Better Options with a Licensed Insurance Agent
Independent Agency Burial Insurance

Policy Genius or Independent Agency when Getting Burial Insurance?

Most folks don’t always realize that the most affordable burial insurance is sold through independent agencies rather than through a direct insurance carrier. Why is this? Because we work with the best insurance carriers who are all competing for your business. If you go directly through an insurance company, like Colonial Penn or State Farm,…
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Burial Insurance 76 Colonial Penn

Do You Need Burial Insurance at 76? Why Colonial Penn is a Bad Option

76 years old. Do you have a Burial Insurance? Why should you? You have lived a great, healthy life and haven’t even thought of the prospect of death and burial. But we all know anything could happen. The worst option to consider at age 76 is to go with Colonial Penn Burial Insurance at this…
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State Farm Burial Insurance

State Farm Burial Insurance Review: The Pros and Cons

Burial Insurance, also known as final expense insurance, ought to be part of any senior citizen’s financial planning. The final cost of burying someone may include legal fees that create a larger bill than anyone initially expected. Looking for the right burial insurance policy is a smart idea. In this article, we review the pros…
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Life Insurance Scams

3 Life Insurance Scams You Easily Find Online

Like any product, life insurance can be risky to purchase online if you purchase it from the wrong people.  While it is impossible for you to purchase any state regulated plan from a non-licensed agent, that license alone does not mean your well being will come first to them. In this article, we will expose…
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Cheaper to Get Insurance Through an Agent?

If you are looking for insurance and happen to run into an insurance agent, sure you are OK with them. Maybe you deeply believe in their ability to get you a cheaper Insurance rate. But is it really cheaper to get insurance through an agent? On the other hand, if you are just minding your…
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Life Insurance Payments Going Up?

Do the initials AARP equate to total trust? Chances are very good that you have gotten something in your mailbox from AARP and then you probably also have seen their ads in TV or print. Many feel like because they are such a well know company, they can trust them. But oftentimes folks find themselves…
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