Alert 2021: Heart Attack still get Burial Insurance $17.95

Final Expense Burial Insurance Heart Attack

I had a Heart Attack, can I still buy Final Expense Burial Insurance or am I out of luck?

Can someone get Final Expense Burial Insurance after having a heart attack?

Here is the little inside secret about all of these reports.  Folks only look for them on the internet AFTER something like “I had a heart attack can I still buy Life Insurance” … happens.

The truth, you should have taken care of this BEFORE you had a heart attack.  But the good news is that MOST people put things off, so the carriers we deal with have already taken this into consideration and will still offer all folks, full coverage.

Great news is here.  You don’t have to die and leave your loved ones begging for funds to handle your final expense because we can get you covered today.

Gary P. Cubeta is the Senior agent at Insuranceforfinalexpense.com.  He can help you.

With term life insurance, you are not going to get approved the same day.  Usually you agree to a policy with an agent, a few weeks goes by, a physical with blood taking is done by a medic and then you wait for the Insurance company to tell you if you are approved.

It is a nerve wracking experience..  Most folks hate doing it.  Again, truth revealed, with these type policies as many as half the policies that are written end up getting rejected.

Final Expense Burial Insurance is different.  You get approved the same day.  Very little underwriting if any is done because the insurance companies realize your body is older and you are not going to be 100% healthy.  And yes, that includes having a heart attack.

Yes, You Can Still Get Final Expense Burial Insurance Following a Heart Attack Today

There are 3 basic forms of coverage you should know about

  1. Level Benefit
  2. Graded/Modified Benefit
  3. Guaranteed Absolute Issue

My heart attack was a BAD one, can I still protect my family with Final Expense Burial Insurance?

Surely the answer must be NO … right?

No wrong … you can buy coverage and we can do so with SAME day approval.

As was said earlier, many people think just because they had a heart attack, the insurance companies will look at them as a bad risk.  They will be shunned.  They will not be able to buy coverage. WRONG !!!

Now to be fair, the insurance companies are not a financial suicide mission.  They will want to know how long it has been since your heart attack.  If you just had a heart attack a month ago, there may be a waiting period for the insurance to go fully into effect.

So picture this … you get approved for insurance … you start making very small payments, but the insurance company might want to see you stay alive for a 2 year period.  This is done so new agents don’t go visit the local hospice and find folks that are ready to pass at any time and sign them up for policies.

If insurance companies were forced to do this, rates would rise dramatically.

But the 2 year waiting period (which only applies to the most ill) is actually a good thing, because it keeps rates incredibly low.  And after the 2 year period, full benefits will be paid. 

And Remember, There Will Never be a Medical Exam.

And if you haven’t had a heart attack, in many cases the two year waiting period is waved.  Or maybe you had the heart attack many years ago.  Again, waiting period very likely to be waived. Believe it or not, while we understand insurance companies are not well trusted for things like health care, when it comes to Final Expense Burial coverage, insurance companies bend over backwards to accommodate those over the age of 50.

And none of us want to leave our loved ones burdened with absurd burial costs.

The real villain here is the Funeral Homes, which charge outrageous rates.  However we have to deal with them as there even if we choose cremation.

But Can’t I Buy Final Expense Burial Insurance Anywhere?

Again … WRONG !!!

You need to deal with an agent that specializes in Final Expense Burial coverage, especially if you have had a heart attack. There are many different policies and if you go with someone like a Colonial Penn or State Farms, you could end up paying up to DOUBLE for coverage verses a competitive carrier.

So why is Colonial Penn so expensive?  The answer is simple, they spend money every day advertising on TV.  The rates for those ads can be $5000-10,000 per 30 second spot.  And we all know what Super Bowl ads cost … millions.

You end up paying for their TV time.

It is our recommendation to NEVER sign up for insurance with a carrier you see on cable TV day and night.  The rates will simply be way too high.

And some of these policies sold on TV have declining benefits.  That means the longer you live, the smaller the payout for your loved ones.  This is insanity as rates for funeral homes just keep going up.  What kind of scam is it to have a benefit that goes down?

With our company and Gary P. Cubeta as our lead agent, you will never have this problem.  We will not offer declining benefit packages.  We are not interested in making a quick sale and leaving you with a cancelled policy years from now.

Guaranteed issue is not a policy you should run from.  The rate needs to be good, because you should never be prejudiced against because of health issues, but a carrier like American General has been a God send for folks over 50.

Let’s say you sign up for a Guaranteed issue policy with AIG.  You make a single payment.  You then get run over by a car crossing the street.  The benefit is paid in full from day ONE.

Otherwise, they want 2 years of life.  And after the 24 month period, you will be paid in full no matter what the cause of death.  What could possibly be more reasonable than that?

A heart attack is no reason to stop you from getting Life Insurance.

Don’t listen to the naysayers.  Gary P. Cubeta will get you covered.

We All Know it is Easy to Put off Getting Final Expense Burial Coverage.

We all know it costs less to do nothing.

The problem is, coverage costs a lot more as you get older and older.  If Final Expense coverage was sold at a flat rate for all, you could simply wait until the day before you die to purchase it.

It doesn’t work that way.  You must be pro-active and buy now vs. later not for our sake, but for you sake so the price is far less.  This is not a sales technique, it’s just a logical thing from the insurance companies point of view.

They are willing to take a chance with you and cover you now, but every day you move closer to death, so yes, rates will go up if you wait.

Lock in a Great Rate Today.

My name is Gary P. Cubeta, I believe that I am the absolute best agent for you and all I ask is for the chance to prove it to you.

Gary P. Cubeta
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