Shocking Truth of 2021: Best Funeral Home for your Money

Funeral Home 2020

Finding the Best Funeral Home is not easy, unless you read this report and then, we make it a doable here in 2020 when so many deaths have occurred in the US and abroad due to the horrible pandemic we are experiencing.

Death and taxes are the two constants in our lives, but we always have problems dealing with either. We know that there will come a day when we and our loved ones pass away, but we do not always prepare adequately for that day.

A person’s final remains will go to the morgue first, but then the question arises where it will go next. A burial on the same day can happen but it is rare in this country. Most people will be interned or cremated several days after death; there must be a place to keep the body. The deceased was once kept in the parlor of the family home and those days are gone. Funeral homes are the midway point between the morgue and the cemetery. You cannot underestimate their importance.

A Place of Dignified Respect

There is a rarefied atmosphere to the funeral home. This is not just a warehouse for a corpse. Memorial services are often held here, and a funeral home is a place where people come to pay last respects. The funeral home must carry within an ambiance of respect and dignity. There are certain services that a funeral home should be able to provide, and we will be discussing what the best funeral home, the one you want for your loved ones, and yourself to be temporarily housed, should have.

Let Your Wishes Be Known to the Funeral Home

Finding a funeral home is usually the responsibility of the survivors. However, your earlier input can make the process a lot easier for those who are already emotionally upset.

Modern funeral homes provide more than just a casket and a viewing. Owners are more responsive to the general public’s tastes and wishes and offer additional services you can review. These include:

  • The traditional service includes flowers, viewing, and embalming and might have a funeral service there instead of at a church or synagogue
  • Cremation and burial. There would be no viewing or embalmment. This option is considerably less expensive than a traditional service
  • A green burial. This is becoming popular and does not require a casket or shroud
  • It is common for a person to donate their body to a medical school. The medical pays for the expenses, and your survivors will not be charged

Your responsibilities will be to put your wishes down in writing and let your loved ones know this is what you want. They will be able to move forward with a funeral home that can meet your wishes.

What Do You Want from the Funeral Home in 2020?

The Federal Trade Commission has established a Funeral Rule. It requires that you only pay for those goods and services you select from the funeral home. If you want something a little more on the traditional side, you want to be looking at what will be part of any services at the funeral home. Those services and special considerations may include these:

  • High-Tech video screens
  • Unique candles and ornamentation that reflect your religious or cultural values.
  • Visitation, viewing, or a full funeral
  • A sizable funeral facility that includes additional parking
  • A desire for simplicity or perhaps something a little bit extra

Incidentally, the Funeral Rule permits you to purchase a casket or funerary urn from another place. You are not required to buy either that might be offered by the funeral home.

The Funeral Home Itself and Funeral Insurance with No Waiting Period

You might have used a funeral home before, and this might be your selection. It makes things a lot easier for you. There are ways to make the search simple if you must look for a funeral home.

The National Funeral Directors Association can refer you to a funeral home that is in their directory. An advantage of doing this is the Association’s code of conduct is relatively strict. You can also go online and check for funeral homes. Be sure that you look at any customer reviews before settling on one facility over others. 

Recommendations from family members are excellent sources for you to use in 2020 when choosing a Funeral Home.

See this article on how to get funeral insurance with no two year waiting period.

The Pricing

Funerals and memorial services are not cheap. The final expenses can be $10,000 or more. You must approach this as a smart shopper. You should take a moment to find out precisely what is involved in the pricing of a funeral.

There are some essential components of funeral home services. You can look at any or all of these and ask what the cost is going to be. The answers will help you develop a budget. You should not overlook the cost of these services.

  • Picking up the body from the morgue or the hospital
  • Cremation
  • Use of the funeral home facility
  • Fees for the staff’s assistance
  • A coffin or a funerary earn
  • The use of a hearse to transport the deceased to the cemetery
  • Embalming
  • The use of any other vehicle owned by the funeral home

Always remember you not required to buy any or all the services. However, some of these can be considered essential parts of a dignified farewell to the deceased.

You Have Certain Protections when it Comes to Funeral Homes

Strict codes of ethics and conduct govern funeral directors. Abuse of the corpse is a crime and removing internal organs for sale can also get the funeral home into serious legal trouble. You need not worry about body snatchers or other ghouls; these are reserved for late-night horror movies.

The challenge is going to be keeping track of the costs. As you might guess, these can add up, and even the flowers are not free. People are in a high emotional state and sometimes do not realize what they are purchasing. This is where the Funeral Rule against steps in to protect you and your survivors.

