Life Insurance for Grandparents

Life Insurance for Grandparents in 2021

Life insurance schemes are a great boon for everyone. They are a means to save money for future use, and the returns are greater than the investment. One can take life insurance policies on any family member, be it your children, parents, or grandparents. These life insurance policies offer many beneficial features that make them…
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Guide to Writing an Obituary

A Comprehensive Guide to Writing an Obituary in 2021

A death in the family is a somber affair. Losing a loved one is never easy, and often people find it challenging to come to terms with it. The process of grieving is long and somewhat confusing but one that becomes relatively easier with the support of friends and family. This is when writing an…
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Have a Green Burial with a Mushroom Burial Suit

Have a Green Burial with a Mushroom Burial Suit in 2021

There is a new concept going around about green burials and mushroom burial suits. This concept of Infinity Burial Suit or mushroom burial, introduced in the green burial industry as recently as 2016, is nothing short of revolutionary. The idea behind a mushroom burial suit stems from the ideas proposed by Jae Rhim Lee, an…
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Creating and Posting an Obituary

Creating and Posting an Obituary in 2021

Have you ever been caught in a situation where you had to create and post an obituary but didn’t know how to go about it? This article may help you with the sudden need to post and circulate obituaries in the most noticeable and accessible manner for its intended audience. An obituary is a humble…
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Medication Disposal After Death

Medication Disposal After a Death in 2021

One of the essential things that the families and loved ones of the dead have to do is disposing of the medications. Keeping the excess and unused medicine in the house, especially with children, can lead to unwarranted risks and accidents when they are no longer needed.            According to the FDA, one of the…
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What to do when your loved ones die without life insurance

What to do when your Loved One Dies Without Life Insurance?

Many people today invest in life insurance so that they can lessen the burden of financing a funeral. Funeral insurances are an efficient way to do this. Funerals today cost upwards of $10,000 and can leave many people in debt afterward. Even a minimalist funeral with the bare essentials costs an average of $5,000-$10,000. It…
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Best Part Time Jobs After Retirement

Best Part Time Jobs Post Retirement in 2021

Retirement is that period in life that everybody plans for, saving up to live a comfortable life as they age. It is something that people look forward to, such that they can end their struggle of working hard at a day job. Despite living in a time of uncertainty regarding the economy, people still manage…
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Retirement Plan for All Generations

A Retirement Plan for all Generations in 2021 – Nothing is Impossible

What does the term “Retirement” suggest? It is a unique definition for every individual. It could be sitting on the beaches of L.A. getting a tan, hiking on trails in Maine, spending time with grandchildren, going to the games every season, maybe even cracking open a can of beer, and sitting in front of the…
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Best States for One to Retire

What are the Best States for One to Retire in 2021?

Imagine kicking back in a friendly neighborhood. Sipping on some piping hot coffee, you are lounging in pleasant weather while reading your favorite novel. There are no urgent business calls to interrupt your recreational heaven and no emergency meetings to attend. You will be living near your family, and you can visit them with goodies…
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How to prevent Identity Theft after death

How to Prevent Identity Theft After Death in 2021

It is essential to know about preventing identity theft after a person’s death as it can save their family thousands of dollars. Some crooks try to profit by exploiting such information for financial gain. In reality, it is easy to commit identity theft of a deceased person.  With the prevalence of social media, it is…
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