2021 Bottom Line: Foresters Burial Final Expense Insurance Review

Foresters Burial Insurance

When you are shopping for burial insurance, even if you are not a policy genius, there is no reason to accept the first policy that you hear about. Many insurance companies have high-powered marketing campaigns that try to convince a consumer to buy immediately without inspecting. 

It, sometimes takes a little time, but if you’re willing to look at the alternatives objectively, you will be pleasantly surprised at the great burial insurance deals out there on the market. All it takes is some shopping around. We have many policies you can look at and decide if it is right for you. In this article, we offer independent Foresters Financial reviews.

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What Should You Know About Forester Burial Insurance?

Foresters Financial is a fraternal organization. Its original goal was to provide life insurance products for working families. They’ve been in business for almost 150 years, and the main headquarters is in Canada. (Being in Canada does not mean they can ignore laws governing insurance in the United States.).

It is a fraternal benefit society that exists for the benefit of its membership, and also, it is a nonprofit. Other insurers are fraternal benefit societies, and instead of the traditional insurance contract, they issue certificates to their insured. Foresters Financial ratings are also impressive. It has an A.M. Best rating of A, which is indicative of its financial stability in the marketplace.

Foresters Membership Benefits

Foresters financial reviews

Along with senior final expense life insurance program, Foresters offer its members benefits that regular insurance companies will not provide. These include the following:

Foresters Competitive Scholarships

Foresters Financials offer about $ 2 million every year as tuition scholarships for higher studies in Canada and the USA. All the Foresters members and their children or grandchildren can apply for this scholarship.

Orphan Scholarships

The children of deceased members can avail of this scholarship that offers up to $6000 per year up to four years for higher education. 

Emergency Assistance Program

Members can also receive temporary, short-term financial assistance if affected by a disaster, personal breakdown, or emergencies. It involves a one-time payment.

Foresters Granting Program

Under senior final expense life insurance program, members get financial help to organize community-based activities. 

Everyday Money

Through a confidential and toll-free helpline number, Foresters members can reach out to an accredited counselor for daily financial management.

With this benefit, you can avail of discounted or free legal services for issues related to family laws, wills, or homeownership. 

Orphan Benefit

It entails a monthly payment of $900 per child for orphans. The payment is made to the legal guardian until the child turns 18 years. 

Fun Family Events

With tickets to concerts, sporting events, zoos, museums, or circuses, Foresters Financials give members a chance to connect and have fun with their families and friends. 

None of these benefits carry an extra cost, and they are available as soon as you buy the policy. Anyone who has Foresters insurance qualifies for any of the above member benefits.

The Full Foresters Review

Foresters final expense insurance offers many extras for its members, but these ought to be considered as just additional perks when you’re looking for a burial insurance policy. 

We think that you should always remember that you’re looking for coverage that will provide the type of final expense insurance benefits you think you might be incurring. Scholarships and grant programs are great, but you still need to be sure that a Foresters certificate is what you need and can afford. 

Foresters Financial offers three separate burial insurance plans. They are under Foresters’ PlanRight whole life insurance. Let’s look at the detailed Foresters Financial reviews.

Foresters PlanRight Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is a better bargain than the term insurance because a whole life insurance policy does not have a termination date. The monthly premium you’re charged will neither increase nor will the benefits decrease. Foresters’ burial insurance contains a few nice attractions at no extra cost.

There is a common carrier accidental death writer. If the accident meets certain criteria, the death benefit is twice the benefit your certificate provides, in addition to that initial benefit (For example, If you have a $20,000 certificate from Foresters, The rider will pay an additional $40,000).

There’s also a term illness loan option. It is an interest-free loan for a terminally ill member, and the loan is up to 75% of the total amount of the insurance. Foresters have a maximum of $250,000 for this loan option.

Foresters Modified Benefit Life Insurance

You would qualify for this benefit if you answered “no” to all the knockout health questions and answered “yes” to any health questions in the questionnaire’s modified benefit section. Some of the questions you are asked in the Modified Benefits plan section of senior final expense life insurance program include whether you had been diagnosed with anginastroke, or brain tumors in the last two years. You are also asked if you were diagnosed with cancer or received chemotherapy within the last three years.

The modified plan comes with a two-year waiting period for the full benefit. If, god forbid, you pass away in the first two years of coverage, your beneficiaries receive all your premiums and an additional 10% on top of that. An accidental death receives the full benefit payout. The price of this Foresters product is relatively high.

