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Sample Funeral Insurance Rates for 57 Year Olds

If you’ve recently turned 57 years old, or are facing this birthday in the near future, you’re probably still out there living your life to the fullest. While you’re no spring chicken anymore, 57 is still plenty young enough to enjoy an active lifestyle and to continue to check off some of the most important things to you on your bucket list. Maybe you’re planning on some fun travel as your career winds down, or maybe you still have ambitious career goals that you’re striving to achieve. Some 57 year olds might be helping to raise grandchildren or are covering the costs of your grown children to go to college. Regardless of what your life circumstances are, you’re most likely still living it up at 57, not thinking much about any end of life needs you will have, especially something like funeral insurance.

You’re Probably Thinking, Wait, Hold on a Minute. End of Life?

57 life insurance

That’s for old people to worry about. Now at 57, you are definitely not old. But, it’s important to remember that as each year ticks by, you are getting closer to having to think about your mortality.

Ok, so no one has to think about this, especially when it seems so far away. But, we all need to be honest and think about how quickly life can change. Aside from illnesses, other tragedies can also take your life in mere seconds. It’s not fun to think about, but it’s a real possibility and very important that everyone thinks rationally about the future and plan for it.

What Is Funeral Insurance and Why Do I Need It?

So, how does funeral insurance come in when you are a healthy 57 year old? Funeral insurance, or end of life insurance or funeral insurance as it is also referred to, is a type of insurance that covers your end of life expenses. These range from paying off additional medical bills that are left over to covering the cost of your funeral or your memorial service. Paying for these things would fall on your next of kin if you have not planned for them. Your loved ones would end up with a bill ranging from $5,000 to well over $10,000 for your funeral, as well as have other costs like medical bills that health insurance did not cover. Without planning ahead, the ones you love would end up having to pay for these bills without any of your help.

No doubt, the last thing that the people who are mourning your death should have to deal with after you have passed away is trying to come up with the funds to pay for expenses related to the end of your life. Not only are they grieving, but now they are faced with massive medical and funeral costs that for most people are a huge challenge to pay for.

Thus, the main reason to purchase end of life insurance is to protect the ones that you love after you have passed away. As a 57 year old, you can also usually get better rates than someone who is older than you, as well as will often find that since you have planned far in advance, you can get a comprehensive policy for quite a lot of money.

How Much Does Funeral Insurance for 57 Year Olds Cost?

While it’s difficult to say for sure how much it will cost you for Funeral Insurance at 57 Yeasr Old, there are some general amounts that you can expect to pay as a person who is 57 years old. We’ll discuss further the various factors that affect how much your insurance is for funeral costs, as well as outlines other tips about shopping for burial insurance.

Sample Funeral Insurance Costs for a 57 Year Old

GENDER & TYPE$5,000 $10,000 $15,000 $20,000
Female without a Waiting Period $15.70 $26.10 $36.00 $47.85
Female Uses Tobacco w/ Waiting Period $18.60 $32.75 $46.70 $60.15
Female w/ Guaranteed Acceptance $17.60 $29.70 $43.40 $57.10
Male without a Waiting Period $17.10 $30.45 $43.75 $56.70
Male Uses Tobacco w/ Waiting Period $21.50 $38.40 $55.25 $72.10
Male with Guaranteed Acceptance $21.50 $41.00 $58.70 $77.50

These are just an idea of how much you’ll end up paying for end of life insurance as someone who is 57 years old. However, there is a wide range of factors and circumstances that can greatly affect how much money you will pay monthly for your insurance.

Some of These Many Factors Include:

  • Gender – As a female, you will pay less than a male for burial insurance, unless you reside in Montana. Get a Quote for Final Expense Insurance in Montana.
  • Your health – If you are someone who is generally in good health, and have no outstanding health issues, you can get some of the best rates available for someone in your age range at 57. On the other hand, if you have a chronic illness or some other health issues, this can cause you to end up paying more monthly for your funeral insurance. You may also have a waiting period prior to your benefits kicking in.
  • Smoking – If you are someone who has smoked all of your life, you’re going to end up paying a lot more for funeral insurance insurance than someone who has never smoked. This is because smoking has been proven to cause many deadly diseases, and insurance companies don’t look too fondly on it. If you are a smoker, consider quitting to help reduce your monthly insurance costs.
  • Amount of Policy – This is also a huge factor that should be considered when you are shopping for end of life expense insurance. If you want a policy that is $20,000, you are going to end up paying a lot more than someone who is getting a policy for $5,000. This is why you need to make sure you look into how much the end of life services you want will be, prior to purchasing your funeral insurance policy. Knowing how much you will need will change the policy you get drastically.

While it’s hard to think about the end of your life, it’s also very important for you to do so, in order to protect your loved ones after you have passed away. Plan for the future, and you can be sure that the ones you love most are protected.

And remember, at age 57, you should rarely have to sign up for a package like Colonial Penn Life Insurance where you have to wait 2 full years for full coverage to do into effect.

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