Blood Thinners & Final Expense Burial Coverage

blood thinners coverage

I’m on Blood Thinners and I want to get Final Expense Burial Coverage.  Is there any hope? The answer is yes. At Insurance for Final Expense, we can do that and more.  And we can do it in the same day you call.  Very often, we get INSTANT APPROVAL which means you don’t have to sit around waiting for a yes or no answer.

You might have had a stroke, or even a smaller mini stroke, but you have to understand, insurance carriers like Mutual of Omaha know older clients are NOT going to be in perfect health.

They don’t expect you to be perfect, because if they did, they would have no clients over the age of 50.  We all have issues.  Some are greater than others, but life can beat you up for those first 50 years.  Many are lucky to still be walking at age 55 and older. 

As a side note:

I showed this report to my son and he said … “Dad, a lot of folks can move perfectly fine past 55.” … Then I told him that it is amazing how many folks I talk to over the age of 45 that have a laundry list of health problems.

This country is filled with stress. People age fast. Our expected life spans are actually shrinking unless you are part of the 1% like Jeff Bezos or past Presidents. People are dying young. Their loved ones have NO money to cover their funeral expenses. This country is like a war zone with a pretty red ribbon tied around it.

And then there is the shame …

Folks want to get burial coverage, but they are terrified to admit to certain conditions, such as being on blood thinners they may have fearing they will be denied coverage.

Blood Thinners are Serious and You Need Coverage! 

This is why some insurance coverage carriers run when they here the words blood thinners.  Our competitors are not going to cover you..  You were right to be afraid to request coverage. WRONG !!!  You can and will get coverage with us. Fear not when dealing with Insurance for Final Expenses.

But it’s not all a bed of roses. We do need to collect a little bit of information for you first, before we can deliver the coverage you need.

We need to know:

  • The blood thinners that were prescribed.
  • Exact list of medications you take.
  • When did you start on these meds?
  • What other issues Healthwise do you have?

Now unlike many insurance agents who deny coverage to those patients taking blood thinners, we are not asking you these questions so we can disqualify you from coverage.  Instead, we are asking these questions so that we can match you with the absolute best carrier to fit your needs.

All that you want is that your loved ones to have your coverage in place, so they are not burdened. You deserve coverage and Insurance for Final Expense will deliver.

It is very important that you know who you are dealing with and what they can deliver for you.

A captive agent can only provide product from ONE carrier.  For example, consider State Farms. Since their agents typically only sell their products, prepare to pay more.

Then there are other agents who are new to insurance (there are bunches of those).  They have no idea how to place you in the best policy and instead just close their eyes and guess.

99% of the time they will guess wrong.

Then there are major resources like ourselves.  We know the industry inside and out and will provide you with the CORRECT coverage you need, even with a history of taking Blood Thinners.

Typical Blood Thinner Medications

Think you will be turned down because you are on any of these Blood Thinning medication?

With the wrong agent … yes, you will be turned down and possibly never offered a quality opportunity to get coverage again.

With us… you will get the correct coverage because the myriad of carriers we work with understand that folks over the age of 50 are not perfect and there is always a way to get them the quality coverage they deserve.

Some Carriers are so Bad You Should Run

Trick #1 is monthly payments that stay the same, but the older you get, the more the coverage drops. We have seen policies where you pay in for 10 to 15 years and the benefit for your loved ones cut in HALF because you were able to take care of yourself and keep ticking.

So instead of the policy paying $15,000 to your loved ones, they get only $7500 instead. Wrong … and very unfair.

The problem is, uneducated consumers don’t know enough to take note. So they sign up and their loved ones get the ugly surprise later.

We will NEVER offer policies like this for sale to the public or anyone else for that matter.

Buyer Beware is all we can say and read our reviews first before buying coverage elsewhere.

Then just fill out the quote form to the right of this article and give us a call, morning, noon or night so we can get you on the right track for coverage.

We are here to work for you. We aren’t concerned about commissions or anything else that gets in the way between you and your coverage.

FIRST is you … if you are happy … we keep growing.

Gary P. Cubeta



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