Foresters Graded Benefit Life Insurance

You could still qualify for the Forrester’s Graded Benefit Plan if you are disqualified for the Level Benefit. It all depends on the answers provided in the health questionnaire, particularly the Modified section. 

The Graded benefit coverage does not expire, and the monthly premium will increase nor will the benefits decrease. However, there is a modified waiting period for the death benefit.

If the policyholder should pass away in the first two years of coverage, a benefit is paid, that is not the full amount. It is either:

A. Total premium paid accumulated and a 4.5% interest amount included

B. 30% of the face amount that was in effect for the first year of coverage and 70% of the face amount in effect in the second year.

The beneficiaries will receive the greater of the two options.

There is one common feature of the questions asked in the Graded Benefit plan section of the questionnaire. Foresters burial insurance asks about chronic illnesses. These are conditions that will not go away once acquired and COPD is the most common illness approved by the Graded Benefit plan. A person will pay a little more for the Forester’s Graded Benefit Plan, but the pricing is competitive.

Foresters Level Benefit Final Expense 

You’re able to get this policy if you answered “no” to every single health question, and your prescription history and MIB file notes that you have not been treated for any of the knockout questions’ conditions.

You receive immediate, day one coverage. The underwriting for this product is generous to a person with a health condition you can get level benefit coverage for some conditions that other companies would deny. These include:

Maintenance medications that cause other insurers to charge more premium are not penalized by Foresters senior final expense life insurance program. Blood thinner is an issue for many burial insurance companies, but Foresters will allow for blood thinners under certain conditions.

The Level Benefit will also allow the insured to purchase an accidental death rider that is separate from the common carrier accidental death rider previously mentioned. It, too, pays out a death rider in addition to the already determined insurance death benefit.

One final note about Level Benefit is that the Foresters Level Benefit insurance policy’s cost is one of the lowest charge burial insurance areas.

How to Apply for Foresters Burial Insurance?

Foresters Burial Insurance has three burial insurance products: The Level Benefit, the Graded Benefit, and the Modified Benefit. The state of your health determines which of these policies you’re eligible to get.

Foresters will ask for information about your health from several sources. Your prescription history is to be checked through an Rx database and your MIB (Medical Information Bureau) file is going to be scrutinized. The MIB file contains information you gave other insurance companies regarding your health. It corroborates what you were telling the truth on the all-important health questionnaire.

There’s a bit of personal touch in the application process. Foresters conduct a point-of-sale interview with applicants and that person’s agent. The interview is a short one, and Foresters want authorization to access medication history and ask health questions.

The health questionnaire for senior final expense life insurance program is a standard inquiry for burial insurance policies throughout the industry. There are knockout questions, which can disqualify you for coverage if you respond with a “yes” answer. We need to warn you that lying on that application is not a good idea at all. The prescription history and the MIB file are used to corroborate whether you are telling the truth.

The Foresters questionnaire has two other sections: A Modified section and a Graded section. If you answer all health questions with a “no” response, then Foresters will place you with a product that best matches your overall health condition. The best product Foresters has, in our opinion, is the Level Benefit.

Foresters Price Quote

Here is a breakdown of Foresters’ burial insurance rates for a level benefit policy of $10,000.

AgeFemale Non SmokerMale Non Smoker

It’s About Educating, Not Lecturing You About Burial Insurance

We educate without lecturing and understand that senior citizens might not know a lot about burial insurance, or it is a very sensitive subject for them. That is why we always answer all questions and give advice, but we do not do it in a condescending fashion. We have a reputation for high standards of emotional intelligence, and we value our relationship with the client. No question is too difficult for us and we respectfully answer everyone. If we do not know the information right away, we will research it and get back to the client as quickly as possible.

When we finish reviewing all the insurance policies, and determine which ones best fit the needs of a client, we will present them to that individual. We wish to stress that we do not use any pressure tactics to persuade someone to take one policy over another. It all comes back to identifying a policy that fits both needs and finances at the same time. We let the client tell us what insurance carrier merits his or her business. We will help do all the necessary paperwork once that person is qualified for a given product and wishes to make the final purchase.

You can count on us to do our very best to satisfy your wishes. We have worked in the burial insurance business for quite some time and we can appreciate all the concerns a senior citizen might have about coverage.

Our belief is that the best way learn all about our services is with a meeting over the phone. We can schedule such a conference at your convenience. If you’re interested in what we can do for you, please contact us and we can arrange to meet with you at a time that is mutually convenient. We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.