1-800-400-8319 (Nationwide to speak with one of our agents)
Gary’s Direct Line: 480-634-1320 (You can call or text)

Contact Insurance for Final Expense

We are real people, not a telemarketing boiler room from overseas. We welcome your calls. If you have a question on a day you might think we are closed (for example Christmas day), just text Gary directly.

We have years of experience offering folks across America the best options in Final Expense coverage. We won’t “stuff” you into a 2 year waiting period like many of our competitors (Colonial Penn is a good example of that) unless your health is so bad (for example Cancer diagnosis within the past two years) that it can’t be avoided.

85-90% of our clients have NO waiting period at all. We don’t believe in waiting periods, unless it absolutely cannot be avoided.

We are better than our competitors. We will serve you. When you pass (and we all will) your family will be so glad that in this time of need, you chose us verses others.


Open 7 Days a Week

5:00 AM – Midnight … (Pacific time, but during busy times of the year, we have been known to work even later)

Forget strict hours … You have Gary’s direct number (480-634-1320), just call. When you do a policy with us (and pretty much everyone does), make sure your beneficiary has Gary’s direct information as well. You tell them that they are welcome to call anytime day or night if they have ANY questions.

If it’s Christmas Eve … You can call …. Your beneficiary can call.

This is how business was done 40 years ago. Yes, we like holidays, but this is important for you as well.

When you pass it’s going to be up to us to help your beneficiary in any way possible to make this difficult time, easier. Gary’s Dad, who he adored, passed 3 years ago and he fully understands how difficult this time can be.

We are here to help you.


9375 East Shea Boulevard, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

We have been at this location since 2006 serving Arizona and the other 48 states. We do not cover Hawaii at this time as the phones tend to ring from these wonderful islands during the overnight hours.

For those wondering, we do not provide service in Canada.