How to Buy the Right Burial URN in 2021

How to Buy the Right Burial URN

Being aware of how to buy an urn will considerably remove the stress associated with it. There are different things to consider while choosing one, which causes immense pressure. Having a clear picture of the final resting place for your loved ones and the material you would like within your budget helps simplify the entire process. 

If you are browsing online for cremation urns, you would be surprised by the number of options available. Urns are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles ranging from affordable to high prices. 

Some stores also offer customized urns. One can choose from elegant wooden boxes to simple ceramic jars. There are innumerable urn models to suit one’s tastes and budget. 

The choices available do not make the buying process any easier. Especially during an emotional time, it is a challenging process. This “how to buy an urn’ easy guide will help narrow down the choices. 

Take your time and evaluate all your options. Pay attention to the budget. It is not always necessary to buy from the funeral home itself. Multiple vendors sell it online too. 

It is not exactly a pleasant task to buy cremation urns, especially while undergoing the loss of a loved one. However, it is a task that must be carried out. Choosing the right one will help you feel satisfied and at peace in having a small piece of memory of your dear one.

Some of the commonly asked questions about Urns include:

  • What is an Urn?
  • How to buy an Urn?
  • How much does an Urn cost?

What is an URN?


An Urn is a container/ vessel. It comes in different sizes and shapes, like a box or a vase. Its purpose is to hold the ashes or remains of a person after cremation. Urns are available in materials like:

  • Ceramic
  • Wood
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Brass
  • Glass
  • Bronze
  • Resin
  • Stainless steel, etc. 

It is also possible to have an urn custom made. One can give the required specifications to a seller, who will then make it according to those parameters. 

To answer the question, where are urns for ashes for sale? It is available in funeral homes, online retailers, crematoriums, and other providers. One does not have to mandatorily buy an urn as soon as the cremation is over. One can collect the ashes in any container (plastic bags or other materials) for the time being and then transfer it to an urn whenever one buys it. 

One cannot be forced to purchase an urn from a funeral home. The funeral rule states that funeral homes are to accept an urn even from outside providers. So there are two options to choose from. One can either buy it from the funeral home itself or get a customized one from other providers. Temporary urns are also available at the funeral home. 

How to Buy:

How to Buy an URN
How to Buy an URN

The process of buying the urn requires more involvement than one would think. Because it is the last decision one might make for a loved one after their passing. So, for most people, it has to be perfect. 

Being hasty is not an ideal mode of action as you might not be happy with your choice later. You have to spend unhurried time selecting the right urn, and it often takes time. Avoid rushing too much. Take enough time to choose that urn that best demonstrates your love and is a fitting tribute to your loved one. 

Step 1: Keep in Mind the Final Resting Place:

Select the cremation urn based on the final resting place of the ashes. Consider the following issues:

  • Where will one store the ashes after cremation?
  • Is it going to be scattered?
  • Bury the ashes
  • Will it be kept at home?
  • Is it going to be in a mausoleum?
  • Will the ashes be divided among the members of a family?
  • Is it going to be transported abroad?
  • Will the urn be buried for scattering the ashes?

If you are going to scatter the ashes, consider buying a biodegradable urn. This will prevent the wind from blowing it all over the place and safe for the environment. 

Research the law in a place because only certain areas have legal permission for scattering ashes. In most of the states, one can do it only on private properties. 

Scattering the ashes over water bodies like rivers, lakes, or sea is subject to federal law. The FCWA- Federal Clean Water Act requires people to scatter ashes at least 3 miles (nautical) away from the coast. Ashes also have to be stored in a biodegradable container to impact the environment negatively. Check the state laws before you continue the ceremonies. 


If one plans to bury the ashes either in the ground or in a mausoleum, one will have to check with the cemetery guidelines and fulfil them. Ground burial urns are usually available in the following materials: wood, bronze, or metal. 

Do not forget to check with the cemetery about any rules they have regarding a vault. The vault protects the urn and ensures that the ground does not collapse. 

Buying an Urn- Home Storage:

If one plans on storing the urn at home, you should make sure that it is placed in a secure area. Place it away from the reach of children or pets. In the case of an urn for home storage, the material has more prominence. Bronze urns, although beautiful, are hard to move and dust. 


If you plan to place the urn at a mausoleum, check with them about their guidelines before buying the urn. Wooden urns are not accepted in several mausoleums. Ceramic, metal, or plastic are usually the only options allowed. 

