Guess Who Died at Age 65? John Hancock final expense or something better.

Life Insurance at age 65

Guess who died at age 65? The founder and creator of the greatest theme park in history, Walter Elias Disney died at 65 way back in 1966. Need we say more? Imagine what this brilliant man accomplished in those short years, only to be taken from us too soon.  Nobody had more to live for than Walt. If the amazing Walt Disney lived to just 65 years, maybe it’s time for all of us to think long and hard about getting a Life Insurance Policy at this age.

Maybe we’ve already beaten the odds.

If there was one man who we all wished could have lived past 100 and beyond, Walt would have to be that person.  And the sadness is, he never really got to see the totality of what he had created.

Hard to believe in some ways. Just as hard to believe for my myself as me not waking up 3 AM in the morning and writing yet another report. I’ve been doing it every day for years.

But someday, my number will come up to and the fresh reports will end. Hopefully my son can learn how to write. Right now, I don’t see it in him, but there is always hope.

But even if he can’t write, and the business slowly wanes 25 years from now, I have coverage for my family fully in place, … do you?

Life is So Unfair Sometimes and so is Colonial Penn when you have to wait TWO long years to get covered for burial insurance …

We encourage everyone to use our quick and easy burial insurance quote tool on this page. It will show you real quotes from many of the top burial insurance companies in the nation.

Remember, you are not buying coverage from us. You are buying coverage THROUGH us with a carrier like Mutual of Omaha. If I were to pass away a week from now and you had already gotten your coverage through me, it has ZERO effect on your policy.

Back to Walk Disney: Do you know what Walt died from?  It was smoking … lung cancer … his lungs collapsed and he died. I still can’t get over how unfair it is that he didn’t see where is magnificent creation led to.

Again, best doctors, best medical treatments, all the reason in the world to keep living and yet, father time wins yet again.

It can happen to any of us.  And when it does, your family has about 14 days to make arrangements.  And if you think it’s going to be easy or affordable or doable, think again, because if your family is heartbroken by your death, they will almost certainly be broken by the costs of cremation or burial. That’s why it is so important to have a life insurance plan in place by the time you are 65.

The Costs Are an Outrage

It’s very strange because folks think that the “dreaded” insurance companies are the “bad guys”, but that’s not really the case..  The only bad guys are the folks at the funeral homes who know they have you on a string.

You see, it’s easy for the insurance companies to compete with each other. There are many of them. So the rates stay pretty much in check. Very few are going to gouge you. But a funeral home? There aren’t always that many of them and if a loved one is already buried in a certain one you like, then you have a choice typically of that one.

Not that you can’t be cremated or buried there. You can be. It’s just that it’s better for your loved ones to bring in a pile of “cash” to negotiate with, vs. just walking in and putting the whole thing on a credit card hoping to find a way to pay it off later.

Very few folks have the kind of money burial requires just sitting around in an account somewhere.  It’s just the way it is. That’s why having Life Insurance at age 65 is so important for you and your loved ones.

You pass … they get a pile of money. I hate to be blunt about it, but it’s the reason that the life insurance industry exists. Do you think there would be major carriers like Mutual of Omaha if no one ever got paid out?

I’m sure the carriers would Love that way of doing things, but no one would ever sign up and then it would be total collapse of their businesses. And they have billions on the line, so they don’t want that.

So guess what, they willingly pay. With a smile on their face. Because they know paying your family paves the way for 100 more families after you to get that coverage.

The media keeps telling us how great the economy is and yes, if you own stocks (most don’t) you are doing really good.  But for the rest of folks who are just trying to get by, this is the WORST “booming” economy in world history.

And I don’t blame President Trump or former President Obama or any of the Presidents.  Technology has given most of the power to the large corporations (like Facebook and Amazon) and they are the ones with their fate in the stock markets hands. They are wiping out much of small business and as a result, the folks at the very top are doing great seeing their stock in these companies go sky high.

But that doesn’t make for a “great” economy. If Uber announced tomorrow that they had invented self driving cards that actually work and they were going to lay off all of their drivers, their stock would skyrocket.

But those drivers would all be out of work. They wouldn’t have that money coming in. They wouldn’t even be able to drive to McDonald’s in the morning for an Egg McMuffin.

See the conflict? What’s good for Wall Street truly isn’t always good for Main Street.

While Uber hasn’t gotten rid of their drivers just yet (it’s coming in about 7 years), for many … this economy … still sucks.

But we can complain forever about the forgotten middle class and lower middle class, but the truth is no one is going to make the costs of cremation or funeral expenses go away.  There has never been a politician in history that has run on making this a government program.

It is so Important to Have Life Insurance at 65 Years Old

Without it, you will pay … your loved ones will pay … and it will hurt.

Again, this is why so many Americans are getting Life Insurance coverage, before or after age 65, where a small and simple monthly payment takes care of all of it.

And it can be financially very beneficial.  If Walt Disney died at 65, you can also. If you do pass at 65 years old, you might only make a few payments towards Life Insurance and your loved ones will get the entire benefit.

Sample Life Insurance Quotes for 65 Year Olds

GENDER & RATING$5,000$10,000$15,000 $20,000
Non Tobacco User- Female$22.00$42.00$62.00$82.00
Tobacco User- Female$32.00$62.00$93.00$123.00
Non Tobacco User- Male$29.00$55.00$82.00$108.00
Tobacco User- Male$43.00$82.00$122.00$163.00

The insurance companies are taking a huge risk that you will keep living and some will, but many won’t.  It’s like a lottery, you never know what number is coming up.

