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Cheap Funeral Insurance 77

Cheap Funeral Insurance at age 77? At this age, many seniors don’t have Funeral Insurance in place yet. First off, it’s a scary prospect. Nobody wants to think about their own death. Many 77 year old’s are in great health and will likely live for years down the road. Plus, burial insurance at this age can be incredibly expensive. But trust me there are cheap funeral insurance options available to folks at age 77.

At Insurance for Final Expense, We Offer Cheap Funeral Insurance Rates for 77 Year Old’s

Now let me be clear. I don’t mean that the quality of the insurance plans are cheap. In fact, it’s just the opposite. We work with the most trusted final expense insurance carriers, like Mutual of Omaha, AIG, Sentinel Security Life, Prosperity Life Group, Liberty Bankers Life and Great Western Insurance Company… to name a few. These are all high quality companies.

We don’t offer our clients cheap quality Insurance. We simply offer the most competitive and cheapest rates possible. You may have heard of companies like John Hancock, State Farm and Colonial Penn who advertise constantly on TV. Many people assume they are the most reputable companies out there with (highly paid) celebrity spokespeople. So it’s natural for folks to pick up the phone and call them up to get coverage.

But let’s take a closer look. For example, let’s look at a 77 year old women who would like to get a burial insurance. She wants to purchase a plan with $10,000 worth of coverage. So she goes online and looks up John Hancock funeral insurance plans. She puts in her info and gets a quote of $149.33.

That same woman then decides to try out the Instant Approval Quote feature on Insurance for Final Expense’s website. Whoa! What a difference! On John Hancock’s site, she was only offered one quote. At insuranceforfinalexpense.com, she can compare burial insurance quotes from a huge array of companies offering coverage to 77 year old’s… from as low as $70 per month for that same $10,000 in coverage.

Why? Because John Hancock only represents one insurance product… its own. John Hancock’s insurance agents are what we call “captive agents”. They are only allowed to represent John Hancock’s insurance products.

At Insurance for final expense, we are an independent agency, meaning that we have excellent relationships with the best and most competitive carriers. We shop for the very best insurance rates and products that best meet YOUR needs.

At 77, you may feel just as heathy and sprightly as someone half your age. After all, age is just a number.

Minoru Saito, the World’s Oldest Sailor to Sail Around the World Solo

Minoru Saito returned home to a hero’s welcome after an epic 1,080-day journey sailing single-handed the ‘wrong way’ around the world in September of 2011.

An earthquake, two tsunamis, giant icebergs, towering waves and five typhoons: these may sound like typical challenges for anyone sailing around the world on their own.

But Japanese sailor Minoru Saito also had to contend with back pain, a hernia, a knee operation and organizing delivery of his heart tablets – perhaps unsurprisingly, bearing in mind that he is 77-years-old.

Mr Saito defied all senior stereotypes as he sailed into Yokohama port to a hero’s welcome after an epic 1,080-day journey sailing single-handed around the world.

Not only did he his arrival confirm his status as the oldest person to sail around the world, he is also the oldest to do so the “wrong way” – from west to east – as well as the only person to have circumnavigated the globe alone eight times.

Minoru showed the world that it’s never too late; that there is truly no obstacle to achieve your goals and live life to the fullest, conquering your most daring dreams

But we all know that at some point, no matter how inspirational so many seniors are, that one day, we will all die. This why we at Insurance for Final Expense urge you to protect your loved ones.

Having a Burial Insurance in Place ahead of one’s departure is critical. None of us want to think of our children bickering over expenses and details when we pass. We have discussed this in previous articles. The costs associated with a dignified burial service are obnoxious.

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Sample Burial Insurance Rates for 77 Year Old’s

Non Tobacco Female$43.00$83.00$123.00$163.00
Tobacco Female$62.00$122.00$182.00$240.00
Non Tobacco Male$58.00$133.00$168.00$224.00
Tobacco Male$86.00$174.00$264.00$355.00

(Note: these quotes were assessed on 1/29/2020. Rates may change. Also note that rates do increase for tobacco users.) Please take a moment and check it out yourself with our online quote.

A Few Facts about Funeral Insurance

  • Burial insurance is a just type of life insurance.
  • Funeral (or Burial insurance) is a particular form of whole life insurance.
  • They are smaller face value whole life policies issued on in a very simplified way.
  • Burial Insurance plans have much more relaxed underwriting.
  • Funeral Insurance plans don’t require physical or medical exams.
  • Funeral Insurance Policies are very simple.
  • You will never have to take a physical or medical exam.
  • The applications consist of collecting all your personal information, designating your beneficiaries, payment information, and you answer some health questions.
  • Final Expense underwriting is quite lenient.
  • The purpose of a funeral insurance policy is to have a safety net that will pay out cash to your beneficiary when you pass.

We Deliver the Best in Comparison Shopping for Final Expense Insurance.

When you work with an independent final expense agency, we compare all of the prices from all of the different companies. Then we simply guide you towards which one offers you the best value.

But, when you work with a non-independent agency, like Globe Life, John Hancock or Colonial Penn, they have no options. They have just one insurance company to choose from. That means that you are getting into a situation where competition. Keep in mind, when multiple companies compete for YOUR business, you always win.

So if you are 77 years old, in search of high quality, cheap funeral insurance, rest assured that Insurance for Final Expense will meet and exceed your expectations.

If you need help with final expense insurance, it would be our honor to assist you. Please call us at 1-800-400-8319. If you would rather that we call you, just fill out the quote form on this page and a licensed agent will be in touch with you promptly.

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