Guess Who Offers the #1 Options and Best Prices in Final Expense Insurance for Folks in Massachusetts?

Final Expense Insurance Massachusetts

You guess it! At insurance for Final Expense, we offer Massachusetts residents the very best in final expense insurance. Just please tell me that you know what a “pockabook” is, and we are good 😊

How? Let’s start here. Although we assist people across many states to get the best burial insurance available, in this article, we will focus on beautiful Massachusetts.

So you are looking for the best final expense insurance to cover your family in the Bay State? I know how people in Massachusetts are. They would never leave their loved ones burdened when they pass. Long ago, when my own mother separated from marriage with my father, my maternal grandparents from Lynn, MA put in a final expense insurance / funeral plan for my mom in place for just this. That’s the type of hard-core Massachusetts love that we “Mass-Holes” are used to.

Shopping for Final Expense Insurance in Massachusetts

It is important to use care when shopping for final expense insurance. Here’s the thing… at Insurance for Final Expense, we make it as uncomplicated as possible! While some companies leaving you scratching your head over what you are paying for in premiums for coverage, we break it down into a simplified, easy to understand, straightforward process. No gimmicks, no hounding salespeople.

Now, we know that you are aware of the many companies out there advertising final expense insurance out there. Many of these companies are household names… Companies like,  John Hancock Final Expense Insurance, State Farm Burial Insurance, and Colonial Penn Final Expense Insurance.

We are pleading with you to save your time and money! These are fine companies, but use expensive ads and highly paid spokespeople to promote their final expense insurance products.

You’re Way too “Smaht”  for That in Massachusetts!

Believe me, I am in no way ridiculing that famous Massachusetts accent that I love so much. Because I’m from there! I was born and raised in beautiful Swampscott Massachusetts on the North Shore and know without a doubt that Mass is the home of some of the most intelligent people on the planet and is rich with history culture.

What Makes Massachusetts Such a Great State?

  • Massachusetts Basically A Living History Book
  • Massachusetts Is A State Of Firsts
  • Basketball Was Invented in Massachusetts
  • Volleyball was Also Invented in Massachusetts
  • The Most Diehard Sports Fans Live In Massachusetts
  • It’s The Birthplace Of Dunkin Donuts (Dunks)
  • And Not To Mention Fig Newtons
  • You Can’t Beat Summers Down the Cape
  • But There’s Nothing Like A Hike Through The Berkshires
  • Bay Staters Take Recycling Seriously
  • No One Does Clam Chowder Better (Hand’s Down!)
  • The Best And Brightest Go To School In Massachusetts
  • Massachusetts is a Great Place To Enjoy The Arts
  • Or Brush Up On Your Witchcraft (Salem!)
  • It’s A Haven For Creative Types
  • All Your Favorite Alt-rock Bands Formed Here

At Insurance for final expense, we have an endearing admiration and respect for our Massachusetts customers and WILL make sure that you get that specialized, low cost final expense insurance that you and your family deserve.

Please continue on to learn some meaningful state specific health related statistics involving Massachusetts, along with the what makes Massachusetts an outstanding state to live in or travel to. We are also going to discuss getting the very best final expense insurance policy in Massachusetts and explain how final expense insurance can help safeguard you and your family.

Massachusetts State Flag

Leading Causes of Death in Massachusetts

Rank Cause of Death Total Deaths
1 Cancer 12,934
2 Heart Disease 12,140
3 Accidents 3,821
4 Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases 2,842
5 Stroke 2,367
6 Alzheimer’s Disease 1,041
7 Flu/Pneumonia 1,433
8 Diabetes 1,321
9 Kidney Disease 1,193
10 Septicemia 864

(note: these statistics are taken from CDC website and the data is for the year of 2017)

Life Expectancy in Massachusetts

The average life expectancy in Massachusetts was 80.5 years (in 2018). In all, Massachusetts ranked #6 in average life expectancy across all U.S. states. (Go Mass!) That was an increase of 0 from 2010 when the average life expectancy was also 80.5 years old.

Massachusetts is in the top ten of all U.S. states for life expectancy. Many people ask, “Do these statistics mean that Massachusetts residents will pay less for burial insurance than a lower-ranking state?”

This is not the case. All though you in Massachusetts are living longer than other states by comparison, this ranking means nothing when it comes to your final expense insurance policy or rates/coverage involved.

Back to the Final Expense Insurance We at Insurance for Final Expense Provide for Those in Massachusetts

At Insurance for Final Expense, we give you better choices, like Mutual of Omaha Burial Insurance and Royal Neighbors Insurance to name a few. We can do that because we are an independent agency.  We offer a variety of high-quality insurance companies and plans so that you can choice what’s best for you and your loved ones.  Feel free to read all of our burial insurance reviews on our website.

So How Do You Find the Best Burial Insurance Policy in Massachusetts?

First off, when choosing Burial Insurance, it is crucial to work with a licensed, independent agency that specializes in burial and final expense insurance.

To find the best choice in Final Expense Insurance in Massachusetts, you must work with an independent agency representing multiple final expense insurance companies.

If you choose to go with one of the big-name advertisers like Colonial Penn or State Farm, you are tied to one product, whereas we are able to give you multiple affordable, excellent burial insurance options.

Working with an independent agency like Insurance for Final Expense is completely free to you. Unlike working with a captive agent, we as independent agents are paid by the insurance companies. It has zero effect on your rates. 

If you need help with guaranteed issue or final expense insurance, it would be our honor to assist you. Please call us at 1-800-400-8319. If you would rather that we call you, just fill out the quote form on this page and a licensed agent will be in touch with you promptly.