Burial Insurance 67 will Save Your Family or Better to buy Colonial Penn?

Burial Insurance 67

We all have this notion that we are going to live long lives. That we will be grandparents of grown children and perhaps even have the opportunity to one day hold our precious great grandchildren in our arms. While this is a reality for many seniors, some simply aren’t blessed with this opportunity. This is why it is so important, even if you feel as healthy as a horse, to have a solid burial insurance plan at 67 years old in place.

Why Do You need Burial Insurance at age 67?

The answer is simple. By 67 years old, anything could happen to us health-wise. The last thing anyone wants to do is leave their family saddled with the crazy funeral or cremation costs associated with death. Your loved ones, when covered by your final expense insurance policy will do the only thing they should: Grieve your loss.  

We all Feel Invincible. Me Too… But is Colonial Penn Life Insurance really the answer?

The fact of the matter is that while we may or may not want to know when we will pass, it’s just an inevitable fact of life. I will give you a personal example of just what I mean.

My Grandpa Joe was one the most amazing people on the planet. I loved him so much. I was the youngest of his 6 grandchildren and I always felt like the apple of his eye. He and my Nana, Margie were both in their mid/late 60’s.

Nana was a couple of years younger than my Grandpa. Both were healthy and lead good, mostly healthy lifestyles. Grandpa had a mini-stroke at age 66. But at age 67, everything changed. He suffered a major stroke.

They Didn’t Have Burial Insurance at 67.

I will never forget that day. It was 1993. My brother’s baseball team in my hometown of Swampscott, MA had won the State Finals. The town hosted a grand parade in honor of the big win.

I was there with my parents when my mom got the news about her Dad. She and I left and rushed to the hospital. My Grandpa was in a coma. It was only a matter of a day or so before he passed.

My Grandparents had been married for over 40 years, had raised 3 children and spent their entire adult life together in a wonderful marriage.

When Grampa Joe passed, there was a large funeral. My Grandparents had already purched Funeral Insurance through a local Funeral Home well before my Grandpa was 67. But not Burial Insurance. They had pre-purchased side by side plots at the local cemetery where their own parents had been buried. The funeral went pretty smoothly. My Nana seemed to be coping well. Or so we thought.

The Difference Between Dealing with the Local Funeral Home and Working with a Licensed Independent Insurance Agent

Insurance for Final Expense is the most qualified source for final expense coverage. Why? We do final expense coverage and nothing else.  Many agencies offer other types of policies different policies. Not us. We have one objective… to serve our clients with a singular product (though sourced from mutual carriers).

As an independent agency, we never answer to anyone aside from you.  That means that we are able to offer premium, affordable packages to our clients.  

Insurance 2 Year Waiting Period With Gary Cubeta

But What About those Big Name Companies You See Advertised on TV?

You know who I am talking about. Let’s take for example, State Farm and the Burial Insurance they provide. They spend a TON on advertising. Now while that gives them huge brand recognition, the cost associated is ultimately absorbed by the policy holder.

While a company with broad brand recognition, like State Farm, John Hancock, Lincoln Heritage, AARP (not actually an insurance company), or Colonial Penn may seem like the best choice when deciding on a burial insurance solution at age 67, it isn’t. Why? You have no opportunity for the competitive advantage. With Insurance for Final Expense, we have established relationships with the BEST and most AFFORDABLE carriers in the industry.

Sample Burial Insurance Rates for 67 Year Olds

GENDER & RATING $5,000 $10,000 $15,000 $20,000
Non Tobacco User- Female $25 .00$47.00&69.00$90.00
Tobacco User- Female$35.00$68.00$101.00$133.00
Non Tobacco User- Male$32.00$62.00$92.00$122.00
Tobacco User- Male$46.00$92.00$137.00$181.00

Back to Nana…

We didn’t completely realize the amount of suffering that Margie was experiencing. She was going to a grief counselor and seeing her medical doctor on a regular basis. But about 3 months after her husband’s passing, my Nana also suffered a massive stroke.

But she lived. She was however confined to a wheelchair for the remainder of her life, paralyzed on half of her body and with severe brain damage. My Mom never wanted to see her parents put into a nursing home and ended up putting an addition onto out home with handicap accessible features. My grandmother eventually passed away in a nursing home when her care became too much for my mother.

Throughout all of this, my mother, aunt and uncle fraught and bickered constantly. It was an extremely emotional time for all, but a lot of the fighting revolved around money.

Why is Having Burial Insurance at 67 Years So Important?

When you die the funeral directors are right there waiting. What they may not realize is that in many situations, like with my Grandfather’s passing, other circumstances arise. Once a person is dead, they have no voice here on earth. Family members are left with very difficult decisions on top of the grief they are dealing with.

Having Burial Insurance vs a Funeral Plan allows your beloved family members to have some flexibility with your arrangements. This in stark contrast to a Funeral Home’s cookie cutter plans for your remembrance. Not to mention that the Funeral Homes gauge you financially.

This is why you need burial coverage in place by the time you are 67.  I’m sure that my Grandpa had the best intentions in planning his funeral ahead of time, but never imagined what would ensue thereafter. I know for sure that he wouldn’t want his children at complete odds with one another.

Having Burial Insurance at 67 Protects Your Most Cherished Loved Ones

You want to leave a great legacy, just like my Grandfather, a World War 2 Veteran, did. You don’t want your family in more grief than they will already be in when you pass.

There is a strange phenomenon that often happens to those who have been married for many years. Oftentimes, the surviving spouse is faced with more grief than they can handle. Sometimes, it is so powerful that it has serious physical consequences, as in the case with my Nana.

Please make sure, no matter how prepared you think you are, have burial insurance in place, at least by the time you are 67 years old.

Gary P. Cubeta
(Serving Americans In All 50 States)