AGE 75: Burial Insurance With No Waiting Period?

AGE 75: Burial Insurance With No Waiting Period?

Death at age 75? Well that’s good news if you have an AARP Burial Insurance policy that expires at age 80, because your loved ones are going to get to cash in. Let’s say you buy a burial insurance policy at age 75 and your health isn’t the best and you have a 2 year waiting period for coverage to fully kick in. And THEN the darn thing expires at age 80.

Why would anyone who thought things out, buy an insurance policy that expires at age 80? I mean, a lot of folks live until they are 81, 82, 83 and older. Buying a policy that expires at age 80 is NUTS, in our humble opinion.

This is just wrong … Wrong … Wrong

The absolute wrong way to buy coverage and it is certain you NEVER got a policy like that from us.

So what does Jaws have to do with any of this? And is AARP Life Insurance really that bad of a choice?

It was the summer of 1974 and at the time, they still had the $1 cinema in downtown Middletown, Ct. where I grew up.  Back then, you really didn’t go to the movies much.  Oh, maybe your folks would go out every once in a while, but for kids, the theatre was an elusive, but desired place to be.

I had been to a few Saturday afternoon matinees.  Back then they would play the kid pictures during the day and the more adult stuff at night.

I think I went to see Billy Jack in 1973, so I was no stranger to the adult movies being a lot better entertainment than the matinee movies.  But since Billy Jack had a bit of adult content in it, I wasn’t sure my parents would open the door for another “adult” movie.

Well along came Steven Spielberg with Jaws.  It was the blockbuster of all blockbusters and everyone was buzzing about it.  I begged my parents to let me go and they gave in.

Wow … No one had seen anything like it at the time.  What a movie.

The star, the great Roy Schieder, one of my favorite actors of all time.  Roy starred in many great movies and TV series over the years, but nothing would ever equal Jaws 1 and 2.  Talk about a career break.

But guess what, even the great Shrieder passed away.  And guess at what age? Roy died at 75.

It’s odd … you see these megastars on the big screen and you really think they will live forever.  But the truth is, no matter how big the star, father time always wins out in the end (at least for now).

You will die … I will die … Roy Schieder died at 75 years old.  And the only difference between the 3, is that Schieder didn’t need burial insurance coverage for his family when he passed.  He was rich. People who star in movies like Jaws tend to have different problems than the rest of us.

He certainly didn’t need to worry about a waiting period for burial insurance at 75.

For you and me (we regular folks) … we need to be covered.

Yes, I am covered … with two burial insurance policies … Gary here in Scottsdale, tightening up this report at 6:50 in the morning. My wife is younger than me. When I die, I want her to get cash from an insurance carrier like Midland National.

She will get that cash. Hopefully not yet … we can put it off a while. At 57, and in great health, I didn’t have to face a waiting period for burial insurance. But if I were to wait until I was 75, would I? What if I had a stroke or cancer?

Please call me to discuss heath issues when dealing with funeral insurance. We are her to help.

The truth, when you die, the vultures come out. When they do, they will want money.  Who are they?  The funeral directors.  The cemetary folks. The people who have made your death their business.

The rates they charge are obscene. You might think they live in a little shack behind the graveyard, but the fact is, they have huge homes and yes it’s morbid and they probably have a lot of black inside their homes.

But they are making the money, and a lot of us are just getting by.

My Dad passed away a few years back and even though all of his friends had passed away and the crowd was sparse to say the least (the church was empty), the total cost for burial was $23,000.

I loved my Dad, but it was an outrage. My Dad was a saint, and when he died, the few folks that were still living forgot he ever existed. I can tell you what I think of them, but maybe I should just keep moving on with this report.

Life is cruel sometimes …

And it will happen to you as well.  I know, some folks think you can get a cremation for $900 and buried for $2500.  All I can say is good luck.  The folks doing the cremation and the burying know for sure how to turn you upside down and make that credit card fall from your pants pocket.

And if you have ONE loved one you can really trust, you are so lucky. People are mean. The key to getting coverage is to have one beneficiary you can really trust. Here is the deal …

I talk with up to 150 folks a day. One of the first questions I ask, is who is going to be your beneficiary and do you trust them. If the answer is “I don’t trust anyone”, then I instantly back off.

You can not get covered for Final Expense Burial Insurance without a beneficiary that you can trust.

I would rather exchange grilling techniques for 4th of July, than spend time trying to “sell” a policy to someone who doesn’t have a solid beneficiary.

I know we all want to think America is the greatest country on earth, but the truth is, if this is the best we can do, that’s just sad. People in this country can be really rough.

I get that …

It’s happened in my family …

But worse than all of this is the Funeral home folks. Ughhh … Why are they like that? Simple, they know the clock is ticking before that body has to be desposed of. They own you. It’s complicated.

So what you need is cash in hand.

So what do you do?

It’s simple … Get covered. Even if you hate the idea.

Coverage where the monthly price NEVER goes up and the Benefit paid to your loved ones never goes down.  You might think that’s easy to obtain, but the truth is most of the major companies you see advertising these policies on national tv, don’t offer much if any of that.

There payments do go up in price every 5 years.

The amount they payout when you pass can drop to nothing if you outlive the policy expiration.

They take in the money and end up paying out very little.  And yet, folks who don’t know any better sign up for these policies.

And that just makes it harder for us.  We have to do all the grunt work of switching these folks OUT of their Colonial Penn Life Insurance policies and into our superior policies offered from carriers like Mutual of Omaha.

It’s a lot of work.  Not impossible, but a pain none the less.

Call Insurance for final expense if you are looking to get a burial insurance policy with no waiting period at age 75.

Gary P. Cubeta
(Serving Americans In All 50 States)