Best Part Time Jobs Post Retirement in 2021

Best Part Time Jobs After Retirement

Retirement is that period in life that everybody plans for, saving up to live a comfortable life as they age. It is something that people look forward to, such that they can end their struggle of working hard at a day job. Despite living in a time of uncertainty regarding the economy, people still manage to plan for it.

But as retirement time approaches, most people are worried about saving enough money to be able to afford a comfortable living, security in terms of their finances. Simultaneously, some others are always looking out to do something productive with their time, such as pursuing certain hobbies, best part time jobs post retirement, and side hustles, if you may.

Finding jobs after retirement could be quite hard for many, as only a certain few get lucky to be able to bag an opportunity to further continue in the same line of work that they had pre-retirement. But recently, many places have started to offer retirees jobs so that they can continue to have a sense of contribution to the community and make a base income to keep themselves occupied.

Below are the most popular jobs by state as per a survey:

  • Bookkeeper
  • Dental Hygienist
  • School Bus Driver
  •  Office Manager
  • Substitute teacher
  • Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Security
  • Home Health Aide
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Orderly

The Methodology of Survey and Research:

The Methodology of Survey and Research
The Methodology of Survey and Research

The research done to obtain the statistics and data as it shall be discussed in the upcoming topics was carried out by reviewing each State’s Google Search history and accumulated the volume for Part-time jobs, keeping a benchmark for searches made by individuals over the age of 55. This data was then compared to various reports, listing the most widely popular retirement jobs/ side jobs, which helped determine the most popular ones in each state, by assessing the search volume.

Research Analysis, Stats as Per Each State:

Research Analysis Stats
Research Analysis Stats
  • Four States, namely Indiana, Rhode Island, Minnesota, and Columbia, got their preferences tied between two of the best jobs for retirees: Bookkeeper and School Bus Driver.
  • Bookkeeping was the most popular of retiree jobs in the country, winning over 15 states.
  • Alongside the job of substitute teacher, school bus driver was in a tie for the third most popular side-job overall in the nation.
  • The survey also found that out of the total number of bus drivers in the country, 73% of them are over 55 years old.
  • Washington state is one amongst which School Bus Driver is the most popular side gig. This state also ranks to have the second highest-paid school bus drivers in the country.
  •  Dental Hygienist was ranked the highest-paid side job, making $59,077 on an average per year. This side hustle is also the second most favored in the nation, being popular in 12 states. 

Salary Statistics as per Research:

Salary Statistics as per Research
Salary Statistics as per Research

As per the statistics for the best part-time jobs for retirees, the survey found that Dental Hygienist and Bookkeeper were the top-rated ones. Now, to present some data with respect to the salary each job pays:

1. Dental Hygienist:

Average Pay/ hour – $34.24

Salary on an average / Year – $59,077

2. Bookkeeper:

 Average Pay/ hour – $17.35

Salary on an average / Year – $42,94 

3. School Bus Driver:

 Average Pay/ hour – $16.41

Salary on an average/ Year – $22,546 

4. Office Manager:

 Average Pay/ hour – $17.65

Salary on an average/ Year – $48,093 

5. Home Health Aide:

 Average Pay/ hour – $10.97

Salary on an average/ Year – $25,108 

6. Orderly:

 Average Pay/ hour – $12.70

Salary on an average/ Year – $29,479 

7. Administrative Assistant:

 Average Pay/ hour – $15.70

Salary on an average/ Year – $39,422 

8. Licensed Practical Nurse:

Average Pay/ hour – $20.25

Salary on an average/ Year – $44,361 

9. Substitute Teacher:

Average Pay/ hour – $11.91

Salary on an average/ Year – $26,482

10.  Secretary:

 Average Pay/ hour – $13.65

Salary on an average/ Year – $33,116

 Job Prerequisites:

If there is an interest in pursuing one of these best jobs for retirees, there are a certain number of requirements expected out of the individual, unique to each part-time job. There are obvious exceptions that are applicable for different reasons, but one should consider the below guidelines in a general sense:

