Age 60: Choose John Hancock final expense or something better?

Sample Life Insurance Rates for 60 Year Olds

You’re 60 years old and you don’t have Life Insurance or maybe you just want to purchase additional insurance.  Well, you came to the right place, because we are masters at putting clients together with insurance carriers into the absolute best policies. In this article, we will explore sample life insurance rates for 60 year olds.

Yes, that means that if you buy life insurance from one of those advertisers on national cable TV like Colonial Penn or AARP, you probably paid way too much.

For Others It’s Just so Easy to Put Off Buying Life Insurance Coverage until they are 60 Years Old or Older.  

I’ll do it next week … or next year … or never. 

What a bad way to go.  Totally irresponsible because the cost of cremation and burial have simply gone out of site.  Like we often say, it’s not the insurance that’s a rip-off, it’s the cost of dying with cremation and burial that is the true rip-off.

When I was a kid we grew up on a lake in Middletown, Ct.  Back in the day, everyone who lived on the lake new everyone.  On the other side of the lake was a locally famous older individual and his name was “Old Man Stoba”.

Stoba had lived on the lake his entire life.  Something had happened with his rather large property that it ended up in the hands of his kids.  They let him continue to live on the property as his behavior grew stranger and stranger.

One day we were out in our row boat and Stoba in his back yard waived us in.  My Dad knew Stoba for years and always liked talking with him.  Stoba told us that he had just completed his bomb shelter for the coming apocalypse and he wanted to show it to us.

We went into a shed like building and he took us down a staircase.  Suddenly we stopped.  It was obvious it was a small underground enclosure, but it was flooded half way to the ceiling.  Now keep in mind, we are living on a lake, so Stoba had simply built his shelter below the water table.

We looked at him dumbfounded as he bragged he would be safe when the end of the world came.

Stoba got older and older and his behavior became even more strange.  We would see him on the road with his white beard and worn clothes and he would always be carrying a very large bell.  As you would drive by Stoba would ring his bell and tell you to pull over “you son of a B” and give him a ride.

A Ride to Where? I Never Did Pull Over and I don’t Think Anyone Else Did Either.

When he finally passed I remember my Dad telling me that they were having problems burying Stoba.  I had no idea what he meant, but he showed me a small article in the paper looking for donations.  The article talked about his life and left out any mentions of the bizarre behaviors we had all seen as he grew older.

Even then as a young man it hit home to me that dying wasn’t cheap.  I also wondered how he could go from owning all of that property to his water logged bomb shelter to roaming the streets penniless.

Life can be cruel.

Sometimes when we sell another policy and yes, we sell many, I think of Stoba.  Something as simple as being able to be buried in a respectful manner would have gone a long way towards his overall dignity.

As a young man he must have been something else, but as an older confused senior, life wasn’t so kind.

It’s easy to just think life insurance coverage is something for somebody else to buy or worry about, but when you really think about it, it is your responsibility not to burden your loved ones.

I have coverage myself.  Probably more than my wife will ever need, but I have it anyways.  I just think it is the right thing to do and yes, I’ve had my coverage for many years.  Years before I ever became an active agent.

Sample Insurance Rates for 60 Year Olds

Get coverage when you are younger because if you wait until you are older like Stoba, the rates will got sky high. 

GENDER & RATING$5,000$10,000$15,000$20,000
Female No Waiting Period$18.04$32.87$47.70$62.53
Female Tobacco No Waiting Period$23.94$44.67$65.40$86.13
Female Guaranteed Acceptance$23.57$45.14$66.70$88.27
Male No Waiting Period$22.98$42.76$62.53$82.31
Male Tobacco No Waiting Period$31.11$59.02$86.92$114.83
Male Guaranteed Acceptance$28.78$56.65$84.52$112.38

With most forms of insurance for younger people, the carriers need to send a medical professional out to your house to take blood and ask questions.  A lot of folks don’t like the procedure, because it’s nerve wracking.

Look, I’m 57 and totally healthy and I’m not a fan of the blood in the tube and waiting to hear whether they find anything.

But Can You Get Life Insurance at 60 years Old? YES!

In fact as many as 30% of people who sign up for Term policies end up cancelling before the medical visit, because they just don’t want to go through the turmoil.  Even if that turmoil is only created in their minds.

The good news, with final expense Burial insurance, you never have to have your blood taken from your arm, even if you are 60 years old.

The Insurance Carriers Know Older Folks are Not Usually in Perfect Health.  

So why even put them through the torture? 

All their math is done with this in mind.  It’s why we actually believe Final Expense policies are some of the most cost effective plans in the entire world of insurance.

And since these plans are almost always Whole Life, meaning they last for your entire lifespan, it is guaranteed that your loved ones will be paid.

As much as 94% of all Term policies for younger folks expire with no payments made.  That’s good because you live longer than you thought you might, but bad because the insurance companies make out like bandits when they pay out nothing.

The dreaded Waiting period

As you probably know, there are many plans that make you wait for two years before you can get full coverage.

The insurance companies do this so they can make sure to get those payments before there is any chance of having to make that final big payment to your loved ones when you pass.

The Problem is This 2 Year Waiting Period has Been Abused … Colonial Penn and John Hancock final expense insurance reviews

Some carriers like Colonial Penn put virtually everyone in the waiting period.

Even if their health is good.  85-90% of people could get coverage with no waiting period if they just went with an agency like us.  You see, we are not tied to one carrier like Colonial Penn or John Hancock.  We can shop around and place you with the best carrier who might not mind if you have a few health issues.

You might think, no waiting period, the rates must be higher.


With no waiting period the rates are almost always dramatically cheaper.  You could end up pay half the price for instant coverage.

And all it takes is filling out the form to the right on this screen and seeing just how affordable coverage can be.

What are the problems that can keep you from skipping the no waiting period:

These are the things that will be a problem with any carrier.  It’s not that you can’t get coverage, you will just have to wait 2 years for that full benefit to go into effect.

Aside from that, you are probably golden for instant life insurance coverage at 60 years old.

Gary P. Cubeta
(Serving Americans In All 50 States)