United Home Life Burial and Final Expense Insurance Review

2021 Hot Truth: United Home Burial Final Expense Insurance Review

Wondering which insurance company you should work with if you are interested in buying burial and final expense insurance? If you are looking for the best burial and final expense insurance company, you should know that there are endless options that you could choose from, but they’re also are endless possibilities regarding the company you’d…
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Prepaid Funeral Plans vs. Funeral Insurance vs. Life Insurance

Prepaid Funeral Coverage (a Ripoff) vs. Burial Final Expense Insurance

From its beginning in 1865, to when it gained popularity in 1920 up until today, the funeral industry has increasingly become more expensive over the years.  Today, on average, a funeral can cost a family between $6,000-$12,000, depending on whether it’s cremation or burial, as well as the funeral elements included. It’s often quite difficult…
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How to Select a Headstone

Secrets of Truth: How to select a Headstone in 2021 (truth w/ prices)

Commonly with a loved one, most people choose cremation or a burial. Regardless of the type of disposition you decide on, having a permanent memorial place for your loved ones is important.  It is somewhere your family can visit to pray and reflect on the deceased for a long time to come. That is why…
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Police Funerals

Call 911 or plan properly: Untold truth about Police Funerals in 2021

It is a sad occasion to witness a fallen officer, especially when it was in the line of duty. We owe the security we enjoy to their sacrifice. Law enforcement officers put their lives on the line daily to serve the greater good and because they pledged to protect the public and uphold the law. …
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