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Anyone who has experienced the loss of their pet, no matter what the circumstances were, understand it can be very hard to cope during such a difficult time. Sometimes, friends and family members may not understand why you are so upset, or may not be able to offer the support you need, while you maybe be facing expensive vet bills or just in general incredibly sad over losing one of your loved ones.

When your beloved pet passes away, you may feel compelled to give it a proper burial or cremation. The costs for pet funeral can be rather high, and buying a pet life insurance can alleviate them. 

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How Can You Choose Between Cremation and Burial

Pet burial insurance

Choosing between pet burial and cremation is a personal decision. You have to keep in mind your family’s sensibilities, religious beliefs, and financial conditions.

In general, cremation is more economical and easily available. When cremating a pet, its body will be placed in the fire, so the remains turn into ashes. These ashes will be returned to you, and you can scatter them as per your wishes. You may also keep the ashes as a memorial in a decorative urn. 

While cremation is an economical choice, burial gives you a comforting space to visit your pet’s remains long after it’s gone. The pet burial cost may be high due to the type of casket and services you choose. You may go for home burial, but check with your local authorities to see if it’s legal to bury your pet in your backyard. Or, you can bury your furry friend in a pet cemetery near your place. 

Types of Pet Cremation

You can arrange your pet’s cremation in several ways. Before making a choice, discuss your options with your vet and cremation provider. These options include:

  • Private Cremation: It allows one pet to be cremated at a time. Hence, your pet goes into the cremation chamber alone, and you will get the remains that aren’t mixed with those of other animals. However, it can be expensive.  
  • Partitioned Cremation: Some facilities allow semi-private cremation where your pet will go into a partition cremation chamber. Although the facilities keep the remains separate for each pet, your pet’s ashes may mingle with those of others in this process. 
  • Group Cremation: In this process, the bodies of several pets will be cremated together, and a facility will dispose of the ashes. You will not receive your pet’s ashes in this least expensive service. 

Should You Choose a Pet Cemetery?

Pet burial cost

Pet cemeteries, like human cemeteries, offer a space to visit your beloved pet and mourn it. You don’t have to bury your pet on your property. Instead, you can choose the full-service pet burial at a cemetery.

Include anything special to your pet, like displaying their favorite toys, and make sure to put up lots of pictures so that guests can relive their fun times and connection with your pet. You can play the music that they liked, and share stories of your funny pet and the things he or she did.

What Services Can You Expect from A Pet Cemetery?

The pet cemetery mostly provides burial plots, caskets, and digging services to bury your furry friend. Some cemeteries also help you choose burial vaults, tombstones, or memorial services if you want them. Cemeteries can also arrange for pet cremation and give you the crematory remains. Pet cemetery costs can vary according to your choices, though. 

How Much Does Pet Burial Cost?

If you want to bury your pet companion at a cemetery, the cost may depend on the burial plot you select. A dug grave and burial plot may cost around $400-$600, while a casket cost ranges from $50-$500. If you want a tombstone to mark your pet’s grave, it can cost you an additional $150-$1000 depending on the design. 

Instead, you can choose a pet burial package that includes a burial plot, casket, and grave-digging costs. These packages are available at $550-$4000, with an additional $20 per month for grave maintenance.

How Can You Find the Best Pet Cemetery?

With more than 400 pet cemeteries across the country, you can find the best one near you to bury your pet. Ask your veterinarian about the cemeteries in and near your town. Once you choose the cemetery, determine the prices and packages according to the services you need.

How to Find Pet Burial Insurance

Pet life insurance

Now granted, and fortunately, the end of life activities for a pet are far less expensive than a person.  It may cost around $400 to put down and cremate a pet.  For you and me, cremation and burial can run anywhere between $4000 and $23,000.

So you don’t need burial insurance for your pet (in most cases), but again with those prices, for people, it’s almost a must-have. 

But you need the right type of coverage in pet life insurance. If you see the TV ads for Colonial Penn and get roped in because of your well-deserved respect for Alex Trebek, get ready to pay top dollar. And for the coverage itself, expect to wait TWO long years before that coverage goes into place. 

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