Final Expense Insurance Costs by Age
Final Expense Insurance 80

Get Final Expense Insurance at Age 80 Before It’s Too Late!

Final Expense Insurance at 80 is nothing anyone wants to think about. But it is something immensely important to have in place. We all will eventually pass. Do we want our family and loved ones burdened financially when that day comes? Of course, we don’t. So, at 80 years old, you are on the cusp…
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Burial Insurance 79

Tick Tock… The Clock. Not for YOU! But Low Cost Burial Insurance is Getting Close at age 79!

Let’s be honest. If 50 is the new 30, as they say… Then 79 is the new 59, right? While we are living longer, healthier lives these days (mostly), there is always that number attached. When it comes to Burial Insurance at 79, no matter how young we feel, that number does matter. We could…
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Burial Insurance 78

Burial Insurance age 78: Possible or Impossible? (hard truth alert)

78, Burial Insurance? At 78 years old, you have certainly earned your stripes in life. This writer, Tara of Final Expense Insurance, has a great Dad who is 78 years old. He is a Vietnam Vet, a proud grandfather (and hopefully a proud father 😊). He is in incredible health and we don’t expect to…
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Find the Best Burial Insurance for Seniors over 70

Hidden Secrets: Best Burial Insurance for Seniors over 70

Are you looking for cheap burial insurance for seniors over 70? At this age, many seniors don’t have Funeral Insurance in place yet. First off, it’s a scary prospect. Nobody wants to think about their death. Many 70-year-olds are in great health and will likely live for years down the road. Plus, burial insurance at…
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Burial Insurance 76 Colonial Penn

Do You Need Burial Insurance at 76? Why Colonial Penn is a Bad Option

76 years old. Do you have a Burial Insurance? Why should you? You have lived a great, healthy life and haven’t even thought of the prospect of death and burial. But we all know anything could happen. The worst option to consider at age 76 is to go with Colonial Penn Burial Insurance at this…
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AGE 75: Burial Insurance With No Waiting Period?

AGE 75: Burial Insurance With No Waiting Period?

Death at age 75? Well that’s good news if you have an AARP Burial Insurance policy that expires at age 80, because your loved ones are going to get to cash in. Let’s say you buy a burial insurance policy at age 75 and your health isn’t the best and you have a 2 year…
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74 Burial Insurance State Farm

Burial Insurance at 74? Don’t Go with an Over Priced Company Like State Farm!

So here you are at 74 years old. Burial Insurance may be on your mind. You feel healthy as a horse and are determined to live a very long life, like most Americans. Medical advances and healthier lifestyles have brought seniors greater longevity. But we all know anything could happen. Caution: beware of Burial Insurance…
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Globe Burial Insurance 73

Alert: 73 years old and I want Final Expense Burial Insurance (truth here)

So here you are at 73 years old. You have led a great life. Relationships, maybe marriage, children and grand kids. The last thing you want to think about is dying and leaving that all behind. The thought of your loved ones looking at your casket or urn with tears in their eyes is unimaginable.…
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John Hancock Burial Insurance 72

Why John Hancock Burial Insurance Could Be a Big a Mistake at 72 Years Old

Final Expense, or Burial Insurance may be weighing heavily on your you at age 72 if you haven’t already purchased a policy. This is completely understandable. You may worry about the burden of crazy burial and/or cremation costs that your family will have to deal with. You probably see advertisements from companies like John Hancock…
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71 Globe Life Insurance

2021: 71 years old and I need Final Expense Burial Insurance (truth)

Guess who died at age 71? How SWEET it is … What Gary? Why combining Sweet and Death? Let me explain. In this article we will examine why Globe Life Insurance isn’t the best choice at 71. You must remember the great Jackie Gleason.  If anyone ever enjoyed their life it was the great star…
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