Gerber Life Burial Insurance & Final Expense Insurance Review

Gerber Life Burial Insurance

Brand loyalty is common. If a person has good experiences with a company, he or she is likely to continue buying its products. There is no need to go shopping around. We understand this is only natural and makes sense in most cases. Nevertheless, blind loyalty to a brand name like Gerber Burial Insurance can have poor consequences when choosing your policy.

Companies will branch out from their core line of business. They often rely on their earlier reputation to convince people to purchase these other products. The new offerings might not have the same high quality. We suggest looking carefully at any burial insurance policy regardless of who sells it.

How to Find the Best Burial Insurance Plan at the Lowest Possible Price?

Gerber burial insurance

Shopping for a burial insurance policy can be tedious. You can check the premium rates and the underwriting guidelines if you have enough time. Not everyone has that luxury. There are questions anybody will ask, and the answers are not simple to find. The answers are often buried in the underwriting guidelines, and you would have to know where to look.

It’s a smart idea to ask an independent insurance agent to do the legwork. Insurance professionals have tools and expertise to investigate insurance products like Gerber burial insurance competently. Independent agents represent several companies that will provide an array of options based on your needs. A final benefit of having an independent insurance agent is the relationship.

An insured will often look for other types of insurance and perhaps want riders placed on the existing policy. Working with an insurance professional who can represent several companies is a definite plus. This individual might find the right burial insurance policy, home insurance or accidental death, and dismemberment product. A professional rapport between the agent and the insured can deliver benefits for years to come.
Gerber has brand recognition that is very positive. People have a favorable impression of the company because of the baby food products. It seems almost un-American not to look seriously at the Gerber Life final expense product.
So, here is our full Gerber burial insurance review.

Gerber Life Burial Insurance

This company has no problem with brand name recognition. Seriously, Gerber is as American as apple pie. Anyone who has purchased baby food knows Gerber, but not everyone realizes this company is in other business lines. Insurance happens to be one of those.

Gerber life final expense

The Gerber Life Insurance Company was created in 1967 to permit the parent company to offer young families life insurance products. Currently, they have nearly 3 million active policies and an A rating with A.M. Best. Among their insurance products is a Gerber burial insurance policy that is a guaranteed acceptance whole life insurance plan.

A Detailed Overview of Gerber Life Policy 

The primary features of Gerber’s guaranteed acceptance whole life burial insurance are straightforward:

  • The benefits are not going to decrease.
  • The premium charged is not going to change.
  • This is an insurance policy that is not going to expire, provided you pay premiums regularly.
  • There are no medical questions asked.

That last feature should perk up the ears of many senior citizens. Gerber burial insurance is not going to ask health questions, and they are not going to check medical history. Simply put, Gerber issues the burial life insurance policy to anyone who applies. Even if an applicant has AIDS, is on kidney dialysis, or has stage four cancer, that person can get a Gerber burial insurance policy.

You can purchase a minimum amount of $5000, and the maximum you are allowed is $25,000. There is a two-year waiting period before the benefit is paid. If an insured dies within that two-year period, Gerber refunds all premiums ever paid with 10% interest added on. An individual can receive the full death benefit during the waiting period if the cause of death is an accident.

Many other insurance companies offer a guaranteed acceptance burial insurance product, but Gerber final expense beats them. The premiums Gerber charges are consistently lower than what their competition asks of the insured. When it comes to guaranteed acceptance burial life insurance, Gerber is, in our opinion, the best you can get.

Gerber Burial Insurance Prices

Male Monthly Rates


Female Monthly Rates


List of Severe Health Conditions Gerber Life Will Accept     

It is no secret in the insurance industry that people in poor physical health are attracted to the guaranteed acceptance of burial insurance. The reason is that other types of whole life insurance have knockout questions in the health questionnaire which a person must complete. Those who are most likely to buy Gerber burial insurance include:

When Is Guaranteed Issue Right For Me?

Gerber life burial insurance

Before you choose this policy, understand that the guaranteed issue isn’t the perfect choice for everyone. It may sound simple and quick as they don’t ask for health questions to delve deep into your medical history. But, it comes with drawbacks like a minimum waiting period of two years and monthly pricing. 

The mandatory waiting period for Gerber Life burial insurance is there to protect the insurance company, and not the insured. The risk of paying a claim on someone who is unhealthy is simply too high not to have a 24-month delay in paying a full death benefit. This is where a guaranteed acceptance burial insurance policy might not be the best idea for you.

Health is a primary factor in any burial insurance product. Other types of burial insurance require a person to fill out a health questionnaire and the knockout questions. Those medical conditions where if you answer “yes “you might get disqualified, can block a person from effectively applying.

You are not asked any qualifying health questions in a guaranteed issue policy, unlike the standard burial insurance. Hence, the prices are typically higher for guaranteed issue. But, if your health qualifies for an immediate benefit, you can’t wait for two years.

We certainly agree that anyone who is in poor health should give the Gerber burial insurance serious consideration. On the other hand, if you are healthy, why pay the Gerber premium when you might qualify for the same or better coverage at a lower cost?

Other companies will indeed have the health questionnaire, but if you can pass inspection, you can get immediate coverage in many situations. That is important for any senior citizen. Immediate coverage means that from the first day your policy is in effect, you have the death benefit you are paying to receive. 

We Are an Independent Insurance Agency and Would Like To Help

Before buying Gerber burial insurance, we believe you should be able to review several options. These must be selected based on your stated needs and not our preferences.

Our first step in helping anyone is a one on one meeting over the phone. We ask people what type of coverage they will need. Then we ask about a person’s health only to see if knockout questions might disqualify them from applying for an insurance product.

We check the market for burial insurance that meets the client’s criteria. Then we will present the selection and answer any questions. The client makes the final decision, and we then do everything possible to expedite the purchase.

We are proud of the emotional intelligence that we show all our clients. While we do educate people on insurance policies, we will not preach sermons or lecture anyone. We seek to promote your best interests in all the work that we do. Our advice is intended to help. 

What is important is that we advise, we will not use pressure tactics to promote one insurance policy over another. While Gerber burial insurance policy looks good, if we find one that is better and offers coverage at an affordable price, we’ll refer you to that company.

We want to be of service, and we want you to get the best possible burial insurance policy. We have a stellar reputation in the industry, and we have helped many people find exactly what they need at a premium they can easily afford. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience to find out more about how we can be of assistance.