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    Dont leave your loved ones burdened.

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    What’s the Definition of Burial Insurance?

    As the name suggests, Burial Insurance is a policy that is so much useful when the inevitable happens – death. By providing a payout ranging between $5000 and $25000, burial insurances help your loved ones to ease the financial burden during the most difficult hours of saying goodbye. Considering the increasing funeral expenses, getting good burial insurance for yourself could mean a lot to your family. Some burial insurances also allow the beneficiary to pay off debts and any medical, credit, or loan bills that are pending to be paid.

    How to Get Burial Insurance?

    Getting burial insurance is as easy as buying any other insurance, provided you already know these things: 

    1. An Estimate of the Final Expenses 
    2. How Much Money Will You Leave Behind
    3. Type of Burial Insurance You Want.
    4. Get a Funeral Insurance Quote.
    5. Can You Afford The Coverage You Want?

    There are highly-trustworthy burial insurance providers like “Insurance for Final Expense”, who have various policies for you to choose from. All you have to do is get in touch with our exclusive agents. We also sell insurance straight to you if you intend to get one from us directly.

    Is Burial Insurance Right for You?

    If you are raising a family, you must choose proper life insurance coverage. It can assist you during critical events such as kids education and income replacement. 

    However, if you have reached the twilight of your life and feels that your funeral expenses could affect the family’s finances, choosing burial insurance could be the right choice. 

    More importantly, burial insurance doesn’t require you to produce any health or medical documents. There are very minimal questions asked about current health conditions. The coverage is decided based on age and gender. 

    Most burial insurance will have first-day coverage. This means that if death happens the day after making the first payment for coverage, your family would be covered in full.

    For more information on the premium cost or anything related to burial insurance, get in touch with our agent right away or call us without hesitation. 

    How it works

    Your family now has less to worry about when grieving.
    Coverage never expires and can help pay for bills, debts,
    funeral costs, etc.

    Guaranteed coverage

    If you’re between the 50-85, you will not be turned down for health reasons.

    No medical exam

    Skip the medical exam, and get your coverage as soon as you’re ready.

    Benefits paid quickly

    Your family will likely get the payout within 7-10 business days.

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