Excellent & Affordable Final Expense Insurance in Louisiana

Final Expense Insurance Louisiana

Louisiana is the 31st most extensive and the 25th most populous of the 50 U.S. states. People in Louisiana are known for their love of life, strong sense of family and community, fearlessness and kindness. Louisiana is such a special and amazing state. Folks in this state are not the type of people who would want to leave their loved ones behind with massive financial burdens when they pass. In this article, we will let you, in Louisiana know how easy and affordable it is to get great final expense insurance for your family.

Final Insurance is an important financial asset that allows you to free your loved ones from the costly expenses of burial or cremation services when you pass. It is simply a small whole life insurance policy. Most people choose anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000 in coverage.

We all know that burial and cremation costs are out of control in our country. It’s almost like gambling if you don’t have this in place. You could suddenly become very ill and in a short period of time pass from your illness. None of us have a crystal ball that can predict how or when we will die in most cases. We are seeing this, unfortunately with the Coronavirus pandemic and the horrible circumstances surrounding it.

Will Your Family in Louisiana Have Enough Money to Pay for Your Final Expenses?

Maybe you are wealthy. Maybe your entire family is wealthy. Most aren’t. Wealth inequality in the United States is high and has increased sharply in recent decades.

Wealth Distribution

How can anyone know if their collective family can spring $7,000 to $10,000 dollars for a tragic, unexpected reality? Believe me, they will be blindsided and will in too many cases turn to high interest credit cards and subsequent debt in order to pay for the costs. Final Expense Insurance provides not only the funds available to your family in Louisiana to pay for your funeral, but also affords you the peace of mind for you that you did the right thing for them.

Later in this article, we will share some state specific statistics regarding health in Louisiana and explain how to get excellent, low-cost final expense insurance. You’ll learn how you can get an instant quote for final expense insurance in Louisiana and get you into an excellent policy on day one (in most cases).

The Average Cost of Burial and Cremation in Louisiana

The average cost of a funeral in the U.S. is $7,045 (according to the NFDA – National Association of Funeral Directors 2012), and this does not include any cemetery fees.  This generally means that the full cost of a funeral can amount to nearer to $10,000 when cemetery fees are included.

Who is Responsible to Pay for Funeral Costs in Louisiana?

Typically, a person has 2 options:

  1. Prepay and preplan a funeral
  2. Leave enough money for surviving family to pay for the funeral. 

If neither of these options have been put in place, then surviving family is liable for the funeral bill.

A typical cremation funeral service will cost in the region of $3,900 in Louisiana (depending upon the additional services & products you select). 

Either way, it’s a lot of financial stress to impose on your loved ones who are under extreme emotion stress at this time.

Shopping for Burial Insurance in Louisiana

There are a number of big, household name insurance companies out there. You know who I mean. Companies like Globe Life Insurance, AARP Burial Insurance, John Hancock Burial Insurance, Colonial Penn Burial Insurance, Gerber Life Insurance and State Farm Burial Insurance.

These companies all seem like trustworthy, legitimate institutions. And they are. So, you might be tempted to pick up the phone and get coverage from one of them. But you’re from Louisiana and you’re too smart not to do your research when it comes to something as important as selecting a burial insurance policy.

The agent you will speak to on the other end of the phone is what is known as a “captive agent”. This means that they only represent the insurance carrier that they work for.

We are what’s known as an independent agency, like Insurance for Final Expense, the person on the other end of the phone, guiding you in getting burial insurance in Louisiana is in “independent agent”. So, what’s the difference? The difference is that we offer you a variety of excellent burial insurance plans from multiple carriers. Because we work with a large pool of top-notch final expense insurance providers, we are able to get you the best monthly rates and a plan that suits your individual needs.

