Burial Insurance
Love Pets more than Friends

Can we Love our Pets More than Friends?

Our pets are most likely the only living being in our lives that gives love unconditionally. I’ve had many friends in my life.  Some have been with me for months and some have been with me for over 30 years. But our pets become more like family, so in many cases it can be more…
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blood thinners coverage

Blood Thinners & Final Expense Burial Coverage

I’m on Blood Thinners and I want to get Final Expense Burial Coverage.  Is there any hope? The answer is yes. At Insurance for Final Expense, we can do that and more.  And we can do it in the same day you call.  Very often, we get INSTANT APPROVAL which means you don’t have to sit…
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Alert 2021: The agony of Death and how to survive it

How does a person feel after someone dies or they see a disaster? When you are younger, it is actually easier to process.  A person dies and you feel deep sadness.  You see a disaster on TV, you feel upset and shock. In this article we will discuss dealing with death and how to handle…
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Final Expense Burial Coverage vs. Dealing with the Funeral Home

Does Portability with Final Expense Burial Coverage really matter or is it just a sales tactic for Insurance Agents in their battle vs. funeral home plans? Older Americans can get pretty set in their ways and think they are never going to relocate to a different part of the country (or their state). My Mom…
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AARP Final Expense Insurance Reviews

2021 AARP Burial Insurance Review: You could be paying too much for coverage. Please compare prices (us vs. them) using our quoter below.

Warning … Warning … Warning !!! … You must read before agreeing to pay too much Facts You Should Know Before Shopping AARP Burial Expense Insurance: AARP Reviews. Among all those who have bought insurance policies, 80% are final expense insurance in the USA. Talking about the final expense program feels like death-obsessed planning, but…
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Final Expense Burial Insurance Heart Attack

Alert 2021: Heart Attack still get Burial Insurance $17.95

I had a Heart Attack, can I still buy Final Expense Burial Insurance or am I out of luck? Can someone get Final Expense Burial Insurance after having a heart attack? Here is the little inside secret about all of these reports.  Folks only look for them on the internet AFTER something like “I had…
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Prepaid Funeral Home Plan

Alert 2021: Prepaid Funeral Plan scam or good idea

Everyone passes.  We all want to think we will live forever, and since our heads are attached to our bodies and have been doing non-stop thinking (sometimes worrying) for all of these years, it’s hard to believe that this function could eventually be permanently turned off. But eventually, we have to start thinking about it.…
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Die Without a Will

Red Alert: Die without a Will can destroy your family $17.95

We are all going to die eventually: A Simple Will can save your Loved ones. In this article, we’ll discuss what happens if you die without a will. Most of us are very busy just living our lives to worry about the day we finally die and pass to whatever each individual thinks will come…
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Burial Insurance Kidney Disease

Alert 2021: Kidney Disease still get Burial Insurance $17.95

The insurance industry is the most open marketplace in the business world. You’re able to get policies for all kinds of coverage in these are intended to reduce your financial risk. Some consumers want to have specific life insurance but are worried about being denied because they have a medical condition. Never assume that no…
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Alert 2021: Parkinsons still get Burial Insurance $17.95

For many who have Parkinson’s disease, it can be overwhelming to think about the costs that your loved ones will deal with once you have passed away. Many people with any pre-existing condition may feel that they can’t get affordable funeral insurance. However, this is truly not the case. It just may take a bit…
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