Burial Insurance Reviews

Shock Review Policy Genius Burial Final Expense Insurance

Buying an insurance policy is not as easy as one might think. Insurance protection was once relatively simple; you had life and health insurance through your employer and homeowner’s insurance to protect your house. Auto insurance was there to protect you from car accident liabilities. Modern times have changed everything in the insurance industry. In…
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Gerber Life Burial Insurance

Gerber Life Burial Insurance & Final Expense Insurance Review

Brand loyalty is common. If a person has good experiences with a company, he or she is likely to continue buying its products. There is no need to go shopping around. We understand this is only natural and makes sense in most cases. Nevertheless, blind loyalty to a brand name like Gerber Burial Insurance can…
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Foresters Burial Insurance

Foresters Final Expense Insurance and Burial Insurance Review

When you are shopping for burial insurance, even if you are not a policy genius, there is no reason to accept the first policy that you hear about. Many insurance companies have high-powered marketing campaigns that try to convince a consumer to buy immediately without inspecting.  It, sometimes takes a little time, but if you’re…
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Transamerica Burial Insurance

Transamerica Final Expense | Transamerica Burial Insurance Review

Large insurance companies have the cash to persuade and impress. Their multimillion-dollar advertising budgets permit them to hire celebrities as spokespeople and produce glittery “Buy it NOW!” media ads. We will not cast shade on these insurance companies because they are big. Their finances are secure, and these insurance giants can pay claims. We suggest…
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Prosperity Life Insurance Group Review

Prosperity Life Insurance Group Review

We believe in educating the consumer. Insurance does not have to be a mystery to anyone, and we are willing to take a moment to explain terms and general definitions within insurance. A consumer may see words such as final expense insurance or burial insurance. That can get confusing and we are going to explain…
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Royal Neighbors Final Expense Insurance

Royal Neighbors Burial and Final Expense Insurance Reviews

Final Expense insurance is essential to the financial planning of any senior citizen. The coverage can help survivors pay for the costs of everything related to the final services and legal fees that come with the passing of a loved one. Find the right burial insurance policy is one of the best decisions anyone in…
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Mutual of Omaha Final Expense Insurance

Mutual of Omaha Burial Insurance & Final Expense Insurance Review

In this article, we will discuss the Mutual of Omaha Final Expense Insurance Policy. (This is sold under the United of Omaha title). We are not intentionally negative about life insurance companies. Most of them have very high standards, along with the financial reserves necessary to pay out claims. State insurance commissioners keep a sharp…
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globe life insurance

2021 Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company Review

Globe Life and Accident Insurance Promise You the World, BUT… Let’s review Globe Life Insurance policy in detail. Marketing is an integral part of selling any product. The marketing campaigns for some companies are big-budget items, with millions of dollars being spent on print, radio, television, and social media. We recognize the importance of getting…
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State Farm Burial Insurance

State Farm Burial Insurance Review: The Pros and Cons

Burial Insurance, also known as final expense insurance, ought to be part of any senior citizen’s financial planning. The final cost of burying someone may include legal fees that create a larger bill than anyone initially expected. Looking for the right burial insurance policy is a smart idea. In this article, we review the pros…
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Americo Insurance

Americo Burial Insurance Review

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