10 Reasons Why Louisiana Is The Best State

Odessy put together of a list of the 10 reasons why Louisiana is the BEST State:

  1. Louisiana is a melting pot of cultures: From French to English to Spanish to African and beyond, this great place is not only a classic southern state, but also possesses its own, unique culture.
  2. The food is unlike any other: With influences from all over the world, Louisiana is home to some of the nation’s best food.
  3. There’s more than just New Orleans: Louisiana is home to so many cities and sites that don’t get as much love as the Big Easy.
  4. It has fresh seafood pretty much year-round: For seafood lovers, this is a huge deal. Local, fresh shrimp is so important!
  5. It’s jam-packed with history: Seriously, Louisiana has seen the very best and the very worst of American history, and has remarkably kept up many of the buildings and places from these times! From massive antebellum houses, to battle sites, to above-ground cemeteries, Louisiana is packed with history.
  6. It’s completely flat: No huffing and puffing up hills to get to around.
  7. The wildlife is really cool: Louisiana has highways where you can look over a swamp and see alligators just swimming around
  8. NOLA: Ok so yes, obviously Louisiana has a lot more to offer than this massive city, but there’s a reason this place is so popular, and why Louisiana is known for it. It’s 100% completely unique to any other city in the US, and really deserves a list of its own. The food, jazz music, party scene, history, shopping, art, and culture are all part of what make this city so great. From voodoo shops, to street performers, to the Garden District, to Magazine Street, to the Audubon Park, to the French Quarter, New Orleans is an exciting city like no other.
  9. It’s the home of Tabasco Sauce: Need we say more?
  10. The people are awesome: Seriously, Louisiana is the epitome of “Southern Hospitality.”
Louisiana Flag

 Louisiana Health Statistics

Please continue on to learn some meaningful state specific health related statistics involving Louisiana. We will also go over getting the very best final expense insurance coverage in Louisiana and explain how final expense insurance can help protect you and your family.

Leading Causes of Death in Louisiana

Rank Cause of Death Total Deaths
1 Heart Disease 11,260
2 Cancer 9,513
3 Accidents 2,780
4 Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease 2,467
5 Stroke 2,460
6 Alzheimer’s Disease 2,188
7 Diabetes 1,272
8 Septicemia 1,080
9 Kidney Disease 1,076
10 Flu/Pneumonia 785

(note: these statistics are taken from the CDC website and the data is for the year of 2017. Keep in mind that these numbers vary from state to state due to population and state rank across the U.S.)

Life Expectancy in Louisiana

The average life expectancy in Louisiana was 76.1 years (in 2018). Overall, Louisiana ranked #44 in average life expectancy across all U.S. states. That was an increase of 0.4 from 2010 when the average life expectancy was 75.7 years old.

Louisiana is in the bottom ten of U.S. states in terms of life expectancy. It would seem as though this might have a negative impact on final expense insurance rates for Louisiana residents, but it doesn’t. We view each customer as an individual who deserves the same excellent service we provide to all Americans.

The Burial Insurance We Provide for Those in Louisiana

At Insurance for Final Expense, we work with a large pool of the best final expense insurance companies with a plethora of plans and options… We are able to do this for our clients because we are an independent burial insurance agency.  We trust that you should be the one in the driver’s seat when choosing what’s best for you and your loved ones. Getting burial insurance is your own decision. We are just here to help guide you.

We only work with only the very best insurers, like Royal Neighbors Insurance, Liberty Bankers Life, AIG, Great Western Insurance Company, Mutual of Omaha Burial Insurance, Sentinel Security Life and Prosperity Life Group along with others. Check out all of our burial insurance reviews on our website. It’s not your job to be a burial insurance policy genius to get the best coverage out there. We will be there to walk you through the whole process.

Getting the Best Final Expense Insurance Policy in Louisiana

To find the best choice in final expense insurance in Louisiana, it is so very important that you work with an independent agency who represents a variety of final expense insurance companies. We hope you don’t, but if you go with one of the big-name advertisers like Gerber Life Insurance, Colonial Penn, John Hancock, or State Farm you are tied to one final expense insurance product, whereas we are able to give you multiple affordable, excellent final expense insurance options. We hope that you do your shopping so you aren’t throwing your money away.

We are here to serve YOU, never to sell you. It is our objective to help you effectively see the entirety of your choices and never to drive you into a plan that doesn’t suit you. Our way of thinking is, consistently has been, and will remain, client first.

If you need help with guaranteed issue or final expense insurance, it would be our honor to assist you. Please call us at 1-800-400-8319. If you would rather that we call you, just fill out the quote form on this page and a licensed agent will be in touch with you promptly.