Do your research about size specifications as mausoleums require a particular size. It is because each has its height and width. Ensure that the urn will fit inside a specific niche. 


If one decides to divide the ashes among family members of the deceased, it is preferable to buy small urns to store the remains. Generally, one will have to buy a large urn after the cremation, and later the remains will be divided into small ones. The number of urns depends on how many family members desire to have part of the remains.    


If you have to travel with the ashes by plane, there are regulations of the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) that you should consider. The urn should be TSA compliant. 

The urn and the material it contains pass through an x-ray machine and other security checks before it is permitted on a flight. GLass, wood, plastic, and ceramics that are non-lead lined are regarded as the best travel choices. 

In case one is travelling by plane, the urn must not be metallic. There are strict TSA regulations that one must adhere to while travelling. The reason for this rule is that if it is made of metal, it becomes opaque, and the x-ray machines or security screener will not be able to detect what is inside the urn. 

One can also bring urns as carry-ons or as checked baggage. But some airlines do not allow one to check-in an urn as baggage. 

One can also choose to buy a temporary urn for the sake of meeting the TSA requirements and later transfer the ashes to a permanent one after reaching home or the urn’s final resting place. 

Step: 2 Decide Your Budget

What is your budget for an urn? Are you looking for cheap urns for ashes? Answering this question before the whole process of buying starts helps to narrow down the confusing choices. Urn prices vary depending on several factors. 

The size and material are determiners of the price. Depending on these two, an urn could cost anywhere between $30-$500. There are even some urns available that cost thousands. 

Analyze the cost. Consider how much you are willing to spend on an urn. Funerals also cost a lot of money. One has to consider all aspects of the process before allocating funds for each. 

Do not forget to check if the deceased has set apart funds for the funeral and the urn. It could even be part of the prepaid funeral plan of a deceased. One can get a beautiful burial urn of high quality by merely shopping around. Be willing to look for it for a considerable amount of time. 

Step 3: Determine the Size of the URN

One has to figure out the size before shopping begins. Cremation urns have different sizes based on their shapes and design. Apart from the general diameter, height, and width, containment is another crucial aspect. 

The general rule of the thumb concerning measuring capacity is the understanding that one pound of body weight corresponds to one cubic inch of ashes. If the deceased is 200 pounds when alive, the urn should technically hold 150 cubic inches of ashes. 

A valuable tip for buying urns always to get one slightly bigger. Because it is safer to err on the side of caution, in the case of companion urns (for two individuals- usually spouses), calculate the urn size by adding their combined weight. 


  • Full-sized urn: It can hold 200 cubic inches.
  • Medium urns: It is required when the ashes are to be divided among several family members. 
  • Keepsake urns: It is meant for a small portion of ashes to be saved in remembrance after the death of a loved one. 
  • Companion urns: As the name suggests, it is for the ashes of two people 
  • Extra-large urns: It is made available for people with a more oversized frame or physique (over 6 feet). 

    When buying the urn, pay attention to the size and manner of placement. Call or check ahead to figure out the size requirements before purchasing the urn. If you are asking where you can buy an urn, it is also better to check with the local funeral home or cemetery if you are searching for ‘where to buy an urn locally’ or ‘urns for sale near me’ or ‘urn stores near me’. Each of these has different varying policies on size limitation. 

In the case of ashes being shared among family, keep in mind the one pound= one cubic inch rule to buy appropriate keepsake urns of small sizes. One has to determine the portion of ashes that an urn can contain while buying it. 

Step 4: Consider the Materials

By now, you must be familiar with the amount of variation available in size and shapes. Urns can also be made with a variety of materials. The materials widely belong to categories like ceramic, wood, plastic, and metal. 

Apart from the materials, there are two kinds of urns

  • Permanent 
  • Non-permanent

Permanent urns do not undergo degradation over time. They are usually made of metal, glass, hardwood, ceramic, brass, bronze, or marble. On the other hand, non-permanent ones are made of materials that decompose over time. 

While buying an urn, choose a specific material mainly based on what you plan to do with the remains. 

As mentioned earlier, if you decide to scatter the ashes, choose a biodegradable urn as they are eco-friendly. They are also affordable compared to other options. 


Non-permanent urns are typically made of paper. But they can also be made out of gelatin, salt, cornstarch, and other biodegradable materials. These materials are eco-friendly and do not harm their environment as they do not leave behind any toxic residue. Eco-friendly urns also have many designs, be it or burial, scattering, or display. 

