Funeral Prayers, Bible Verses and Poems To Help During A Difficult Time in 2021

Funeral Prayers

Bereavement is a challenging and complex emotion. It is a process that is associated with several traditions. Such practices’ primary purpose is to honour the deceased’s memory and life and comfort their loved ones. 

The traditions associated with bereavement vary with religion, belief systems, and cultures. Not all of us know what to do or how to act when preparing for the funeral. During a time of grief, it is not easy to know the right things to say. It is challenging, to say the least. When dear ones are battling with their emotions, comforting them is a challenging endeavour. 

Offering Comfort:

Funerals are a time of comfort. People long to be comforted and to comfort those in grief. People in attendance are there to mourn the loss of a loved one. And the family of the deceased is struggling with immense suffering. 

The ones that are most affected by the loss are probably feeling lonely, afraid, and overwhelmed. Many people dread living without their dear ones by their side. Understanding these states of mind will help people to react accordingly in funerals

How to Comfort the Family:

How to Comfort the Family
How to Comfort the Family

One can offer comfort to the family in several ways. Apart from funeral prayers, other ways to provide comfort include saying kind, understanding words. Many people struggle not knowing what to say to a family that is undergoing a loss. When offering comfort, refrain from saying, It was his/her time to go or that God needed them. Those statements, even though offered in good intention, may not agree with a person in grief. 

In the depths of pain immediately after death, everyone struggles with the reasons for their loved one’s death. It is not needed to add more pain by saying something that does not go with the grieving person’s beliefs. 

Everyone has their way of looking at a loss. To offer comfort truly, it is best to limit words. Offer the strength of your presence and availability for the grieving family. 

Words of Comfort:

Simple words of understanding like “I know you are hurting” is a thoughtful acknowledgement of their pain, and they take solace in that. The family will be hurt for a long time after a death. 

Things to say to the grieving member can be 

  • Words are not adequate to express the grief I feel.
  • I am praying, or I am here for you.
  • I cannot begin to feel your loss, but I want you to remember we love you.
  • Your loved one made a significant difference in my life. I will always remember him/her. 

The right prayers, Christian funeral poems, bereavement prayers and poems, and Christian passages can help those undergoing grief to process their emotions and find comfort and solace. 

Funeral Prayers:

Funeral Prayers
Funeral Prayers
  • Funeral and memorial Prayers:

This collection includes numerous prayers for the deceased, for a child, and for those who are mourning. It contains some examples of the varied funeral prayers that are available. This collection is short as the prayers may be repetitive once the whole meaning is understood. If you are officiating in funeral service, there may be a wide variety of choices for funeral prayers. 

  • Beautiful Memorial Prayers and Scriptures:

The scripture readings on this page make appropriate readings for a Christian funeral service. These passages help connect with the grief and the reasons behind it in a spiritual sense. Such a perspective can significantly help family members. 

  • Funeral Prayers for Mourners:

When a dear one passes, it is not easy to have the right words at the ready for use in prayers. Although the heart experiences no trouble conversing with God, the lips often need help. Find words of blessing and healing in these prayers for mourners. It can help by putting complicated feelings into words. 

  • Knowing Jesus- Funeral Prayers:

This page includes prayers that deal with the shock and grief at sudden death, prayer for grace and strength in planning the funeral, and thanksgiving prayers for the deceased’s life.

  • 10 Christian Funeral Prayers for Services, Cards, Memorials, or Programs:

One can recite the prayers on this page during the funeral service, memorials, or written on cards for the family. A funeral for Christian families is a time for three things- Grieving, Giving thanks, and hope. The prayers during a funeral should reflect these crucial elements.  

It is a time for mourning a tragic loss. It is also a time of celebratory thanksgiving for the life of the one who passed away. For the Christian, it is always a time of lasting hope. 

The Bible says that a Christian’s grief is a hopeful one as those who go before preparing a way for those that follow in eternity. The passage of a dear one is not the end of life but merely the end of one chapter and the beginning of another new chapter that is more remarkable. 

On this page, there are several comforting prayers and passages for use during funeral services. A helpful guide to writing your eulogy or prayer is also given. There is an example of a memorial funeral prayer that will help with the process.

