Funeral Insurance With No Waiting Period at Age 62

Funeral Insurance for 62 Year Olds

If you are 62 years old and want to know what Final Expense Burial Insurance will cost, you are in the exact place that you need to be.

I love doing this.  Every time we set another family up with burial coverage, I feel like it is one less family that will torn be torn apart with costs when a loved one dies.

This is the reality.  Cremation and Burial costs are out of control.  You think the local funeral director is your “friend”, but rather he’s someone to avoid unless you have funds available to pay him.

Now you can get those funds in a number of ways.  You can go to him years before you pass and make a deal where you pay in monthly to a plan he has pre-set.  Trust me, once you sit down in that office, you will agree to any pre-pay plan he throws in front of you, just so you can get the HECK out of there.

This is where, at 62, it is so important that you have funeral insurance in place… to protect your loved ones.

The Funeral Home is Intimidation by Design …

But it’s the worst way to do things.  What we really believe you need is an independent funeral insurance plan that offers a large chunk payment when you pass.  Then your loved ones are free to go anywhere and sit down with cash in hand and make the best possible plans for your final resting place.

And what happens if your “friendly” neighborhood funeral parlor goes out of business well before you pass? Think that it is impossible? Think again.

And if the funeral home already has your money, how motivated are they to make things be right later? It’s really a strange way to do things. Kind of like paying for your meal at a restaurant a week in advance.

Odd analogy, but it kind of makes you think twice.

Nothing beats cash in hand plus flexibility. That’s what we offer.

Meanwhile You are Not Tied into One Funeral Home. Or better yet, you don’t have to choose John Hancock final expense (there are WAY better options) …

But how do you buy this coverage?  There are so many mailouts and TV ads pitching coverage that you really don’t know what to do or who to go with.

You could always call your local State Farms agent and have them come out to the house and get the most expensive Life Insurance coverage imaginable.  Or you could see Alex Trebek on TV pitching Colonial Penn Life Insurance and think that’s a good idea.

Both would be wrong.

What you need is coverage from an independent agent that can shop all of the major carriers and get you the absolute best rate.  And you want someone who knows what they are doing like yours truly.

You can save so much money and if you are on a fixed income, you will know exactly how important that can be. We’ve spoken to so many clients and the difference between $76 a month and OUR $44 a month is huge (for example only).

Sample Funeral Insurance Rates for 62 Year Olds and not from Colonial Penn Burial Insurance …

*** Rates will stay same forever

GENDER & RATING$5,000$10,000$15,000$20,000
Female No Waiting Period$19.63$36.06$52.49$68.92
Female Tobacco No Waiting Period$26.22$49.24$72.26$95.28
Female Guaranteed Acceptance$25.05$48.09$71.13$94.18
Male No Waiting Period$25.55$47.90$70.25$92.60
Male Tobacco No Waiting Period$35.11$67.03$98.94$130.85
Male Guaranteed Acceptance$30.85$60.78$90.70$120.63

What is Burial Insurance? Is it some SPECIAL form of coverage that differs from all others?

It’s simply a marketing name.  Some folks call it Final Expense, Final Burial or Funeral Insurance. There are a whole bunch of different names.

It’s actually a mini Whole Life policy ONLY for older folks.  It stays with you until you die.  Your loved ones will be paid out from the plan.  You name a beneficiary and let them handle things when you have passed.

Most Whole Life policies for younger persons are very expensive.  You can expect payments anywhere from $300-600 per month.  The reason for this is you are building long term value for a far bigger policy.

Even I passed at the opportunity to do Whole Life when I was younger, because the payments seemed so high.

With these mini Whole Life plans, it’s very different.  Your life is heading toward the the 7th or 8th inning.  There is less time between now and death.  The insurance carriers don’t expect you to put in huge amounts of money each month.

Typically payments are between $29.00-129 per month.  We tailor each plan for your particular situation.  Some have no problem paying on the higher end, for others it would break them.  The last thing we want to do, is set someone up with a plan they can’t afford.

All they would do is cancel. And then the insurance carrier will be on the phone to us asking what went wrong.

We don’t want that. So our #1a priority is excellent coverage for you. And our #1b priority is affordability for you. It’s like a and b … We can’t have one without the other.

This is why you need an experienced agent who knows what he is doing vs. a rookie so clueless they will be off selling timeshares a few months later. And don’t think these door to door insurance salesman know what they are doing. Some of them have only weeks of experience and you will let them in your house thinking they know what they are doing, and trust us, many don’t.

And why are they there at all? Because someone told them they could make all kinds of money selling insurance. And it’s true, you can. If you know exactly what you are doing and serve the clients needs FIRST.

They never get that far before they throw up their hands in frustration and quit, which is exactly what they should do.

Another option …

You can always call Colonial Penn Life Insurance (mentioned earlier in this report) as seen on TV with Alex Trebek and granted, Alex is probably the best celebrity spokeperson they could ever get. I’ve been a fan of his ever since his very first game show NBC’s Wizard of Odds in 1974.

The downside with Alex, even if you are healthy you could end up waiting two whole years for full coverage, because that’s just the way they roll. Plus it’s expensive and a hint from my Dad: you can admire a celebrity spokesperson, but as a rule you never do business with a company that utilizes one, because obviously they must be paying him or her a fortune.

That fortune of costs gets passed on to you.

Your actually the one getting rolled.

We on the other hand set up 85-90% of our clients with NO waiting period and far lower monthly prices from carriers like Mutual of Omaha. Fill out the quote engine at the right hand side of this page to find out for yourself.

Gary P. Cubeta
(Serving Americans In All 50 States)