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Difference between Pre-Need Insurance vs Final Expense Insurance

Pre-Need Insurance vs. Final Expense Insurance: What’s the Difference in 2021?

Planning your final days and how your loved ones will handle your remains after your passing is something that calls for a level head. You not only need to choose the best products to cover the final burial, funeral, and/or cremation expenses, but you also need to make sure that the selected insurance policy offers…
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AIG Vs. Foresters Financial: Who Has The Best Burial Insurance Policies

2021 Alert: AIG Vs Foresters Who has BEST Burial Insurance (truth)

Wondering why you need to buy a burial insurance policy and whether it’s worth it? Unsure of the differences between the burial insurance policy and the normal life insurance policy? This article sheds light on everything you need to know about burial insurance, and most importantly, the differences between the burial insurance policies offered by…
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Differences between Final Expense Insurance and Transamerica

2021 Alert: Final Expense Insurance vs. Transamerica (brutal truth)

You need peace of mind as you grow older, and having life insurance as you age is one of those things that give you that much-needed peace of mind. With a good life insurance policy, it would be possible for you to pay off your mortgage, pay off your debts, and most importantly, you’d be…
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Mutual of Omaha and Gerber Life: Pros & Cons

Burial Insurance Wars 2021: Mutual of Omaha vs Gerber (truth)

How do you make sure that your loved ones wouldn’t suffer or struggle financially for your funeral expenses? Many people don’t have life insurance even though they understand the importance of purchasing it for themselves. For most people, not having life insurance is because they could be on a fixed income and without much cash…
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colonial penn vs mutual of omaha

Burial Insurance Wars 2021: Colonial Penn vs. Mutual of Omaha (truth)

What are the best burial insurance plans on the market? Should you buy burial insurance as a standalone package, or is whole life insurance a preferable option given its lifetime usage? Most importantly, which insurance company should you choose for the best burial insurance plans? Should you buy burial insurance from Colonial Penn insurance of…
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Colonial Penn vs. AARP - Which Is The Best Final Expense Insurance

2021 Shock Review: Colonial Penn vs AARP (Which is better for you?)

Long-term financial planning is a crucial but sometimes difficult step for most people to take, especially when things like funeral and burial planning are involved. But like estate planning, it is important for you to incorporate funeral and burial planning in your long term financial plan because death is inevitable. You don’t want to burden…
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AIG vs. Mutual of Omaha: Which is better

AIG Guaranteed Issue Insurance or Mutual of Omaha: Best Buy in 2021?

Death brings with it a load of financial hardships and emotional distress, and though you cannot protect your loved ones from the emotional distress, having life insurance might be the best way for you to offer financial security to your loved ones. If you are considering life insurance, but you don’t know where to start…
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