  • Prayers for Funeral– Funeral Prayer Ideas for Families:

This collection covers most circumstances and contains traditional prayers. It involves asking God for his comfort and solace during these difficult times. Prayers of hope include praying for a future meeting with the deceased in heaven. 

  • Islamic Funeral Burial Prayer & the Finality of Death:

Here you can browse through traditional Islamic prayers and the Salat al-Janazah. Prayer of forgiveness is a crucial aspect of Islamic funeral prayers. The rituals that have to be done before the prayer are also mentioned. 

  • Catholic Prayers for Death and Dying:

There are several catholic prayers, both traditional and comforting ones, listed here. They are intended to comfort those undergoing grief, comfort the dying, and bless the departed. The process of reciting the Hail Mary is given in detail, and specific scripture passages are also provided. It contains an elaborate list of verses and prayers for those who are dying or dead. 

  • Anglican Prayers for the Dying and Funeral and Memorial Services:

These prayers help those who are dying to repent, give thanks, and welcome salvation on their deathbed. Some prayers help those who are left behind to find hope. Responsive prayers for gatherings in a funeral service help the mourners find solace. 

  • Jewish Funeral Prayers:

This collection is traditionally recited during Jewish ceremonies. Jewish funeral services are organised in a way that helps mourners to come to terms with the loss. At the same time, it also deals with showing respect, honour, and gratitude to the deceased. 

Certain prayers in this list should be recited at specific times following the death. Following the burial service that includes a recitation of Mercy’s Prayer, the mourner’s Kaddish is recited. The period of grief, including the Shiva and Shloshim, constitutes several cathartic prayers and offer blessings. It is done in remembrance of the dead and reflects the attitude that their loved one is not forgotten.

  • Heartfelt Prayers for Funerals to Comfort Those Who Grieve:

Christians may find solace in these prayers during tough times like dealing with a loved one’s loss. It has a variety of prayers, both traditional and from different authors. They will help comfort the grieving family. 

Bible Verses:

  • Funeral Scriptures- Bible verses for funerals:

This page offers numerous helpful Bible verses and scriptures that are typically used at funerals and memorials. From the famous passages like Psalms 23 and some excerpts from the book of John that offer hope and strength. 

  • Bible Verses and Scriptures for Memorials and Gatherings:

With over 30 Biblical passages, this page offers numerous verses that help those undergoing grief after their loved one has departed. According to Christians, God’s word is a source of immense strength and power during times like these. 

One can find solace in verses like Revelation 21:4, where it says God will wipe every tear. Read these verses to the family, or it may help you to navigate through tumultuous waters. Encouragement and comfort are probably essential things for mourners, and these verses provide just that. One can use these verses even in a sympathy letter, which is a heartfelt way to express one’s feelings.

  • Bible Verses For Funerals:

Find the appropriate scripture passages relating to hope, healing, heaven, life after death, encouragement, and eternity. It has some of the best passages one can read to a mourning gathering at a funeral service. Christians find comfort in the fact that there is hope in eternal life. These verses help remind people of that Biblical truth. 

One can incorporate these verses creatively into any gift one might give to the grieving family. For example, a portrait of the departed with hopeful verses will remind the family to keep hoping. 

  • Bible readings for funerals:

You can choose from these popular readings to seek comfort. There are verses from the book of Psalms, John, and many more. The verses are divided based on their length. One can choose between long passages and short verses. It also has famous prayers that are recited over the world during times of grief. 

  • Bible Verses for Funerals – Scripture Verses for a funeral:

The Bible practically contains passages that help people deal with any circumstance. It offers comfort, guidance, and hope to those who read them. But since the Bible has numerous books, it might be a challenging task figuring out the right passages to read at a funeral. So this page will help you find just that. These verses can also be given to mourners in the form of memorial keepsakes, printed in bookmarks and prayer cards. 

  • Psalms of Comfort:

Psalms are essentially Christian songs or hymns that help any Judeo-Christian navigate a loss of a loved one. Jewish mourners in the process of shiva will be encouraged by these uplifting hymns written by King David. 

