Burial Insurance
death certificate

Everything you Need to Know about Death Certificates

Information on how we can secure a death certificate for our deceased loved ones rarely gets attention until the time comes when we have to do it. If you want to prepare for this eventuality, this is an excellent guide for you. It’s better to be educated about the proper documentation, especially when you are…
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burial insurance

The ABC’s of Why on Earth Someone Wants Burial Insurance

Here is the reality.  We are all going to die.  For some, like fallen Democratic Presidential candidate and super rich guy, Micheal Bloomberg, they would laugh at the idea of getting any type of insurance coverage for burial.  Heck, they are rich.  They don’t need any of this. But for the rest of us normal…
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Final Expense Insurance Atrial Fibrillation

Best Options for Final Expense Insurance With Atrial Fibrillation (A-Fib)

My Dad was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation years ago. He had looked at Final Insurance policies and found the barriers and confusion to be too much. Like many people, he had given up. Many of the publicly aware companies (all over TV and ads, like Colonial Penn), made getting final expense insurance seem like a…
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Final Expense Insurance Multiple Sclerosis

Getting Final Expense Insurance With Multiple Sclerosis

Have you been turned down or given a higher rate by other insurance companies offering final expense insurance simply because you have Multiple Sclerosis? Well rest assured. You can count on Insurance for Final Expense to get you covered. You see, we work with a variety of final expense insurance carriers who will work with…
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Burial Insuranse anxiety depression

Low Cost Burial Insurance With Depression or Anxiety

Do you or someone you know suffer from depression or anxiety ? In most cases, the answer is yes. You see, one in five Americans will be impacted by mental illness in their lives. Most folks who suffer from either or both of these conditions may be anxious about applying for burial insurance because of…
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Independent Agency Burial Insurance

Policy Genius or Independent Agency when Getting Burial Insurance?

Most folks don’t always realize that the most affordable burial insurance is sold through independent agencies rather than through a direct insurance carrier. Why is this? Because we work with the best insurance carriers who are all competing for your business. If you go directly through an insurance company, like Colonial Penn or State Farm,…
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Scleroderma: The Hidden Truth with Burial Insurance

If you would like to get an instant Burial insurance quote just look to the right hand side of the page and quickly fill out the form.  It will instantly give you the answers you are looking for in terms of cost. Scleroderma is a visually brutal condition to live with and you may wonder…
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Love Pets more than Friends

Can we Love our Pets More than Friends?

Our pets are most likely the only living being in our lives that gives love unconditionally. I’ve had many friends in my life.  Some have been with me for months and some have been with me for over 30 years. But our pets become more like family, so in many cases it can be more…
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blood thinners coverage

Blood Thinners & Final Expense Burial Coverage

I’m on Blood Thinners and I want to get Final Expense Burial Coverage.  Is there any hope? The answer is yes. At Insurance for Final Expense, we can do that and more.  And we can do it in the same day you call.  Very often, we get INSTANT APPROVAL which means you don’t have to sit…
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Dealing with Death and How to Handle It

How does a person feel after someone dies or they see a disaster? When you are younger, it is actually easier to process.  A person dies and you feel deep sadness.  You see a disaster on TV, you feel upset and shock. In this article we will discuss dealing with death and how to handle…
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