Royal Neighbors Burial and Final Expense Insurance Reviews

Royal Neighbors Final Expense Insurance

Final Expense insurance is essential to the financial planning of any senior citizen. The coverage can help survivors pay for the costs of everything related to the final services and legal fees that come with the passing of a loved one. Find the right burial insurance policy is one of the best decisions anyone in their golden years can make. Royal Neighbors Final Expense Insurance a great choice.

Insurance carriers come in all shapes and sizes, and most of them are for-profit institutions. That is not true with Royal Neighbors Insurance of America. Commonly known as “Royal Neighbors,” this is a nonprofit insurance entity that has one of the better burial insurance policies on the market.

Company Background of Royal Neighbors 

The history of Royal Neighbors goes back more than 120 years ago. It happened a time when women in the United States had few rights, including the ability to own life insurance. Royal Neighbors Insurance of America was founded in 1895 to provide life insurance to women and their children. It is the first insurance company in the United States to provide for these people who ordinarily were under-insured.

Company Background of Royal Neighbors

Organizationally speaking, Royal Neighbors of America comes under the definition of a fraternal benefit society. Not only can Royal Neighbors provide final expense insurance products but also pursue various philanthropic goals. There are no shareholders. Royal Neighbors empowers both women and their dependents and is a rock-solid financial enterprise.

The Royal Neighbors rating is an A with A. M. Best. More than 200,000 policies (known as certificates) are in force, and Royal Neighbors have close to $1 billion in assets. There is no question it can cover any claims filed. Royal Neighbors’ status as a fraternal benefit society requires it to conduct affairs in a way that prevents insolvency.

Rates and Quick Quotes

The company’s website mentions an interactive tool for Royal Neighbors quick quote, but it may not work as expected. But, you will find a loose estimation suggesting that you can buy a policy worth $25,000 for $25 per month. It refers to a whole life policy for a 30-year woman. But, it is vague, and if you need more clarification on the quotes, we can help.


Through an online claim form, you can report the death of a Royal Neighbors member on the website. You may submit it directly or send it through regular mail service. 

What Is a Voice Signature Call Application?

Royal Neighbors rating

With a voice signature call, you can complete the application process with an interview involving Royal Neighbors, your insurance agent, and you. It works for all the products and is the fastest way to get your policy. 

The three-way conference call begins with some basic information, including underwriting questions, your medications, draft date, DOB, beneficiary details, etc. The call doesn’t take more than 15-20 minutes, and your application may be approved by its end. 

How Do Royal Neighbors Serve the Communities?

The Royal Neighbor Insurance funds several philanthropic endeavors to offer its support to local communities. It has Community Leadership Chapters for fund local charity events and Difference Maker Fund to support community projects aligning with its goals. Also, the Nation of Neighbors offers financial grants to some nominated members. 

What is a Fraternal Benefit Society, and How Can It Benefit You?

Royal Neighbors of america reviews

We admit that fraternal benefit society is a horse of a different color in the insurance world. Policyholders are members of the society, which will ordinarily charge less than the traditional life insurance company for coverage. There are many other benefits to fraternal benefit society that you usually do not find with an insurance company.

There are member benefits for anyone who is part of the Royal Neighbors of America society. These unique benefits that are above and beyond insurance coverage include:

Dental Discounts

Royal Neighbors Insurance members can save 5-50% on dental procedures and checkups at more than 176,000 dental offices across the country. 

Lab Services Discounts

DirectLabs offer this discount for saving 10-80% on the lab and blood tests across 3000 labs countrywide. 

Vision Discounts

As a member, you can save anywhere from 20-40% on eye exams or eyewear. It also offers 40-50% discounts on LASIK surgery at over 800 QualSight facilities nationwide.

Prescription Drug Discounts

Under this program, you will get 15-60% off on generic and 15-25% off on brand-name drugs at over 60,000 MedImpact pharmacies. 

Family Legal Protection

Get access to more than 17,000 attorneys for free or discounted legal counsel and services.

Imaging Discounts

These are medical diagnostic imaging. This is not available in Hawaii, Vermont, or Wyoming.

Hearing Aids

You can save on buying hearing aids and get a 30% discount on diagnosis and hearing exams at over 2700 facilities. 

Retail Benefits

It has an e-commerce portal directing to over 4000 merchants where you can get 1-40% cash back on online shopping.

The member benefits are very attractive, and when you investigate the insurance products, Royal Neighbors stands out as a real diamond.

Royal Neighbors Whole Life Insurance

Royal Neighbors Whole Life Insurance

The society offers whole life insurance options for burial insurance coverage. Whole life insurance is a better investment than term insurance, in our opinion. Royal Neighbors Insurance has features that are common with the whole life insurance product:

  • The Premiums Are Fixed for Life
  • Coverage Will Never Expire if the Premiums Are Paid
  • The Benefits Are Never Going to Go down in Face Value
  • Royal Neighbors Offers Two Options, and It Is Possible to Get Immediate Coverage

The Royal Neighbors burial insurance is not available in Alaska, Alabama, Hawaii, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New York. You must be anywhere between 50 and 85 years of age to apply.

