Does Life Insurance Cover Suicide?

Suicide in America from a Man’s Point of View

We are not going to sugar coat this.  There is a suicide epidemic in America.  On average 115 people in this country die by suicide each day. And I want to be clear, both men and woman endure this horrible tragedy.

Believe it or not, suicide is the 2nd leading cause resulting in death of young people under the age of 24.  There is something wrong with a country where young people are dying because they can’t stand their lives.

But Here is the Shocker… 

There are approximately 250 million adults in the United States and of that total, 1 in 25 admits to having serious suicidal thoughts in the past year.  That’s almost 10 million people wanting to die, or at least thinking about it.

If you think about it, admitting to suicidal thoughts is something one would be very hesitant to do. The truth is that the estimation of 10 million Americans might easily be double or triple that.

Does Life Insurance Cover Suicide?

Let’s face facts.  We all want to think that the United States of America is the greatest place on earth to live. There are so many ways in which this is true, but there are a lot of very unhappy people here in America.  While it may be easy to blame individuals and chalk it off as a mental illness, which they likely may have, we need to take a long look at our society itself before we just layer blame on the individuals.

I personally believe, for the male population, working conditions in this country can easily lead to at the very least thoughts of suicide.  As men we have been conditioned that our value is tied up in how much money we can produce through a successful job or business, take that away and all hell breaks loose mentally for men. Many women carry this burden as well.

Huey Lewis is one of the most successful songwriters and singers in American history.  In the unlikely case that you’ve never heard this name, he’s the voice behind the music in one of the classic American movies Micheal J. Foxes Back to the Future.

Back in Time… Power of Love … The Hits Went On and On.

I went with my beloved Dad in 1999 to Las Vegas to see Huey Lewis and his band “The News” in concert at Ceasars Palace and it was one of the most memorable concerts I have ever seen.  I’m getting chills just writing about it now.  A true talent.

About 18 months ago, Huey started to lose his hearing in a very strange way because the loss would come and go and he had balance issues.  Totally confused he went to some of the leading experts on hearing in the country.

Lewis was diagnosed with a rare condition called Meniere Disease.  It’s a rare condition where your hearing comes and goes and other side effects abound.  Listening to anything musical becomes impossible and as a singer, it becomes impossible to gauge what is coming out of your own mouth.

It Has Made Performing Impossible for Huey Lewis.

Now keep in mind, Huey Lewis a very wealthy man, blessed with a wonderful family and people love him.  He has homes, boats, anything and everything money could buy.  And he’s not a youngster, so hearing loss is something you can almost expect to happen as you age.

Huey’s condition is more complex than normal, but still, the result is he’s getting old, and he has a hearing issue and he can’t perform. Certainly he should just be able to call it a day and enjoy life at home. According to reports, Lewis was so depressed with his condition he contemplated suicide for a month. 

He had it all planned out right down to what type of pills he would take. The only thing that held him back was the concern that it might not work and he would be in worst shape than he already was in.

All the positive things in his life were washed away with inability to do what came so naturally to him, perform.

I told my wife about this and she was very surprised.  Why would he consider that?  That’s crazy.  She went on and on.  His family?  All his wealth?  Hasn’t he accomplished enough?

And all the while, I sat there thinking, if something happened to me tomorrow and I could no longer work serving my clients with the finest insurance products in the industry, I totally understand how and why Lewis would feel that way. Not, that I would take pills or do something even more harsh, but that I could get so down, who knows how I would feel.

This is why so many ex-NFL football stars, even with money, get so depressed when they leave the field. It’s easy to say that they are mentally weak or should seek therapy, but maybe they are just depressed because they miss doing what they loved so much.

Again, right or wrong, for men in this country, their value is in many ways tied to their ability to work. Many women feel exactly the same way.

I’m Going to Just Say It, Much of My Value is Tied to My Ability to Work. 

This reporter (Gary) would go out of my mind sitting at home not being able to produce.  Maybe in 20 years I can make peace with retirement (I have my doubts on that), but right now, it is not something I could accept without a very likely depression.  I have a great wife, two wonderful boys, a nice home … everything someone could want, but whether it is right or wrong my own value is tied to my work and ability to provide.

I’m just being stone cold honest as I always am in these reports. When I wake up Monday morning I am all about what we are going to accomplish for the week. I love TV, but if that’s my weeks work, I just don’t know.

As our country becomes more and more automated with new things like self driving cars and cashier free stores take hold, people are likely going to get even more down and depressed. While many dream of not having to work (mostly because their jobs are unfulfilling), the mental toll not being engaged with work can be devastating for men.

I’m writing this from the viewpoint of a man.  After all, I am a man.  Men and women are very different.  I would not be so arrogant to think I can write a report like this from the female point of view.  I’ve noticed that things that can push men to the brink tend to be very different than those that effect women.

I Will Let One of My Co-Workers Who is Female Address this from a Woman’s Point of View.

I do believe that our country needs to look at itself vs. the individual.  We need to produce an environment where living in America is more peaceful. 

If I read another article blaming suicide 100% on the individual, with no eye towards our society as a whole, I think I am going to scream.

School shootings, endless online bullying, general hate among people and political anger never seen before in American history doesn’t help.

It’s strange, because we are programmed to believe America is the greatest place on earth to live, but if we look at our day to day lives, there sure is a lot of stress going around.

Is it really like this everywhere else, in other countries? Maybe yes, but I really can’t say because I am so busy working, traveling the world has been delayed until my very last years.

I just know that people like Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame have so much money and so much power, they force workers to produce in slave like conditions. If someone works 12 hours a day and has to relieve themselves in a garbage can because Amazon has them on quota and they don’t have time to go to the restroom, is it any wonder that a person under those conditions might consider something as harsh as suicide?

Yes, people have mental issues, but there is a certain brutality to modern day life in America that is pushing folks to the edge.

In a country where the 2nd leading cause of death for people under the age of 24 is suicide … there is a serious problem beyond just young people being mixed up.

Does Life Insurance Cover Suicide?

As a side note:  I have kept the mention of suicide and life insurance out of this article, but for those who are wondering, does Life Insurance cover suicide?, here is the answer.

After a policy has been in place and paid for over the course of 24 months, suicide is covered in almost every state and every insurance contract as a payable event. So as gently said as possible, if someone were to take out a policy and hold it for 24 months and then commit suicide, yes, the policy would pay your beneficiaries in full.

Delicate topic to be sure, but we have to deal with all possibilities.

Gary P. Cubeta



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