Alert 2021: Insurance agents scammers or licensed professionals?

If you are looking for insurance and happen to run into an insurance agent, sure you are OK with them. Maybe you deeply believe in their ability to get you a cheaper Insurance rate. But is it really cheaper to get insurance through an agent?

On the other hand, if you are just minding your own business and maybe accidentally click on an insurance ad on Facebook and suddenly get inundated with phone calls, you probably don’t like that insurance agent very much.

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Not a Pretty Picture When You are Looking to Get Cheaper to Get Insurance Through an Agent

At least with a car salesman, you have to suffer going to that car lot and getting run through their hoops, but you can drive out of the dealership 90 minutes later with a beautiful new car.

Nice benefit … Some instant pleasure. And it all comes complete with that new car smell. It’s always so good the first week or so. Everything is just so right. Then you have to start making those $500 a month payments … ugghhh.

With insurance the payments are WAY, WAY less, but you don’t get that benefit until you die. But wait a minute, once you are dead, how does this benefit you at all?

If you spend too much time thinking about it and remembering what a cruel place planet earth can be, you might just take the attidude, the heck with all of this. Let my kids figure out what to do with my body. Let my husband figure out things, maybe he can find a new wife that he likes better than me anyway.

Vice Versa if a husband is reading this …

And I’m not trying to be cruel. I have spoken with thousands of folks dealing with their insurance needs. You can hear the wheels turning in their heads. Should I really be paying now, for this coverage, that someone else will benefit from later?

They want to say No … but the good ones, end up saying yes. You can never underestimate a kind and considerate heart.

It’s just the truth … And a long time ago, I decided with this (or anything else) is to just lay the truth out there and let people work with it the best they could. That’s why these articles can get very personal.

So there is a little bit of suspension of reality when folks do buy insurance.

You really have to trust and love your beneficiary (the person that will get that insurance money), so that you are willing to sacrifice your money now.

But many folks have a heart so big, even with the challenges of day to day life and getting along with those closest to us, that you just say the heck with it, I am going to buy that insurance and protect my family.

Let’s be totally real. That’s how I’ve done it for my family. My kids can drive me nuts with their endless hours of video gaming. My wife and I can squable back and forth as is typical. At times I just want to move to Budapest and join a monk colony (well not really).

But at the end of the day, I have two major insurance polices that completely cover them when my final day comes. They will be secure, they just won’t have me around to love one minute and battle with the next.

So what is it about insurance agents that so many people seem to dislike? It’s simple, the business is heavily regulated so there is very little in the way of crookery like you might find on Wall Street with a Bernie Madoff.

The problem is, the insurance companies promise very good compensation for AGENTS if they can perform (which most can’t), so there is a continuous rush of new people pouring into the industry who have no business being in it, trying to sell you policies. They think they are going to get rich quick.

WRONG !!! They are NEVER going to get rich quick with this, because if you can’t truly satisfy the needs of the clients, this business is brutal. More brutal than working at an Amazon distribution facility in the overnight hours on constant quota.

Here’s the dirty little secret. Folks find out later that the policies these newbies sold them can be cancelled. And when they get cancelled, the insurance companies do something called chargebacks, pulling back past paid commissions.

That insurance salesperson suddenly becomes a time share salesperson, next time you look.

And it is all very funny aside from one thing …

Because these people are so totally CLUELESS they can put you in the wrong products. You can be so mixed up with what you are getting that you end up paying for it for 16 months, before you realize it was wrong to begin with.

Bad things can happen like a 2 year waiting period for your insurance to go into effect, when your health was good enough to get instant coverage.

And God help you if someone dies within the first 2 years of a policy that does not cover anyone until the 2 year period is in force.

Your getting little or no benefit, because some rookie sold you a policy.

Wrong … Wrong … Wrong

Yes, there is a lot of Wrong being illustrated in this report.

So What do You Need to do to Get Cheaper Insurance Through an Agent?

Someone like Insurance for Life Expense … with years of experience. And better yet, ask to speak with Gary P. Cubeta DIRECTLY. You have the right to ask for the person you want for your coverage.

And it’s not like I’m slipping you my business card.

I wrote every single article on this site. It took me hundreds, if not thousands of hours to put this all together. You have to understand this business inside and out to produce this type of library of work.

And it can all be checked and researched and you will find that it is all true unless we label it as opinion, and then it is simply the viewpoint of this writer which others may or may not totally agree with.

I promise you, most insurance agents if you have met (or worked with) over the years, couldn’t produce a single article, because they simply don’t have the knowledge to back it up. Maybe they could write an article cussing out folks that didn’t buy from them, but maybe they should buy a mirror instead and blame themselves.

So How do you Know if a Rookie is Dangerous When Buying Insurance Through an Agent?

In our opinion, the single biggest thing you have to watch out for is the door to door salesperson. It’s not their fault. They get into the business and are told by a major FMO (middle man between insurance carrier and insurance agent) that they need to go knock on doors.

This is the worst possible way in our opinion to get coverage, because the cost of them driving all over the state greatly increases the overhead. This can result in heavy pressure for you to get the most expensive policy imagineable.

How do I know all this? Years and years ago, when I got started, I used to do the exact same thing these other agents did. Go door to door. OMG, it was horrible because you ran into some of the worst situations, including yes, pit bulls. And by the time all of this got done, you had no hesitation in selling expensive policies.

Many people just get cancelled later. Rookie mistakes or just the entire wrong way to sell coverage, take your pick as to which is true.

The way to buy coverage is 100% over the phone.

The overhead for the agent is next to nothing. If they have a properly equipped office (like we do) all the tools are right there at their fingertips. Sure it might take 30 minutes of phone time, but that’s far better than a stranger being plunked into the middle of your living room for 4-5 hours pressuring you into the wrong policy.

You might say, that’s impossible? Everyone cares about themselves first and foremost. But not so …

NFL Super Bowl champions are typically quarterbacked by greats like Tom Brady. But if you ask Tom privately, he will always tell you that TEAM comes first. And when you see his New England Patriots in action, you tend to believe it.

We take the same attidude with our clients. Please the client with the correct coverage and you will be amazed at how happy everyone turns out to be at the end.

Client … Client … Client … The rest will take care of itself.

Gary P. Cubeta
(Serving Americans In All 50 States)