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Vegas Baby! When most people think about Nevada, Las Vegas immediately comes to mind. And why not? Las Vegas is such an amazing place to visit, and I’m told to live in or around. But Nevada has many other great places to live and to visit. Later in this article, we will discuss some of them. We will also share some state specific statistics regarding health in Nevada and explain how to get excellent, low-cost burial insurance. You’ll learn how you can get an instant quote for burial insurance in Nevada and get you into a policy today (in most cases).

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A Brief Explanation of Burial Insurance

According to an article in Nerd Wallet, “…burial insurance is simply a common way to refer to a small whole life insurance policy — generally $5,000 to $20,000 — that’s purchased so beneficiaries have money to pay for a funeral.”

This type of whole life insurance that lots of folks often refer to as burial insurance, final expense insurance or funeral insurance, is used to cover the cost of a burial, funeral, cremation or memorial service. Most people get themselves covered with burial insurance and choose a family member as the beneficiary. Nobody (we hope!) wants to leave their loved ones financially burdened when they pass on, especially if they can secure a policy for a reasonable monthly rate. It’s difficult to think about own death, but the peace of mind is well worth doing it.

The Average Cost of Burial and Cremation in Nevada

The National Funeral Directors Association estimates the average cost of a burial to be approximately $7,000 or over $8,000 for a burial with a vault. But prices vary on your geographical expenses in Nevada, and a burial in Las Vegas, for example can cost $10,000 plus.

Nevada cremation costs are much lower than the costs associated with burial, as is so with many other states. Depending upon the services and products you select, you could be looking at several hundred dollars to several thousand.

Shopping for Burial Insurance in Nevada

You may have noticed that you are inundated with Burial Insurance advertisements from companies such as John Hancock Burial Insurance, Colonial Penn Burial Insurance, Aetna Final Expense Insurance, Globe Life Insurance , AARP Burial Insurance and  State Farm Final Expense Insurance daily. Now while these Burial Insurance companies have a good reputation due having famous spokespeople and dazzling ads, ask yourself… “Am I really getting the best value with them?”

When you work with an independent agency, like Insurance for Final Expense, you are dealing with an independent agency that can offer you an array of exceptional burial insurance plans and options in Nevada. Because we work with a number of top-notch burial insurance providers, we are able to get you the best monthly rates and a plan that suits your individual needs.

What Makes Nevada Such a Great Place to Live in or Visit?

Well first off, if you are planning to elope, go on a great family vacation, a romantic vacation, see some great shows, chow down on some great buffet, host or go to a convention or just for the pure fun of it, Las Vegas is unmatched. The Las Vegas strip is mind blowing, especially the first time you lay eyes on it. Over the past 20 years, I have visited Las Vegas nearly 10 times. Every time I go, it is even more magnificent.

That being said, we promised to let you know about some of the lesser known areas of Nevada, even though some are quite well known in their own right… If you have some time to spend in Nevada, and can pull yourself away from the slots for a bit (don’t worry you will relocate with them in this list, check out these incredible places:

Amazing Places to Visit in Nevada (That Aren’t Vegas)

  • Hoover Dam: Built during the Great Depression as a way to provide jobs, Hoover Dam is a marvel of modern engineering. 
  • Lake Tahoe: The sparkling blue water of Lake Tahoe, surrounded by often snow-capped mountains, is one of the most beautiful sites in Nevada. 
  • Lake Mead National Recreation Area: Lake Mead National Recreation Area encompasses some spectacular scenery and offers convenient access points and a variety of services for enjoying the lake and surroundings.
  • Valley of Fire State Park: Valley of Fire State Park is one of the must-see natural areas in the state. 
  • Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area: Located just outside of Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is one Nevada’s most popular hiking areas.
  • Reno: For a small city, Reno has a surprising number of impressive attractions and events for tourists.
  • Great Basin National Park: In east-central Nevada, near the border with the state of Utah, Great Basin National Park protects nearly 80,000 acres of basin and range landscape.
  • Burning Man: This pop-up city in the desert is a community based, annual event held in the Black Rock Desert, about three hours north of Reno.
  • Lamoille Canyon: Lamoille Canyon lies at the heart of Nevada’s Ruby Mountains in Elko Country. 

Nevada Health Statistics

Please continue on to learn some meaningful state specific health related statistics involving Nevada. We will also go over getting the very best burial insurance coverage in Nevada and explain how funeral insurance can help protect you and your loved ones.

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  Leading Causes of Death in Nevada

Rank Cause of Death Total Deaths
1 Heart Disease 6,417
2 Cancer 5,283
3 Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases 1,633
4 Accidents 1,496
5 Stroke 1,137
6 Alzheimer’s Disease 779
7 Flu/Pneumonia 636
8 Suicide 627
9 Diabetes 608
10 Chronic Liver Disease/Cirrhosis 458

(note: these statistics are taken from the CDC website and the data is for the year of 2017. Keep in mind that these numbers vary from state to state due to population and state rank across the U.S.)

Life Expectancy in Nevada

The average life expectancy in Nevada was 78.3 years (in 2018). Overall, Nevada ranked #33 in average life expectancy across all U.S. states. That was an increase of 0.2 from 2010 when the average life expectancy was 78.1 years old.

Nevada is in the lower half of U.S. states in terms of life expectancy, though not by much. Does this ranking have any effect on burial insurance for Nevada residents? Intuitively, you might think it would. But it doesn’t. Rest assured that when you work with Insurance for Final Expense, you are viewed as an individual who is entitled to the same top-notch service as everyone else in the country.

The Burial Insurance We Provide for Those in Nevada

At Insurance for Final Expense, we work with a large pool of the best funeral insurance companies with a plethora of plans and options… We are able to do this for our clients because we are an independent burial insurance agency. You should be the one in the driver’s seat when choosing what’s best for you and your loved ones. Getting burial insurance is a very personal decision. You should be in control of the car…

We Work with Only the Best to Help you in Nevada with Burial Insurance!

And we only work with best of the best insurers, like Mutual of Omaha Burial InsuranceRoyal Neighbors Insurance, AIG, Liberty Bankers Life, Prosperity Life Group, Sentinel Security Life and Great Western Insurance Company to name a few. Feel free to read all of our burial insurance reviews on our website. It’s not your job to be a burial insurance policy genius to get the best coverage out there. We will be there to guide you through the entire process, from beginning to end.

Getting the Best Funeral Insurance Policy in Nevada

To find the best choice in burial insurance in Nevada, it is so very important that you work with an independent agency who represents a variety of burial insurance companies. We hope you don’t, but if you go with one of the big-name advertisers like John Hancock, State Farm or Colonial Penn, you are tied to one burial insurance product, whereas we are able to give you multiple affordable, excellent burial insurance options.

Working with an independent agency like Insurance for Final Expense is completely free to you. Unlike working with a captive agent, we as independent agents are paid by the insurance companies. It has no effect on your rates. We are here to serve YOU, never to sell you. It is our objective to help you effectively see the entirety of your choices and never to drive you into a plan that doesn’t suit you. Our way of thinking is, consistently has been, and will remain, client first.

If you need help with guaranteed issue or final expense insurance, it would be our honor to assist you. Please call us at 1-800-400-8319. If you would rather that we call you, just fill out the quote form on this page and a licensed agent will be in touch with you promptly.