2021 Alert: Benefits of Pre Planning a Funeral (Secrets Revealed)

Know the Benefits of Pre-Planning a Funeral

Although death is a part of life’s cycle, people are only recently becoming more comfortable with the idea that it is inevitable. Still, it is a difficult conversation to have or imagine. Seeing as we do not have any control over where, or when or even how we die, most people try to gain some control by pre-planning their funeral in advance. 

Through pre-planning, you have control over every detail concerning your funeral, even the smallest detail. You can decide how elaborate or simple you want your funeral to be. You can decide on the type of service you prefer, the flowers and even the guests you would wish to attend. It is up to you to decide how you will be honored and remembered. Luckily today, you can document all your wishes with a funeral home in advance. On the day of your demise, your family simply needs to call the funeral home, and all your wishes will be carried out.

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By preplanning your funeral, you relieve your loved ones from the stress and anxiety of planning the funeral. By following your wishes, the planning process can go smoothly and the family doesn’t have to second guess what they do. You can also pay for the funeral in advance, which relieves the family of any financial strain. Planning your funeral is a meaningful gift to give to your family upon your death. It gives the family time to grieve without the stress and burden of planning your funeral. It is also the best way to show your family you care for them even in death by safeguarding their interests in terms of finances and peace of mind. There are many benefits of preplanning a funeral. In this post, we will share with you some of the greatest benefits of doing so.

Benefits of Pre-planning a Funeral.

The following are some of the benefits you’ll get from pre-planning a funeral:

Ample Planning Time.

During a funeral planning process, a lot of decisions need to be made. You need to decide on the preservation method as well as the disposal method. You also need to decide whether viewing or wake is necessary. There’s also the matter of what type of service is preferred and what elements should be included or omitted. Not to mention legal formalities like death certificates and permits that need to be completed.

Doing all of this while grieving can be strenuous. You may end up making the wrong decision under these heightened emotions. Also, you may end up spending more than you should have because of doing everything in haste. That is why pre-planning a funeral is important.

By making the arrangements in advance, you have enough time to think through every choice or selection. You also have enough time to compare prices and gather adequate information about your options to make informed decisions. During this time, you also have a clear mind that is not clouded by emotions or pressured due to limited time. That way, you are aware of every choice you make and are sure of it.

A Personalized Funeral.

A Personalized Funeral

Death is a very uncertain part of life. You have no control over where, when, and how you will meet your demise. However, the good news is you at least have control over how your final farewell will be like. In most countries, the deceased last wishes are given priority when planning a funeral. Pre-planning your funeral will therefore be beneficial in personalizing the ceremony, so it reflects who you are.

By pre-planning your funeral, you get to decide exactly how the day will be like. You can be sure that everything will be done according to your preference. By documenting your last wishes, you can decide the type of music, flower arrangements, service, and even method of disposition you want. You can also make the guest list in advance to ensure that you will be surrounded only by a loved one. Through pre-planning, you have control over how you will be remembered since you can even specify what should be included in your obituary. Therefore, you can have peace of mind knowing that everything will happen according to your specifications, even though you will not be alive.

Elevated Burden Off the Family.

The loss of a loved one, especially when it was sudden, can be difficult to deal with. Coming to terms with the loss is even harder. During such a time, it is even more stressful for a grieving family that to make funeral arrangements. Not only are they pressured by limited time and many choices, but the whole process is also a constant reminder of the great loss they have suffered. 

Pre-planning your funeral is, therefore, a great gift for your family members. It relieves them of the emotional burden that comes with the planning process. They also don’t have to second guess every choice they make concerning the funeral since they will be aware of what you want. This will also help reduce disputes that often arise among family members over what is the right choice when it comes to your funeral. By documenting your last wishes, you make the process easier and smoother.

Pre-planning Finances.

Funerals are costly, and this fact only gets worse with passing years. Of course, the cost will vary depending on several factors like the type of service and what elements you choose to include in the funeral. It also varies based on the location and service providers. Pre-planning helps cut the cost despite these factors.

