How to Get Affordable Burial Insurance in Kentucky!

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Are you looking for an affordable burial insurance policy in the Bluegrass State of Kentucky without being a policy genius? We love our Kentucky clients and are here to help with just that, low-cost, high quality final expense insurance! 

At Insurance for Final Expense, that’s all we do. So, we are experts in getting our customers the best of the best in burial insurance at a monthly cost that won’t break the bank… 

Always keep in mind that we can help people across many states to get the premier final expense insurance that we offer. In this article, we will focus on Kentucky.

In this article we will provide you with some important state specific stats about Kentucky, along with the many things that make Kentucky such a wonderful place to live/visit. We will also let you know how to find the best final expense insurance policy in Kentucky and assist you in truly understanding just how burial insurance can help protect you and your family.

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Leading Causes of Death in Kentucky

Rank Cause of DeathTotal Deaths
1Heart Disease10,343
3Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases3,480
6Alzheimer’s Disease1,765
8Kidney Disease1,024

(note: these statistics are taken from CDC website and the data is for the year of 2017)


Septicemia is something we typically don’t see on the top ten causes of death for a state.

So Just What is Septicemia?

Septicemia is an incredibly serious bloodstream infection. It’s also known as blood poisoning. It happens when a bacterial infection in another part in the body, like the lungs or skin, enters the bloodstream.

This is do very dangerous because the bacteria and their toxins can be carried through the bloodstream to your entire body. Septicemia can quickly become life-threatening. It must be treated in a hospital. If left untreated, septicemia can progress to sepsis. Septicemia and sepsis aren’t the same. 


Sepsis is a serious complication of septicemia. Sepsis causes inflammation throughout the body. This inflammation can cause blood clots and block oxygen from reaching vital organs, resulting in organ failure. The National Institutes of Health estimates that over 1 million Americans get severe sepsis each year. Between 28 and 50 percent of these patients may die from the condition.

Life Expectancy in Kentucky

The average life expectancy in Kentucky was 75.3 years (in 2018). In all, Kentucky, ranked #48 in average life expectancy. That was an increase of 0.4 from 2010 when the average life expectancy was 76.0 years old.

That means that Kentucky ranks in the bottom 3 states for average life expectancy (number 48). Does that mean that your burial insurance premiums will be higher for coverage because you live in Kentucky? NO!

You see, we look at the individual, not just the state in which the reside. Monthly premiums offered by burial insurance carriers are equal in all states, outside of Montana which has same sex rates). Kentucky residents, while at #48 statewide, are treated the same as all US residents.

Your age and health will play a factor in obtaining great low-cost affordable insurance. But not as much as you may think. We urge you to be proactive now! After all, this effects how your family will be able to carry out your wishes gracefully without financial stress upon them.

What is So Great About Kentucky?

A lot… That’s what! Kentucky is a lovely state with so much to offer.

Officially known as the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the state is deeply rooted in culture and tradition, including the popularity of its bluegrass music. Kentucky native Bill Monroe created the genre in the 1930s by combining different types of music, such as country, string band and blues. He named his band “Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys” after Kentucky’s nickname, The Bluegrass State.

The state is home to one of America’s oldest and most popular sporting events, the Kentucky Derby. Spectators have been dressing up since 1875 to drink Mint Juleps and sit anxiously on the edge of their seats as some of the nation’s most elite horses race at historic Churchill Downs in Louisville.

Shopping for Burial Insurance

It is important to use care when shopping for Final Expense insurance. Luckily, at Insurance for Final Expense, we make it simple for you. Rather than spending endless hours searching captive agencies or haggling with door to door salespeople, we have it all here, in one place!

All you need to do is fill out the final expense insurance quote form on our website, and you can review and compare rates and carriers. The cost of insurance over the life of the policy can be significant, and the benefits provided are important to your survivors. You should determine what you need. Then, call us with any questions.

Working with an Independent Insurance Agency

We are sure that many of you in Kentucky have been inundated with commercials for State Farm burial insurance, final expense life insurance from John Hancock, and AARP burial insurance for seniors. They are everywhere you look with expensive TV and Internet ads meant to convince you that they have something special to offer you in terms of coverage and low premiums. Have you ever seen one of them pop up on your phone after searching on your computer? They are relentless…

These captive agencies, are more focuses on their bottom line (stuffing their pockets) than taking care of you. That’s not how we do business at Insurance for Final Expense. We want what is best for you and your family. That’s it.

Let’s Get a Better Understanding of How Burial Insurance Works

Final Expense Insurance Burial Insurance plans are a simple, genuine policy option for those who don’t want to leave an unbearable financial burden for their families when they pass. Burial Insurance policies are simply small face value whole life policies designed to cover your final expenses.

Here is what you can expect from a Burial Insurance Plan when you Work with Insurance for Final Expense:

  1. Locked Premiums
  2. Your Death Benefit Will Not Decrease
  3. There is No Policy Expiration Because of your Age 

Insurance for Final Expense Offers Same Day Coverage

After approval, you will be protected on the day of your first payment (unless underwriting imposes a two year waiting period for serious health issues). Now, oftentimes, we come across seniors who prefer to pay at the beginning of the month due to social security payments, etc.

We can absolutely post-date your first payment. However, your coverage will not begin until that first payment. That is no reason to put plans off. You are much better of to get approval today, even if your budget doesn’t allow for same day payment.

Getting You The Best Burial Insurance in Kentucky

Before we reveal our proven record that will absolutely assist you in finding you a first-rate, affordable burial insurance policy, let’s go over a few things.

There are 3 main components/questions to consider when choosing the burial policy that best suits your needs.

  1. Is the insurance company financially stable?
  2. Does your coverage require a waiting period?
  3. Do they offer excellent rates compared to other burial insurance companies?

Guess what? We already have a number of policies and carriers that come with an answer to all three of these questions.

So How Do You Find the Best Burial Insurance Policy in Kentucky?

With Final Expense Insurance, it is so important to work with a licensed, independent agency that specializes in final expense.

To find the best burial insurance in Kentucky, you really should be working with an independent broker that represents a variety of burial insurance companies. If you go with one of the big-name advertisers like AARP or State Farm, you are tied to one product, whereas we are able to give you multiple low-cost options.

Working with an independent agency like Insurance for Final Expense is 100% free. Unlike working with a captive agent, we as independent agents are paid by the insurance companies. It has zero effect on your rates. 

If you need help with guaranteed issue or final expense insurance, it would be our honor to assist you. Please call us at 1-800-400-8319. If you would rather that we call you, just fill out the quote form on this page and a licensed agent will be in touch with you promptly.