Final Expense
Final Expense Insurance Multiple Sclerosis

Getting Final Expense Insurance With Multiple Sclerosis

Have you been turned down or given a higher rate by other insurance companies offering final expense insurance simply because you have Multiple Sclerosis? Well, rest assured. You can count on Insurance for Final Expense to get you covered. You see, we work with various final expense insurance carriers who will work with folks who have…
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How to Plan and Pay for Your Own Funeral

How do you Plan and Pay for Your Own Funeral? Planning your funeral has to be right up there with going to the doctor for a full-blown physical. I have insurance coverage, and that’s full insurance coverage.   When I pass away, my loved ones will have plenty of money to handle this, because unlike about…
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blood thinners coverage

Blood Thinners & Final Expense Burial Coverage

I’m on Blood Thinners and I want to get Final Expense Burial Coverage.  Is there any hope? The answer is yes. At Insurance for Final Expense, we can do that and more.  And we can do it in the same day you call.  Very often, we get INSTANT APPROVAL which means you don’t have to sit…
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Alert 2021: The agony of Death and how to survive it

How does a person feel after someone dies or they see a disaster? When you are younger, it is actually easier to process.  A person dies and you feel deep sadness.  You see a disaster on TV, you feel upset and shock. In this article we will discuss dealing with death and how to handle…
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life insurance with pre existing conditions

Get Life Insurance with a Pre Existing Condition?

I am a Senior and I have a pre-existing condition, can I still get Life Insurance? That’s a question a lot of folks ask. Another question is: “Do I have to have a physical? Since my health might not be perfect, I know this could stop me from getting any form of insurance.“ This is what…
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Prepaid Funeral Home Plan

Alert 2021: Prepaid Funeral Plan scam or good idea

Everyone passes.  We all want to think we will live forever, and since our heads are attached to our bodies and have been doing non-stop thinking (sometimes worrying) for all of these years, it’s hard to believe that this function could eventually be permanently turned off. But eventually, we have to start thinking about it.…
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Die Without a Will

Red Alert: Die without a Will can destroy your family $17.95

We are all going to die eventually: A Simple Will can save your Loved ones. In this article, we’ll discuss what happens if you die without a will. Most of us are very busy just living our lives to worry about the day we finally die and pass to whatever each individual thinks will come…
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Burial Insurance Home Health Care

Alert 2021: Home Health Care still get Burial Insurance $17.95

Have you ever called an insurance company and asked to get burial insurance, and they’ve literally said “NO” and hung up? For a large portion of the population who already have a medical condition, this actually has happened. In this article, we will discuss the relationship between getting Burial Insurance for those you are on…
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Final Expense Insurance Warfarin

Alert 2021: Warfarin still get Burial Insurance $17.95

Finding out that you have a heart condition and need to be on blood thinners such as Warfarin doesn’t have to be devastating. For many people, a full and happy life can be lived when on blood thinners like coumadin, but there may be other ramifications. Especially when it comes to getting various types of…
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Burial Insurance Mini Stroke

Alert 2021: Mini Stroke still get Burial Insurance $17.95

Whenever we are faced with medical scares, it can be a very tough time, regardless of whether or not you are going to be just fine. It can be very scary and can also make it harder to get the protection that many patients want in the form of life insurance, or burial insurance. If…
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