Burial Insurance Reviews
Lincoln Heritage Insurance

Lincoln Heritage Burial and Final Expense Insurance Reviews

Lincoln Heritage final expense insurance might bury your wallet. People who are buying final expense insurance or burial insurance are thinking of their loved ones and beneficiaries. They do not want funeral expenses to bite a big chunk out of their estate and purchase the insurance to cover the cost associated with funerals and that…
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Shock Review … AARP Life Insurance

AARP Has A Policy for You! (or maybe not). The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is America’s largest nonprofit organization with millions of members. The AARP is in the news for its lobbying efforts on behalf of senior citizens, advocating legislation to make their lives easier and their healthcare more affordable. What many people…
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Shock Review 2021: Colonial Penn Insurance Final Expense Burial Coverage (the truth)

2 Year Waiting Period … 2 year waiting period … 2 year waiting period As we go on, please remember … in most cases, you’re going to be waiting TWO long years with Colonial Penn to get full life Insurance for final expense burial coverage. You die a month after you take out the policy,…
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