What Are the Health Questions Asked for Whole Life Policy?

There is a health questionnaire attached to the application for the Royal Neighbors insurance certificate. The first part is a series of health questions that could disqualify an applicant if yes is provided.

It might sound harsh, but there are legitimate reasons for health playing a role in the application process. Life insurance companies are cautious about paying a claim early; they would rather have a covered person paying a premium for an extended time. 

Someone who is in excellent health is considered a small risk and is a perfect candidate for coverage. A person with cirrhosischronic kidney disease, or AIDS has a higher chance of dying sooner, and, consequently, that person is a higher risk. The health issue is the primary reason why many insurance policies have a 24-month waiting period in which a full claim is not paid.

What Are the Knockout Questions?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the knockout questions, you will be disqualified from any burial insurance plans. Royal Neighbors Insurance may decline your application despite answering them with no if it finds any contradicting information in your prescription history. 

Many senior citizens suffer from some form of diabetes, and Royal Neighbors has a lenient attitude towards diabetics. Neuropathy, a diabetic condition with symptoms of tingling in the legs, and liver or kidney issues are severe problems for diabetes. 

Royal Neighbors not only offers those suffering from these diabetic conditions immediate, first-day protection, but they will do so without increasing the premium. Medication that is used to treat diabetes will label a person a higher risk with many insurance providers. These are common drugs that people with diabetes will take.

Royal Neighbors Insurance will not disqualify an applicant taking any of these.

There are other health conditions common to the elderly that the company does not have any problem with. These include:

It is hard for us to say anything negative about this product. That Royal Neighbors Insurance is willing to accept people with diabetes shows an uncommon empathy level in the industry. The value of an insured person is substantial.

Royal Insurance Graded Death Benefit Policy

This is the other burial insurance option offered by Royal Neighbors of America. The primary difference between this and the Simplified Issue Whole Life is that only limited benefits will be paid if an insured passes away from a non-accidental event in the first two years. The amount of coverage a person may purchase is between $5,000 and $10,000.

We want to take a moment to explain what the limited benefits of this Royal Neighbors insurance product mean.

If a certificate holder perishes in the first year of coverage, Royal Neighbors pays 30% of the benefit amount. This increases in the second year, and a claim benefit of 70% of the amount is paid. Once an individual has coverage for more than two years, the full amount is paid.

If the covered individual dies of accidental death, then it is a different story. Royal Neighbors will payout 100% of the death benefit in those first two years. The only exception happens in the state of Arkansas.

What Are the Health Questions Asked for Graded Death Benefit?

There is a health questionnaire for the Graded Death Benefit. Applicants are asked the status of their health in the 24 preceding months. Conditions such as heart valve replacementemphysematuberculosisLou Gehrig’s disease are part of the questionnaire. However, answering yes to any of these questions does not mean you are automatically disqualified from Royal Neighbors insurance. You are awarded a certificate based on your answers, and the risk you present is factored in.

The Royal Neighbors Graded Death Benefit means that a person can get coverage despite health conditions. Many companies will automatically disqualify anyone who answers in the affirmative to one of the questions. A buyer has a chance that is not available elsewhere.

Other insurance companies have a hard and fast rule about 24 month waiting period. No benefit is paid if an individual should pass away in those two years. Royal Neighbors offers more than just premiums paid and an additional percentage. An individual can get reasonable coverage and a fair payment and it increases the value of the premium paid.

Royal Neighbors Insurance Products in a Nutshell 

Royal Neighbors Insurance Products

We are impressed with the Royal Neighbors Final Expense Insurance product, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from shopping around.

There are insurance companies whose underwriting guidelines favor people with diabetes. Royal Neighbors Final Expense Insurance coverage will cap at $25,000. There are other insurers whose caps are higher. The goal of anyone buying burial insurance is simple: get the best coverage at the most affordable price. A healthy person has opportunities to purchase good coverage without straining the family budget.

A challenge is isolating the right insurance sellers for comparison shopping. It is not at all easy to do this. The consumer will need to go through a small mountain of paperwork on various coverage amounts, insurance ratings, underwriting guidelines, and premium rates. It is all very time-consuming.

Senior citizens are known for having time on their hands, but the investigation work to find several insurance policies can be exhaustive. An independent insurance entity like Insurance for Final Expense has the resources required to make the search shorter. There are databases that insurance professionals will use that enable them to identify precisely what the buyer is looking to get.

We also take the time to educate an individual about insurance and what the given policy provides. It means that we can answer questions thoroughly and suggest various options to an individual. People discover that we have extensive knowledge of the insurance industry and are easy to work with.