The Federal Trade Commission is looking out for the customer in these regulations. There are several financial items the funeral home must provide.

  • You have the right to itemized pricing by telephone
  • Also, the funeral home must provide a written price list every item and have it ready when you or your survivors visit the facility
  • A casket pricelist, in writing, is required before the caskets are inspected
  • An outer burial container price list must be available
  • Do not have to buy the earn the casket at the funeral home. You can purchase that someplace else
  • If you prefer, you do not have to have the body embalmed
  • You have the right to pay for only those funeral arrangements you want to have. The funeral home cannot arbitrarily add services or accessories.

The Funeral Rule is also going to cover crematory and cemetery requirements. You must receive a written statement that explains the requirements. After all has been decided on as far as what will be part of the funerary expenses, you are to receive a written quote that includes everything.

The Intrinsic Values When Selecting a Funeral Home

Visiting the funeral home is an essential part of the process. You can inspect the facility, and you also have a better chance of looking at the establishment’s inner value.

Funerals are a highly emotional and personal event. A funeral home will provide necessary services, but it should not be mechanical. There should be a sense of concern and feeling for the deceased and the family. Some things tell of the quality time of the facility.

  • Respect for the cultural and religious beliefs of the deceased. The funeral home can accommodate either
  • Sincere empathy of the staff. A concern and appreciation of the family’s emotions are genuine and not contrived
  • Grief support is available. Grief counseling can include in-home visits after the funeral services.
  • Superior customer service. The funeral director and the staff are willing to go above and beyond ordinary assistance to help the family
  • Ability to personalize the funeral services. There may be special activities that the family would like to have as part of the service, including special music or ceremony. The funeral home ought to be able to make the request

The best kind of funeral home makes use of technology such as memorial videos and is transparent in all costs and product descriptions. You want to see that the place has a sense of willingness to provide the type of experience that will make the funeral of a loved one meaningful and memorable as well.

There is a significant benefit to all the work you do in settling upon a funeral home. You have an idea of how much it is going to cost and is much more than you initially thought. The figure can be sobering, and the funeral home might not provide any type of discount for funeral expenses. Fortunately, there is a way to afford what you wish to do. A final expense insurance policy is a way to keep costs from claiming a large chunk of your estate.

The funeral home might recommend an insurance policy, but these people are not insurance professionals. They might be receiving a referral fee for steering business towards a given agency. Moreover, the policy recommended by the funeral home might not be what you need. You are better off in most cases to look for the insurance yourself.

A final expense insurance policy is part of the preplanning for the said event. You have the time to look at the market and review what is out there, and that might match your requirements. You must realize doing this all by yourself is going to take a lot of time and research.

Those final expense policies you see advertised on television have major marketing campaigns behind them. The celebrities who are spokesman get paid reading a script. You can be subject to a very high-pressure promotion whose primary objective is for you to buy a policy. Your personal needs are not much of a concern.

The worst possible result in be buying a policy that has a long waiting period, perhaps has a term that expires before the insured’s death, and underwriting guidelines that require higher premiums for given health conditions. It is not going to be easy to navigate all the waterways when it comes to buying this type of insurance. You may wish to consider the services of an independent insurance agent.

These professionals understand the insurance market and, more importantly, they work for you. They represent several insurance companies, and an independent insurance agent is focused on your needs a loan. It is easier to find the right kind of policy when you make use of an independent agent’s services.

We Can Assist You in your Search for a Funeral Home in 2020

We are an independent insurance agency that helps people buy the right kind of funeral expenses insurance. We understand the costs involved with both the mourning and the service itself. We give the support that many other insurance agencies, who are not familiar with funeral expenses, cannot provide for you.

We represent several insurance companies, and these have policies that might fit the bill for you. We can go over the types of policies, explain the difference between term insurance and whole life insurance, and give you an understanding of insurance terminology that will allow you to make a better decision.

We want to stress that the final decision is yours to make. We are not going to pressure anybody to bind a policy that is not the best for him or her. It is often difficult to do business in these days of social distancing. You do not have to worry about that with us; we can work remotely with any. We make use of emails, texting, telephone calls, and any other means of helping a person without compromising health. You do not have to worry about us.

Anyone who dealt with funeral expenses in the past knows how small items add to a significant invoice. Funeral expenses can be thousands of dollars, and the cost will come out of the estate. Funeral expense insurance is a buffer that protects your last will from being diminished. It is wise financial planning.

You may have some questions about us, and we would like to hear them. We encourage you to contact us at your earliest convenience and perhaps arrange for an informative meeting at a distance. We are ready to help, and we will answer your questions. We would like to help you pay for the funeral you would like to have.