How to Plan and Pay for Your Own Funeral

How do you Plan and Pay for Your Own Funeral? Planning your own funeral has to be right up there with going to the doctor for a full blown physical. I have to be honest.  I am 57 years old.  The president of Insuranceforfinalexpense.com.  In very good health for my age.

But … The last thing I would ever consider doing is planning my own funeral.

I have zero desire to consider planning my own funeral.  As a husband and proud father of two sons, I can’t fathom what my family will have to deal with when I pass. And I want them to deal with it in the most simple way possible.  I’ll even admit to being fine with cremation.

When it Comes to Planning Your Own Funeral…

I have insurance coverage.  Full insurance coverage.  When I pass away, my loved ones will have plenty of money to handle this, because unlike about 70% of the population in the United States, I truly do believe in taking care of these things in advance. Get your free life insurance quote today.

And you might say … Well Gary, sure you have coverage.  You have coverage because you are in the business and maybe you have coverage simply to show others that you have coverage and so they are encouraged to get coverage themselves.

WRONG… I have had coverage for YEARS.  This was well before I started doing Final Expense Burial coverage as my primary in the insurance industry.  I had it implanted in my head YEARS ago, that the worst thing you can do is pass away and leave your loved ones with feathers.

I Truly Believe it is Just Wrong!

Not that I am forcing or pushing you into doing it.  I am simply providing all the information needed so you can make your own choice whether to do it or not.

Leaving your loved ones with no ability to cover these very unfortunate expenses can be devastating. 

If you come to the site and enjoy the articles and read about my personal experience, I truly hope we can be a source of valuable perspective. We are a fact providing service, brought to you with the most entertaining writing possible, to make a topic that is difficult for many. We want to educate you about something that is hard to think about or talk about for so many of us.  Whether or not you take action, is 100% up to you.

Quick aside:  Many ask me what I think of the rates funeral directors charge. Take a guess… I think it’s crazy. The problem is, there is no one to file a formal complaint with once you’ve passed.  The burden falls strictly on your loved ones.

This is the moment the rubber hits the road and you decide whether or not to get coverage and the decision is going to be in your hands.

I am only here to inform. Now even though I fully admit, I hate the idea of planning for my own funeral, doesn’t mean that decision is right for everyone.

I have spoken with thousands people over the years, and for some reason, women tend to be more realistic about these things than men.  I don’t understand why, but I can relate my feeling as a man that while I want coverage, I have no interest in the planning part of it.

When We Pass, Our Families Have to Deal with So Many Things Including Planning and Paying for Our Funerals

You might not appreciate it, because during the course of normal life your family can be the best thing in the world to you, But you always worry about everything that effects them.

I live it … I understand … My wife often tells me how much she needs me.  How the family counts on me.  It’s easy to think they will only care about the financial windfall they will have when I pass, but there is more.

You would be surprised when you pass how much it is going to effect people who love you.

how to plan and pay for your own funeral

Think of it as a car traveling 60 mph that suddenly slams on the breaks for a full stop. That is what your family will be going through.

If you care about the planning part of things, you need to document it.  I have a will (with two notarized signatures).  I also have my two policies.

Again … on the planning with flowers and things like that, that is not personally important to me, but is for many.

You need to transcribe your funeral plan.  How much of a service will you want? Store the document(s) in a safe place and make sure your loved ones know where to find them.

Plan and Pay for Your Own Funeral

I think I would rather eat raw spiders than do this, but to others a funeral is a very important end to their lives. So it has to be planned (including things like vehicle type for funeral service).

  1. The budget for your funeral must be calculated.
  2. Do you want a car, truck or limo?
  3. Where will the service take place?
  4. Will there be a dinner afterwards?
  5. Are there expenses that we have not considered?

*As a rule, usually there are more costs associated with planning your own funeral than might be considered

Do You Want Burial Cremation or Donation?

In the old days, most people got buried.  It’s just the reality.  Today with costs out of site, about 70% of people are actually going with cremation.

I am going to be honest as I always am.  I am a cremation guy.  Sprinkle my ashes in a place that has significant meaning to me. But some people prefer something more ceremonial and formal.

In fact I made the case earlier that I wouldn’t want to be my own funeral planner, aside from the generous insurance coverage I have. I am writing this hoping to explain that we all shoulder the responsibility of planning for the inevitable.

Everything should be written down … Insurance polices, last will, directions what to do with business affairs, etc.

I do believe the most important thing is to have the policy in place.  With the money, a family has the power to take care of things properly. 

Overpriced Funeral Homes With Gary Cubeta

A Few Points I Have Discovered Over the Years Regarding Planning for Your Own Funeral.

  • Have a will in place … Have it notarized by two people, the notary and a witness.
  • A living will is important.
  • The price of a cremation or burial will rise over time, so have enough coverage in place that it will not only pay for costs today, but costs 10 years from now as well.
  • Do not sign up for a 2 year guaranteed issue plan like Colonial Penn, if you are healthy and can get insurance coverage the same day through Insurance For Life Expense. Colonial Penn was founded 1968.  Although they are a quality company, the providers we prefer like Mutual of Omaha was founded over 100 years ago.  We only work with incredibly strong companies. In most cases we can get you coverage at almost half the cost of Colonial Penn.

Think about that, having the opportunity to have your Final Expense coverage with a Mutual of Omaha vs. a Colonial Penn and getting a BETTER policy for (in some cases) almost HALF the price.

And remember, Mutual of Omaha is Instant coverage vs. having to wait that brutally long 2 years to get that benefit with Colonial Penn. Now granted there are health considerations that in about 15% of older adults force the 2 year waiting period (for example someone just had a heart attack), but the truth is, some agents are so poor at their job that they force folks into the 2 year plans, when in fact they could have instant coverage.

It would be like putting everyone on Blood Pressure meds, even if they had perfectly normal blood pressure. Not smart, but there are a lot of rookie agents out there, who just don’t know any better.

So let’s recap, you are having to wait for two years for coverage and you are paying almost double and frankly, if folks only knew the truth, they would rarely if ever go in the Colonial Penn direction.

For our clients, Mutual of Omaha, wins hands down virtually every single time.

Gary P. Cubeta



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