Final Expense Burial Coverage vs. Dealing with the Funeral Home

Does Portability with Final Expense Burial Coverage really matter or is it just a sales tactic for Insurance Agents in their battle vs. funeral home plans?

Older Americans can get pretty set in their ways and think they are never going to relocate to a different part of the country (or their state). My Mom would always say “home is where the heart is”.

So why not just go to your local funeral home and sit down and sign up for one of their heavily priced programs and pay on it, until the day you die?

There are many reasons we have discussed in other articles, but the truth is, the #1 problem with funeral home burial plans is that they offer you ZERO portability. That is not the case with Final Expense Burial Coverage.

Yes, “but I don’t intend on every moving”.  I want to live right here until the end of my days.

My Mom said the exact same thing.  And I am writing this from my first person experience, so there is no research on my part involved or having to check sources.

This is what happened in our family.

As many of you know, we have been incredibly successful here in Scottsdale with our nationwide Final Expense Burial Plans

We work 7 days a week, even holidays providing folks a clean, simple way to protect their loved ones when they die. And yes, when you serve as many folks as we do, financial rewards follow.

We have a big home here in Scottsdale.  My Dad had just passed away and my Mom at age 85 was living alone in Connecticut, limping around the house. Totally unacceptable.

So I offered my Mom the opportunity to come live with us. We had plenty of room in the house and my wife loves my Mom. My Mom was reluctant, but gave in and moved in. I built a special custom room for her complete with canopy bed. Very nice …

It all worked out great.  And yes, she had Final Expense Burial coverage that I had purchased for her with Americo and she didn’t have to take a physical or get any blood taken and she was instantly approved.  But that’s not the point of this report.

85% of our clients get instant approval having never take a medical exam, or having to deal with nurses or blood or anything.

The other 15% don’t deal with any of those exams either, but do have to wait 2 years for the coverage to kick fully into effect. For example: those who just suffered a heart attack.

But we still get EVERYONE covered

Here is the kicker … if my Mom had signed a contract with her local funeral home back in Connecticut vs getting Final Expense Burial Coverage, there is NO WAY she would have come to live with us.  She might have been perfectly happy that way, but at an 85 year old, soon to be 86 year old person has no business living across the country from her kids, when in fact her kids want her with them.

You have no flexibility with an agreement made with a funeral home

Yes, we get it … your kids don’t live in Scottsdale and they might not even want you to ever move in, but things happen. 

Colonel Harland Sanders spent his entire life with very little money, and then at age 62, broke and living in his car, took his chicken recipe in his old Cadillac and drove around the country planting the seeds for Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The rest is history.  His concept of pressure frying chicken created billions of dollars in revenue and millions of jobs for younger people across this country. I’m sure he never thought he’d be traveling the country selling fried chicken concept out of the back of his car.

Things happen … Life changes …

We know … the odds of you doing chicken in the back of your car are zero.  And we agree with that. But a lot of other things can happen.

But what if you won the lottery?

What if your kids did want you to come live with them?

Or maybe your spouse or best friend just says, let’s move to Florida. Or maybe even crazier … let’s move overseas. Costa Rica for example. It’s actually less expensive to live there than here. Of course getting set up in a far off land isn’t the easiest thing to do, but folks are doing it.

The Beauty …

The beauty of Final Expense Burial Coverage vs. making a deal with a local funeral home, is that you leave the door open for something big and great to happen to you.

That Final Expense coverage is good anywhere in the United States. 

Live you entire life in Arizona, move to Hawaii for your final years … guess what … your loved ones are still covered.

Frankly, it’s morbid to make do a funeral home contract.  All hope is lost.  And don’t think they will let you sign up months before you pass.  In every way possible dealing with one of the major carriers like Americo, Royal Neighbors, AIG, Prosperity or Trinity, is better for 99% of us.

And then there is something we rarely talk about.  The benefits from a Final Expense Burial package from a major carrier are TAX FREE.  Your loved ones will never pay a penny of income tax on the benefit.

You’ve been paying your taxes your entire life.  Filling out those horrible forms, or having to pay an accountant to do it for you.  Now revenge, even if you’ve passed.  Finally some money coming in that is 100% outside the reach of the government.

That thought alone might make you want to double up the policy.

But don’t … make it reasonable with those monthly payments, so you are never in a position where you have to cancel. You would be surprised with the high cost of those funeral director plans, how many folks pay for a few years and then have to “abandon ship” because the monthly payments are way too high.

Gary P. Cubeta
(Serving Americans In All 50 States)