Earth biodegradable urns: They are specifically designed to bury. They sometimes even have seeds embedded inside the paper coating so that the urn will produce another life after it decomposes. 

Water biodegradable urns: They are designed in a way that they degrade in water. Using these urns when scattering the remains in water bodies is an eco-friendly act. 

Burying the Urn:

If you are going to bury the urn, consider if you want the urn to remain preserved for a long time. You can choose to purchase a ceramic, glass, or metal urn enclosed in a burial vault. These keep the ashes from mixing with the Earth. In contrast, if you bury the remains in a wood or biodegradable Earth urn, the ashes will quickly blend with the Earth.

Displaying the Urn:

If you decide to display the urn at home, the best way to go is to buy an attractive-looking urn. Also, consider the durability of the materials and where inside the home, it will be placed to choose the right one. Determine the room it will be placed in before buying. One can choose between ceramic, metal, or tinted glass depending on one’s preference. The durability also differs based on the material. Metal urns are not prone to breaking like ceramic or glass urns. 

One of the thoughtful gestures that display the deceased’s love is choosing materials keeping in mind your loved one’s personality or hobby. There are different themes already available like 

  • Sports themed
  • Hobby themed
  • Military themed
  •  Religious themed urn
  • Art themed urns
  • Photo urns
  • Urns for travel
  • Memento urns, etc. 

Consider the appearance of the chosen urn. Does it reflect your loved one’s likes and personality? Is it something that your loved one would have liked? 

Step 5: Purchasing the Run

After fixing the manner and location of disposal, the size, the budget, and materials of the urn, one can now start shopping for the urn. 

There is no obligation to buy the urn from the same funeral home. But sometimes you may find what you are looking for there and it may also be at a reasonable cost if so go for it. It is essential to be aware that you have the freedom to buy the urn from any seller/store you like. 

Shopping online is also becoming increasingly preferred. You can conveniently browse through the catalogues and the price list of urns. The cost depends on the size you choose and even the material. It is better to compare the prices and ensure that you remain well within the budget. Make sure you buy the urn from a reliable provider. 

Things you should check before buying an urn from a company are:

  • How many years the company has been in business. 
  • The Better Business Bureau will give information regarding the track record of companies for customer service. 
  • The provider should be knowledgeable and easily accessible. 
  • They must offer a guarantee for the durability of the urn, especially during shipping. 

Buying an urn or anything for that matter before the need arises is a smart move. There are multiple advantages to purchasing an urn before it is required. If the urn is for yourself, you can choose any one of the urns you like. It is a thoughtful act to reduce the family’s stress as they are undergoing a difficult time. It is hard for them to go about selecting while dealing with the loss of a loved one. 

Even if there is no possibility of dying soon, it is still smart to buy that urn pre-need. One can keep it stored in a box or display it to add to the home’s ambience. 

There is also the factor of saving costs while buying an urn in advance. Because one need not pay for rush shipping costs which are high in the event of an immediate need for an urn after death. Buying it pre-need saves a lot of stress and unnecessary high shipping charges. 

With the variety available today, one can easily find the perfect way to honour a loved one and their memory. The important thing is to take adequate time and explore all options. This factor is another advantage while buying in advance. 

If you are buying alone and it becomes difficult (it can), call for a family member or someone to help you with the process. It is always better to have someone by the side. With patience and adequate research, one will surely be able to select an urn that is a perfect memorial and a testimony of love for a loved one.

It is clear that it is not easy to choose the right urn, but by following the guidelines listed, the whole process will hopefully be more straightforward. 

How can Insurance for Final Expense Help?

How can Insurance for Final Expense Help?
How can Insurance for Final Expense Help?

Trying to find a helpful policy and an urn for cremation need not be a frustrating process. Seeking the help of a funeral agency will make the process quicker and a lot easier. 

Suppose one has a health history of a pre-existing chronic medical condition. We will help you by working with you closely to find the right plan that fulfils your needs. 

You can rest assured that we will guide you in every step towards finding that plan that both fits your budget and financial requirements. You need not waste your valuable time researching or trying to find insurance companies. Leave the hard job to us. 

We will skillfully shop your case to various insurance companies and get you the best possible price. We work with different insurance carriers that often carry A+ ratings. They can handle all kinds of high-risk clients. We will evaluate and search all these companies to get the best offer. We can help you in pocketing the coverage you require at a price you can afford. So if you are searching for prepaid funeral insurance, prepaid burial insurance, or prepaid life insurance, your search ends here. We can guide you through it all.