  • Substitute Teacher – The basic expectation is to have a High School Diploma. However, it varies from state to state. Some require a substitute teaching license or a certificate.
  • Secretary – A High School Diploma is mandatory, but apart from that, having a Certification is an added benefit, not always asked for, though.
  • School Bus Driver – A commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and a clean driving record is looked for.
  • Orderly – High School Diploma and an optional Certification is usually required.
  • Office Manager – High School Diploma is mandated; again, having a certification is a plus.
  • Licensed Practical Nurse – This retiree job demands a training diploma or certificate approved by the state, and the thing to keep in mind is the training can vary by state. Some of them ask for a license/ certificate.
  • Home Health Aide – A mandatory requirement is to have a Certification from the National Association for Home Care and Hospice (NAHC).
  • Dental Hygienist – An Associate’s Degree in Dental Hygiene is required, as well as the individual must have received a license by passing the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination.
  • Bookkeeper – A High School Diploma and a Certification is required, though the certification is not mandatory.
  • Administrative Assistant – Just a High School Diploma is sufficient to pursue this best part-time job.

Job- wise projections in each State:

Job- wise projections in each State
Job- wise projections in each State

1. Bookkeeper:

This best part time jobs post retirement is extremely popular in 13 States, namely –

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, and New Hampshire.

2. Dental Hygienist –

It is popular in 12 States, respectively:

Arkansas, Idaho, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, and Wyoming.

3. Home Health Aide –

New Jersey and New York are the only 2 States where this part-time job is super popular.

4. Licensed Practical Nurse –

5 States in the country have this job to be popular, namely-

Kansas, Louisiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

5. Office Manager/ Administrative Assistant –

The District of Columbia is the only state, as per the survey, where Office manager and Admin assistant jobs are the most popular.

6. Orderly / Substitute Teacher –

Orderly jobs are popular in both the states, North Dakota and Rhode Island, but Substitute teacher job seekers are only predominant in Rhode Island.

7. School Bus Driver –

This profession is mostly popular in 6 States, namely:

Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Washington, and West Virginia.

8. School Bus Driver/ Bookkeeper –

2 States, namely Indiana and Minnesota, are in a tie as both these jobs are popular as per the statistics.

9. Secretary-

The State of Michigan is the only state where there is a huge popularity of job seekers for the position of Secretary.

10. Substitute Teacher –

7 States in the US have a majority liking towards the retiree job of being a substitute teacher. The states are:

Hawaii, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Vermont, and Virginia. 

These statistics just give an idea as to what prevails where and what part-time job is considered the best part-time job for retirees. In today’s age, the work-life balance has started to be considered an integral part of work. This allows the trend to shift towards flexible work options. The commitment for full-time employment is not required at most gigs to get hired. Having certain basic skill sets and pre-requisites as per the preferred job is all that is needed.

It is imperative to consider health before diving into job searches. Picking up a hobby is equally good enough to stay occupied. But it does not compare to the satisfaction one gets out of having a part-time gig that allows you to showcase the skills and pays well to have some income still coming in post-retirement.

Once they are ready with the job they want to pursue, what is the next step? The answer to that question is simple, log onto the internet and visit a few websites, preferably well-known for job hunting. Do filter out the options by season, state, and other categories applicable. The data provided in the above sections are going to be particularly useful for the same.

Retiree jobs not only give you the option to continue working post-retirement age but also a great way to save money to plan a lovely holiday with spouses and kids. To summarize it all, retirement plans are a great idea. Hustling towards success and making the big bucks to save for the future and lead a calm and comfortable retirement is a great option. However, for those who want to extend the work period while having a choice to work flexibly and still earn to meet certain daily needs, best part time jobs post retirement are the best of both worlds. Stay safe and healthy, plan for a smart retirement, and don’t give up searching for the right job, as it will all be worth it.

Source material and research all courtesy: Choice Mutual