Alert 2021: Graves disease still get Burial Coverage $17.95

Burial Insurance Graves’ Disease

Finding out that you have Graves’ Disease can be very scary. You’ve suddenly gone from leading a very healthy and normal life to now needing to treat this autoimmune disorder, that you will live with forever. You’ll need qualified doctors to help take care of you and give you the best course of treatment for living a full life, and you’ll need to take excellent care of yourself so that you are in optimal health to fight back against the disorder. With all of this going on, the last thing on your mind may be getting Burial Insurance with Graves’ Disease.

One thing that you might be worried about upon finding out that you have Graves’ Disease, is how it will affect your ability to get various types of insurance. For many, a necessity these days is burial insurance, or end of life insurance, a type of insurance that we’ll cover as this article goes on. But many people may worry, “Can I get burial insurance with Graves’ Disease?” The answer is absolutely yes. But, you’ll have to do some shopping around and learn more about the different types of insurance available for funerals, and whether or not you will be able to get burial insurance with Graves’ Disease generally depends on what type of insurance you apply for.

In this article, How to Get Burial Insurance with Graves’ Disease, we’ll cover the following:

  • What End of Life or Burial Insurance Is
  • Different Types of Burial Insurance
  • How You Can Qualify for Burial Insurance even if you have Graves’ Disease

What is Burial Insurance?

You’ve probably heard of burial insurance, or possibly one of the other names that it goes by, like end of life insurance or funeral insurance. But, what exactly is it?

This type of insurance is a form of life insurance and is essentially a small whole life insurance policy. The beneficiary of your burial insurance is usually your spouse or other trusted loved one. When you pass away, the money that they receive from your burial insurance can be used to cover all of the costs associated with the end of your life. These costs include a funeral or memorial service, a burial and a coffin, or a cremation. When you are looking at how much you’ll need your burial insurance policy to be for, you’ll want to think carefully about exactly the type of end of life celebration you would like.

Some Things that you Should Consider Include:

  • Would you like a large funeral, or do you prefer something smaller?
  • Will your funeral include refreshments and food?
  • Will your funeral or memorial service be at a large church, or at a smaller venue?
  • Will you be buried in a coffin, or would you prefer to be cremated?

For many people, these are really morbid things to think about. But, not thinking about them is even worse. If you do not plan for these end of life factors, you could end up leaving the ones you love with some serious debt. No one wants to do that to the people they care about the most, which is burial insurance is such a popular type of insurance.

What types of Burial Insurance are there?

There are two main types of burial insurance available for purchase. The first type is one that is guaranteed issue and the second type is simplified issue. What do these different types mean?

Guaranteed issue life insurance is a type of insurance where the policy is a guaranteed payout and you will pretty much always get accepted unless you have a terminal illness. Even then, it is possible to get this type of insurance. Typically, with Guaranteed issue burial insurance, you’ll end up paying much higher premium rates each month. While this may not sound attractive to pay more, for those who have had a tough time getting insurance of other types, this might be the best option.

A simplified issue burial insurance policy will ask a few more medical questions than the guaranteed policy. You may have to submit a health exam as well, depending on the provider. There also may be other hoops that you will have to jump through in order to qualify for this type of insurance, including a waiting period of up to two years before your benefits will kick in. For those who want benefits that start right away, this might not seem like an attractive option.

How You can get Burial Insurance when you have Graves’ Disease

So, now we know what end of life insurance is and what the types in existence are, we’re back to the issue at hand. How can you get end of life insurance when you have Graves’ Disease? Since this is a pre-existing health condition, will you even be able to qualify?

For most people with Graves’ Disease, as long as they are working with a reputable and trusted insurance company with the experience and knowledge of this disease, and as long as you are actively seeking treatment and doing whatever you can for your own personal wellness, you should be accepted. Request a Final Expense Burial Insurance Quote Today.

It will be most likely easier for you to get a guaranteed issue policy, but these can be quite pricey. This could be a good option, though, if the insurance company that you are working with does not offer simplified insurance to people who have a condition already. You may be able to get your policy without a waiting period, but it may be very expensive, so this something that you’ll want to consider as you’re shopping around for burial insurance.

You might, however, qualify for simplified burial life insurance. In order to find out, your best bet is to shop around to various insurance companies and see what your options are. Make sure you look at a wide variety of insurance companies, and in the meantime, ensure that you are taking the best care of yourself possible so that you can continue to live a long and healthful life, regardless of Graves’ Disease or anything else!

Once you have signed up for burial insurance, you’ll get peace of mind knowing you’re ensuring that the ones you love are not held financially responsible for you.

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