Burial Insurance Rates for 64 Years Old, should I buy Colonial Penn?

Burial Insurance Rates for 64 Years Old

Think you will live forever? No need to even consider getting Burial Insurance at 64 because you are almost in Medicare and will have really good health care?

Guess again …

Final Expense Insurance it important… Guess who died at age 64?

Jaquelin Kennedy Onassis.  Wife of President John F Kennedy and later married to Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis.  She had the best doctors, all the money in the world to pay them (she didn’t marry her second husbad based on looks) and a loving family … and regardless … age 64 and dead from cancer. It makes you stop and wonder, wow.

There is no way you will have access to the medical care she had. And even though I don’t know the cost, I am sure her funeral expense was beyond what most Americans make in a lifetime.

The bottom line, when you die the sharks come out. And you won’t have the Onassis money to pay them. The funeral directors will either cremate you or bury you.

The costs are vicious. My Dad passed 3 years ago and the total bill was over $23,000 and since he was 87 all of his friends had passed, so there were just a few of us there.

Your Family will Have HUGE Problems Paying for Your Funeral.

But as much as folks know they need coverage, I often get the feeling folks don’t trust the insurance carriers.

Why they don’t trust a carrier like Mutual of Omaha that has been serving Americans without fail for over 100 years is beyond me, but that’s just how some folks are.

The people not to trust are the folks who your loved ones will pay to either cremate you or bury you. The costs are an outrage. But we can complain about it all we want and NOTHING will change.

Bernie Sanders is not running on “Free Burial Expense” for all. No candidate in history has ever proposed it. Your family will pay one way or another.

The bad thing is a lot of folks put the costs on a credit card. It’s bad because the interest rates are another outrage. Your funeral could end up costing 2 or 3 times the already outrageous rates the funeral directors charge when you consider the interest on that card.

And then some folks just won’t pay that card back at all and go into default. Goodbye any hope of a decent credit rating.

These are things you need to consider when a small monthly payment could fix all of this with a little bit of foresight.

This is why so many folks are getting involved with cremation and burial insurance.  They do not want to burden their loved ones.  They know they will die and they know their spouse or kids putting the funeral on a credit card, is not a good option.

Again, the Insurance Carriers Trying to Get You Covered are Not the Bad Guys … unless you do Colonial Penn

This is true (unless you go with Colonial Penn Life Insurance and have a two year waiting period when you are perfectly healthy).

My wife Sandra is originally from Cartagena, Columbia.  After I moved to Scottsdale in 2001 I started to do a lot of traveling.  One of my stops, Columbia.

Now I wasn’t a stranger to Caribbean travel, because I owned a home in the Dominican Republic, so for me it wasn’t that much out of the ordinary as it might be for a more “normal” person.

When I met my wife she was young.  I won’t say how young, because folks might think she was a little too young … Ok, she was 19 and we hit it off right out of the gate.

A year later we were married and soon had our first son Jonathan.

Now for all of those thinking traveling to a far off country and meeting your future wife is a recipe for total disaster, I can understand that.

But in Our Case, it All Worked Out Fine …

She just made me a late night snack of fish, rice and tomatoes as I am typing this report here in early 2020.

It’s 15 or 16 years later and we have two boys and we get along just fine, aside from her red hot Colombian temper and my insane desire to work 18 hours a day.

I should be sleeping right now, but nope … I’m on the computer writing more reports that will be read tens of thousands of times by folks like yourself.

I traveled to Columbia many times over the years.  In fact at one point I had made so many trips to Columbia that I got sick of the travel and let my passport lapse.  It was my way of saying, no more overseas travel for me.

Travel Hint: The water in Columbia … you drink it, you get very sick. When I travel there, I take a shower with a mouth full of Listerine, so there is no way I can swallow the water by accident. Bet you never heard that one before.

When I was in Columbia it was interesting how they handled death.  Much like my beloved Dominican Republic, the folks in Cartagena didn’t make a multi-billion dollar business out of death as the funeral homes have in the United States.

The people of Columbia are wonderful, but they understand when someone is old and it is time for them to move on to the next life. They don’t drag it out with all kinds of burial costs and funeral home directors cashing in at your worst moment.

When my wife first came to the United States when President Reagan died, she was shocked at what a major ordeal was made of it.

Bottom Line: Burial insurance would NOT do very well in Cartagena because they really don’t have any costs related to end of life. Someone who opened up shop to offer it down there would be closing up that office within months.

But the fact is, we all live in the United States.  And here everything is big business from health care to getting cremated to being buried.  It sucks, but it’s just the way it is.

This is why the insurance coverage is so important.

Sample Burial Insurance 64 Rates for 64 Years Old

GENDER & RATING$5,000$10,000$15,000$20,000
Non Tobacco User- Female$22.00$41.00$60.00$79.00
Tobacco User- Female$31.00$61.00$89.00$119.00
Non Tobacco User- Male$28.00$53.00$78.00$104.00
Tobacco User- Male$41.00$79.00$118.00$156.00

If you lived in Columbia in a little grass shack, yes, you could say the heck with Final Expense insurance at 64 years old…  You could laugh at it. They will dig a hole and drop me in and construct a tombstone out of wood from an old barn door.

Note: That’s not always the case, but many times that is how things end up in 2nd and 3rd world countries.

But in the United States, you have to realize that you and your family are one wrong move away from financial disaster. You die at 64 or over, something has to be done with you and it has to be done fast and that’s where burial insurance comes in.

Insurance 2 Year Waiting Period With Gary Cubeta

At the Most They Will Have About 14 Days.

I’ve spoken with a lot of families over the years and I can tell you, thank God for credit cards, because otherwise I’m not sure how things would get done with the costs layered on by funeral directors.

But having Final Expense Burial coverage in place ends all of these worries.

Final Expense Coverage is needed unless you are WEALTHY. Bill Gates of Microsoft does not need this. Jeff Bezos of Amazon, does not need this. But at 64 years old, Burial Insurance IS important to you!

You probably need this … just fill out the quote calculator on the right and you will see just how affordable coverage can be.

Gary P. Cubeta
(Serving Americans In All 50 States)