Final Expense Insurance Costs by Age
AARP Burial Insurance 70

Remember the 70’s? Of Course! Is AARP Burial Insurance the Best Option at 70 Years Old?

If you are now 70 years old yourself, you remember this decade well. And you may be starting to seriously consider an AARP Burial Insurance plan at 70 years old. It’s hard to believe it is 2020, right? Everything is different than it was 10, 20, and for sure 50 years ago. Which brings me…
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john hancock final expense insurance 69

Why John Hancock Final Expense Insurance Might not be the Best Option at Age 69

But is working with a company like John Hancock for Final Expense Insurance the best route to take at 69? You’ve noticed all of the commercials on TV for John Hancock and others major companies advertising Funeral Insurance policies. With 70 right around the corner, who may wonder how time has flown by so fast.…
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Colonial Penn Burial Insurance 68

Don’t Gamble with Colonial Penn Burial Insurance at Age 68

So here you are at 68 years old. Hopefully you’ve lived an amazing life so far and are still living it to its fullest! You may have grown children and even grandchildren by now. You want to make sure they are not burdened when you one day pass. You’ve been putting it off. This is…
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Burial Insurance 67

Burial Insurance 67 will Save Your Family or Better to buy Colonial Penn?

We all have this notion that we are going to live long lives. That we will be grandparents of grown children and perhaps even have the opportunity to one day hold our precious great grandchildren in our arms. While this is a reality for many seniors, some simply aren’t blessed with this opportunity. This is…
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Dead at 66? Choose John Hancock final expense?

Your going to live forever right? We all know that isn’t possible. None of us want to leave our family and loved ones burdened. That’s why it is imperative that you have a burial insurance policy in place by age 66. Not all people who die are images of balloons and birthday cake. Ever hear…
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Life Insurance at age 65

Guess Who Died at Age 65? John Hancock final expense or something better.

Guess who died at age 65? The founder and creator of the greatest theme park in history, Walter Elias Disney died at 65 way back in 1966. Need we say more? Imagine what this brilliant man accomplished in those short years, only to be taken from us too soon.  Nobody had more to live for than…
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Find the Best Burial Insurance for Seniors Over 60

Find the Best Burial Insurance for Seniors Over 60

Think you will live forever? There is no need to consider getting Burial Insurance at 60 because you are almost in Medicare and will have really good health care? Guess again … In the United States, you have to realize that you and your family are one wrong move away from financial disaster. You die…
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Final Expense Insurance at Age 63

Dying at Age 63 and Not With John Hancock Final Expense Insurance

Your 63 … Wow … Did you ever think you would make it this far? When I was young, I thought I would die young. Now I’m 57 and feel like I could live past 100. Who really knows … Too bad we weren’t all born with a crystal ball. But by age 63, you…
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Funeral Insurance for 62 Year Olds

Funeral Insurance With No Waiting Period at Age 62

If you are 62 years old and want to know what Final Expense Burial Insurance will cost, you are in the exact place that you need to be. I love doing this.  Every time we set another family up with burial coverage, I feel like it is one less family that will torn be torn apart…
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Burial Insurance for 61 Year Olds

Age 61: You can get Burial Insurance with no waiting period

OMG … You’re 61. I bet when you were 19, you never thought you would make it this far. Strange how the young feel like they will never die, yet don’t believe they will make it to old age either. In this article we discuss burial insurance for 61 year olds. I remember back in…
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