The insurance company does NOT always win. In Arizona there are a lot of drivers that don’t have adequate insurance on their vehicles in case of an accident. So every since I moved here in 2001 I had a rider on my policy where if another driver hit me, I would be covered by my coverage if theirs wasn’t enough.

Note: it’s a good idea to check with your auto insurance carrier on that one. It’s called “under-insured driver coverage”. In case the other guy, hits you.

In any event, I thought that I would never need it or use it. I might have even cancelled it to save a few bucks if I had remembered I even had it.

Back in 2012 my wife was in a horrible car crash. She was T-Boned. The car was almost split in two. The driver who smashed into her was 100% at fault, but he did not have coverage.

The insurance company not only bought us a brand new car, they also wrote us a check for almost $400,000. Granted it too a while, but they did come through in the end.

And my wife had no broken bones, which is usually what they use as a marker for how much to pay.

She had muscle damage which is hard to quantify. I saw the pain she was in, but the insurance company really didn’t and couldn’t. This is why it took a few years for her to get paid.

But they did pay, because they knew it would pave the way for thousands of more new policies down the road. Why? Because they sell insurance, your car almost got split in two and it makes sense that if this happens, money is going to be paid out because my wife was not Superwoman and yes, she was badly hurt.

With cremation or burial coverage it is even more cut and dry. There is no waiting around for that check. You die, your loved ones get a death certificate, they get that certificate to the carrier and they get paid.

The insurance company does this quickly. The only time there could be a delay is if your loved one was shot and they just want to make sure the person who shot them wasn’t the person they were sending the money to.

Things like that, could be a problem. So make sure your beneficiarys don’t shoot you because it will mess up the entire process (a little insurance joke if you will) … Other than that it’s pretty much Death Certificate = Payment.

Now you can turn on your TV and watch CNN or Fox News and see those ads for Colonial Penn Life Insurance with Alex Trebek.  We love Alex and have been fans of his since the early 1970’s when he hosted the classic game show, High Rollers.

I watched it every day in the summer when I was a kid.

But the insurance they offer is in our opinion a nightmare.  Most of their clients have to wait two years for full coverage.  Which means if you die in 18 months, you are not getting the full benefit. If you are looking to get burial insurance at age 65, come see us.

It’s pretty much the only time that Death Certificate, won’t be getting it done for you.

And this is financially NON-beneficial.  The insurance company being Colonial Penn makes out like bandit.  I would love to know what percentage of their policies they actually pay out on.

And the reason they might not pay out is that the rates are so high, you have to cancel before you die. Even Colonial Penn will pay on all policies if you continue making your payments when you pass.

Of course all of this is under their rules and guidelines.

John Hancock final expense is even worse.

Alex, we love you, but you are steering folks wrong with this one.

My Dad died 3 years ago.  I loved my Dad.  He was the kind of Dad who would never say that he loved you, but you just looked at him and OMG I loved him.  We would travel all over the country and overseas.

One year I went 9 separate times to Las Vegas with my Dad (we flew in from the East Coast where we lived at the time).  It was fantastic.  We would do 5 Vegas shows in 3 days … I had them all timed out like a science. Just enough time in between each one to make it to the next one.  My Dad loved going to the shows and doing the trips with me.

I wish we could do one more, but we can’t and yes, death sucks …

When my Dad passed he was living back east with my Mom and with my sister living nearby.  I was in Scottsdale, so I was clear across the country.

They were going to handle the arrangements.

Now most of my Dad’s friends were dead, but being in this business I knew the costs were going to be out of control anyway (with the small attendance).  I told them to try and keep it reasonable, but they kind of listened and they kind of didn’t.

Maybe it just was what it was.

Final Cost with Everything … $23,000 … Unbelievable.

I loved my Dad, but $23,000 is a lot of money for a family.

Now luckily we had it, we are a huge success with our business, but many people would just assume take a one way trip to Mars as they would be able to come up with that type of money for a funeral.

A simple monthly payment would have taken care of it.

So why didn’t we have coverage?  That’s a great question considering what business I am in. At the time living in Scottsdale, I was only licensed on the West Coast.  This is not the case today as I go coast to coast, but back then, I simply couldn’t get my Dad a plan.

And that’s not even a real excuse.

My Dad hated insurance. He liked the part about me being in it and being a success, but for him?!?

He had this vision that you just tossed the body in the dumpster and moved on when someone passed.  You couldn’t sell him a life insurance policy to save your life, whether he was 55, 65, 75 or even 85. All the fancy sales scripts in the world and he would just hang up the phone on you.

My Dad would tell you to go to Hell. He wouldn’t tell me that, he would tell anyone trying to sell him anything that.

This business really has nothing to do with sales. The companies train these young kids with all fancy lines to say to folks, but the truth is, you either want coverage or you don’t and then everyone moves on. Sales talent has nothing to do with providing folks insurance. My Dad did not want coverage, so no coverage provided and we all had to pay for it later to the tune of $23,000.

I still love him. Can I please go back in time and go with him to Las Vegas just one more time? No? … Oh well … Life can be cruel.

I get it, many would rather spend the monthly insurance premiums on lottery tickets (my Dad never played the lottery in his life), but the truth is Life Insurance coverage pays. You should take the time to fill out the quote sheet to the right and find out just how affordable QUALITY coverage really can be.

Gary P. Cubeta
(Serving Americans In All 50 States)