescriptions, but they never worked. I think it set in that nothing could ever help her hands.  She very depressed about having to wear white gloves for the rest of her life.

Then one day she met with an old friend who said that a friend of hers had the exact same condition.  She as well had gone to all of the specialists, all with no relief.

But Then She Told my Aunt that She Finally was Healed, but how???

Now there is a lot of controversy in regards to Scleroderma and whether or not it can be healed, so please do not take this as medical advice.  I am not a doctor and in fact was just a young man out of college when all of this went down.

But the thing that healed my Aunts friend was Cow Udder Cream.  I’m not talking about some cow cream version sold today on Amazon.com, I’m talking about the real Udder Cream used for cows to keep them moisturized down under in the private areas.

My Aunt rushed out, found it at a farm supply store and started to use it regularly. You should have seen the container it was in. There was no doubt this stuff was made and marketed for animals, not humans.

Within weeks she was healed.  It was a total miracle.  Her hands became normal again albeit with scarring from years of red sores.  Eventually her hands were perfect and it was as if it never happened.

I know it’s hard to believe, but I saw it. Consult with your physician before trying any of this on your own. Maybe it was nothing more than a gift from the heavens.

The Reality of Getting Burial Insurance with the Condition of Scleroderma 

The effects of scleroderma vary dramatically.  For some, it is a minor annoyance.  But for others like my Aunt, it can be severe but localized.  For the very unlucky, it can be life threatening.

So this is the inside scoop.

Someone who wants Final Expense Burial Insurance can get it with Scleroderma.  And unless you have terrible side effects like CHF, you will qualify for first day coverage.

There will be no reason to run to Colonial Penn Life Insurance and Alex Trebek and deal with their annoying 2 year waiting period to get full coverage.

And there is even more good news

With Scleroderma you will never have to run and find your doctor or deal with a horrible medical exam to see if you can get Life Insurance for burial.

When you work with insuranceforfinalexpense.com you only have to talk with an agent like myself (Gary) …. Answer a few simple health questions …. Do a quick 3 way call with the insurance carrier like Royal Neighbors and bang … in most cases you are covered.

And in 85-90% of the cases, no annoying two year waiting period for your life insurance coverage.

The insurance carrier will have approval for you in under 20 minutes.

It’s like a dream of simplicity …

How Final Expense Burial Insurance Companies Make Underwriting Decisions on Scleroderma. 

Important Health Questions.

There are two things that you need to know up front when answering any health questions on a Final Expense Burial application.

The way the questions work, if you answer YES to any of them, you will end up paying more.  That doesn’t mean you should answer No if the answer is a Yes, because the insurance companies have their ways of finding out.

You must always be honest on your application.

The second is that the insurance companies have access to your prescription records with something called the MIB (Medical Information Bureau). The MIB is designed for a number of things including making sure you don’t doctor shop so you can get multiple perscriptions for things like pain pills.  The MIB also allows the insurance carrier to see your prescription record.

As a side note: Agents like myself are never allowed to see the MIB report, so your most private of information is held safe.

The truth is the insurance carriers want to know if you are hiding something life threatening like Cancer from them.  This is why they want to check your prescriptions through the MIB.

Now this is nothing to fear …

My Mom age 84 was on so many different medicines and pills that it was hard to keep them all straight, yet she still easily was approved for same day coverage. I think I was even surprised.

It’s amazing how easy these policies can be to get as long as you don’t have Cancer, severe Diabetes, or something like HIV.

What if the Final Expense Insurance Carrier Asks you About Your Scleroderma?

The good news …. 98% of them don’t ask.

I don’t think they care. It’s only an issue if it leads to other problems like the previously mentioned CHF. It’s not that we are hiding it from them, it’s just that they aren’t asking.

Now you could get hooked up with the wrong agent. Some door to door rookie or a seller of policies on Cable TV like CNN. Then you might have a problem because they could place you in the 2% of policies that do care about this condition, or shovel you into a 2 year waiting period policy.

Not the way to handle things at all, but these things do happen.

Another reason to consider insuranceforfinalexpense.com first.

Gary P. Cubeta
(Serving Americans In All 50 States)