Through pre-planning a funeral, you can pre-pay for the service and save your family the extra cost they may have incurred if they paid later on after prices had increased. If you’re not able to pay in advance, you can always enter into a contract with the funeral homes and agree on the price of your desired package beforehand. That means that the price and cost will be locked in and will not change even when there is inflation. So, your family can pay the agreed-upon price and not what the current price will be at that moment. Alternatively, you could take up an insurance policy like pre-need for example, to cover any expenses related to your funeral. By pre-planning, you will know exactly what is needed for the funeral and how much it will cost. That way, you know what policy to take or how much to save. 

Doing this elevates the financial burden your loved ones would have suffered if they started planning after your death. It also protects them from going into debts or even bankruptcy due to the inability to cater for the funeral costs.

Centralized Information.

Planning for a funeral is often a confusing time for the family, especially if it was unexpected. As mentioned, there are too many choices to make and actions to take within a very limited time. Often the information required is scattered. You have to compare different price lists and packages from different homes, not to mention the legal formalities. 

All of this information can be documented in one place through pre-planning. Having chosen the preferred funeral, you can gather all the necessary information the family will need and place them in one file. This includes keeping a record of all the important statistics required for the legal paperwork. Because the information is gathered in one place, the family has an easier time preparing for the funeral.

A Stress-Free Time to Mourn.

Stress-Free Time to Mourn

Often with the stress of running up and down to prepare for the funeral and ensure everything is in order, there’s hardly ever any time for the family to mourn. The stress they’re under does not allow them time to grieve or come to terms with the loss. They aren’t able to properly say goodbye.

For this reason, pre-planning is highly beneficial. This alleviates the emotional burden, financial stress, and tension the family would be under, during planning. With an easier planning process, family members have enough time to grieve and offer their last respects properly.

A More Meaningful Goodbye.

Grief-stricken family members may have a hard time guessing or coming up with the best way to honor your life and memory. You are in the best position to decide how your life should be honored based on how you lived it. You can help them create a meaning full and personal funeral that captures the life you lived in the best way possible.

This is another benefit of pre-planning your funeral. You’re able to share with your loved ones the final desires you have. That way, even they feel better knowing that they have fulfilled your final wishes and can be at peace knowing that your soul will rest in peace after that. No one ever enjoys saying goodbye to someone they care about, especially when it is more permanent. However, with your help, you can help them make that goodbye special both for you and them.

Shows You Care for Your Family.

Shows You Care for Your Family

With death, there could be a lot of things left unsaid, especially to the ones you care about. Sudden death especially robs us of the opportunity of sharing with our loved ones just how much we care for them. We never get the chance to tell them we love them and vice versa. The uncertainty of death is why pre-planning is important.

Through this act of elevating the stress and burden off your loved ones, you show them that you care for them. As a result, you wouldn’t want your death to be too much of a painful and stressful experience. It shows your family how much you value them and their happiness and peace of mind even in your death. You can even leave behind letters in advance expressing your love for them one last time. That way, you don’t leave anything unsaid, even with sudden death. 

Includes the Family’s Opinion.

The whole process of planning is a difficult task and a reminder of a great loss. This is especially when the funeral is being planned after death. That is where pre-planning comes in. By making arrangements in advance, you have the opportunity to do it with your loved ones. You can get their opinion as well as understanding your desires for your final days.

It’s a great way of bonding, albeit a difficult topic to have with a loved one. No one ever wants to imagine that they would one day have to live without someone they love. Still, not everyone gets the chance to prepare themselves for that loss. By preplanning with your family, you prepare them for that time. That way, when the day finally comes, the experience will not be too painful.

Just like planning a funeral after death, pre-planning one can still be confusing. The only difference is that with preplanning, you have the time to make up your mind after careful consideration. Still, you have to make a lot of choices, but you don’t have to do it alone. Aside from family support, you can consult funeral homes. There you will find certified pre-planning consultants or licensed funeral directors, who are equipped to guide you through the process. They will help document all the necessary information to the last detail. This can be done in their offices or over the phone from the comfort of your home. From there, all your family needs are to make a call to them after your demise.


Death is a difficult concept to discuss or come to terms with. We never want to imagine it for ourselves or even our loved ones. Today, however, most of us are coming to terms with its inevitability. To be able to control its uncertainty, it is better to plan for it in advance. There is no harm in ensuring that our loved ones are spared the difficult process of planning a funeral while grieving or bearing the heavy financial costs. Even if your demise is not soon, it’s better to be prepared than not. That way, even your family members will not be confused about what to do, where to go, or start.