Senior Care
shoveling snow heart attack

Why Does Shoveling Snow Increase the Risk of a Heart Attack?

The risk of shoveling snow may seem silly, but it is an activity that can lead to a heart attack or death. As winter arrives, it’s worth noting that about 11,500 people in the United States are treated in emergency rooms for injuries related to snow shoveling.  On average, 100 of those injuries are fatal,…
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Senior Caregiver

A Senior Caregiver is Worth Their Weight in Gold

Let’s be blunt.  As we age it gets more difficult to handle the day to day activities, we took for granted when we were younger. In this article we discuss the role of a senior caregiver. It comes down to short term care or long term care and whether we can imagine it or not,…
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Care For Your Elderly Parent

2021 caring for your elderly parent Burial Insurance $17.95

Watching your parents age is quite possibly one of the hardest things in the world to deal with. You’ll start to notice all of the sudden one day that the people who have cared for you your entire life will now need you to care for them. It can be very challenging emotionally for many…
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