Psalms are some of the most famous religious poetry and have given hope to billions throughout centuries. These verses reflect a personal relationship with God and help people cope with suffering, knowing that they receive help from God. These verses echo a cry for help, God’s mercy, and grace.

  • 25 Comforting Bible Verses about Death and Dying in Christ:

There are innumerable passages in the Bible that help Christians turn their eyes to God. Twenty-five verses from those passages are listed on this page. It will help people to redirect their gaze heavenwards. 

Funeral and Bereavement Poems

Funeral and Bereavement Poems
Funeral and Bereavement Poems
  • Poems for Funerals:

Poetry contains powerful emotions translated through words. It is passionate in intensity, deep in thought, and intense in effect. Nothing can quite rival the power of poetry in striking the chords of a person’s heart. Reading moving bereavement poems is cathartic and helps purge oneself of the complicated emotions that come with a tragic loss. 

Poems help people express or convey feelings that are hard to convey otherwise. Some of the poems are written by those who have undergone a loss of a loved one themselves. This page displays a compiled list of poetry that is suitable for memorial/funeral services. It has classic, modern, and contemporary poems as well. 

  • Memorial Poems & Prayers:

These passages are well-suited for in-memoriam cards. They help mourners to be steadfast in the face of sorrow and loss. 

  • 16 Non-Religious Funeral Readings From Poems:

These renowned literature passages encourage mourners at a memorial funeral service for a person who was not religious. Many of the cultural ceremonies are geared towards a spiritual outlook on life and death. It might be difficult for those without faith to navigate the process of funeral planning. 

If the deceased did not practice any religion, several readings, songs, and passages from literature suited for a secular crowd.

  • Funeral Poems and Prayers:

This collection has several funeral poems and prayers. It includes religious and secular poems. This collection of poems is not specific for people belonging to a particular religion but for people belonging to any belief system. Bible verses related to death are useful encouragement. The poems are beautiful in the emotions they evoke by remembering the deceased’s life. 

  • Five Uplifting Readings About Dying and Death:

Speaking the right words at a time of mourning to celebrate the life lived is a difficult task. These passages and poems help find the right way to express those hard to express feelings for a loved one. One should find the right balance between celebration and commemoration of a loved one’s life

Although funerals are a tragic time of loss, one can find the time for reflection and gratitude. These passages from famous poems help convey these emotions eloquently. As Wordsworth said, we will not grieve but find strength in what remains. 

  • Memorial Poems, Funeral Poems, and Sympathy Quotes

This page gives a comprehensive idea of what to write on sympathy cards. Condolence messages are also filled with inspirational words that may be hard to write on one’s own. It has religious quotes, secular quotes, and famous quotes from renowned authors. 

This page will help find those meaningful expressions. It is a good idea to use the words of the greatest wisdom and quotations that are well-known. They are famous for a reason, aren’t they?

  • Memorial Verses and Poems:

Find verses that befit the times of loss. It has short memorial poems contributed by people from various walks of life. The universal emotions of sadness and grief are echoes in each passage. These words can offer comfort to anyone undergoing the same circumstances. They are apt for funeral programs, memorial candles, and other mementoes.

  • Six Uplifting Poems and Songs About Death That Celebrate Life:

Poetry is an instrument that helps people to find ways to pull themselves up from the depths of despair and hopelessness. They have given strength and encouragement to find hope and press on despite the loss of a dear one. Some of the poems in this list are from the dead’s perspective, asking the family not to mourn their death but to celebrate their joyous life. 

During depressing times poetry works by rousing the spirits of a wearied one and also calms the soul. This page has some classic poems that will be useful for reading for mourners. Whether you are looking for encouraging poems or just something to offer a measure of peace, this list can help. 

  • Memorial Card Verses: 

These verses are sure to strike a chord in the heart of anyone who comes to a funeral service. Some are from the mourners’ perspective and express their grief to the dead for leaving them behind. Others are from the point of view of the deceased, offering comfort from the beyond.  


Whether it is to give a memorial gift or a prayer, most people do not know how to express their grief in words. Words are things that help people make sense of what they are undergoing. It offers understanding and comfort. These useful resources will immensely help in saying thoughtful words of wisdom to the grieving family and other mourners during the funeral.