American Amicable Burial and Final Expense Insurance Review

American Amicable Burial and Final Expense Insurance Review

If you are looking for the best burial and final expense insurance products, you are among the few Americans who’ve made the wise decision to take control of their lives and care for their loved ones. 

You’re ready to take the steps needed to make sure that end-of-life wishes are withheld.

When you invest in the best burial insurance products, your loved ones do not have to struggle with the high cost of planning your funeral and burial. 

What this means is that you would have to look for the best insurance companies on the market to make sure that the insurance plan you settle for is the one that offers the best advantages to your loved ones.

With countless insurance companies claiming to offer some of the best burial insurance products and only a few top-tier coverage options, the search for the best companies might be a little more challenging, even harsh, hence this comprehensive review. 

Here, this article will take you through everything you need to know about one of these top-rated companies – American Amicable Insurance Company.

So, what does American Amicable Insurance Company have to offer?

Overview of American Amicable Company

Founded over a century ago in 1910 in Waco, Texas, American Amicable is one of the oldest insurance companies in the US, and it is also the best provider of burial insurance. 

But this company is not a stand-alone company, and it belongs to the American Amicable Group of (insurance) Companies. 

Under this group, the other companies include The American-Amicable Life Insurance Company of Texas, Occidental Life Insurance Company of North Carolina, IA American Life Insurance Company, the Pioneer Security Life Insurance Company, and Pioneer American Insurance Company.

It’s also important to note that the American Amicable Life Insurance Company traces back its roots to the Amicable Life Insurance Company, better known as ALICO Management Company, from 1910. 

The catch is that ALICO runs all its operations from one website that houses all its companies. Which means that it might be a little hard for you to know which insurance products are underwritten by the ALICOgroup.

That said, this company focuses on the sale of some of the simplest insurance products thanks to the use of local independent insurance agents that are based throughout the US.

In addition to their final expense insurance policies, they also offer term life insurance products, universal life insurance, and the modified life insurance products offered across the website.

Working together, all these companies have been able to serve more than 4 million families. The company boasts over 5,000 employees, and they manage assets worth over $109 million. Today, the company boasts a life insurance coverage valued at about $6.7billion.

So, what products do the insurance company offer?

The primary burial insurance plans offered include the Return of Premium plan, the Amicable Graded Insurance Plan, and their Immediate Benefits plan. Before looking at the details of the insurance company and what they have to offer, let’s first look at their financial ratings and stability.


American Amicable is a BBB-rated company, and it receives an excellent rating from this top-ratings company. It is A+ rated by BBB, and A.M. Best Rating gives it an A rating for Excellence. 

The excellent rating by this insurance company means that this company is capable of meeting its financial obligations and it will process its insurance claims with ease. The A.M Best rating was granted in 2015 February.

The A+ and the A rating by the company give you the assurance that the company, as well as their insurance products, are of excellent/ good standards and that your investment would be safe, not just at the time of application or purchase of the policy, but also after a number of years.

So, which are some of the final expense products you could buy from America Amicable Insurance Company?


Here are the primary final expense insurance products offered by American Amicable.

American Amicable Final Expense – Golden Solution Series

American Amicable Golden Solution series is an economical way to free your loved ones from financial worry.

This is the most popular and the biggest insurance product offered by American Amicable. As the name suggests, the insurance product is the ideal product for senior citizens looking for insurance products that would cover the funeral expenses, other burial expenses, and maybe even the medical bills and debts.

 Notably, most people argue that American Amicable’s rates are considerably higher than what’s offered by other companies. However, they still offer great options, which is why the company is top-rated.

The issue ages for this plan are from 0 to 85 years, and the maximum or the last premium paying period allowed is 110 years. This plan features a minimum face value of $2,500. 

However, the maximum face value offered is variable, specifically for the immediate death benefit plans. So, applicants between the ages of 50 and 75 access a maximum death benefit of $35,000, while persons aged 76-85 years access a maximum death benefit of $20,000.

There also are variables sin the maximum death benefits for the graded plan and the Return of Premium plans. These plans are accessible to applicants between the ages of 50 and 85, and both feature a maximum death benefit of $20,000.

This plan is a Seniors option accessible to applicants throughout the US and in Guam, and in Puerto Rico. The burial insurance plan is a whole life permanent insurance product, and it’s designed to offer the best level of final expense protection. 

As a whole life insurance product, the plan will never expire, the death benefits won’t go down, and the monthly premiums will also be unchanged.

Burial Insurance Coverage Levels

Immediate Death Benefits

This is the first option for final expense insurance, and anyone who qualifies for the plan accesses full coverage from day 1 of the insurance application. 

This policy offers 100% full death benefits that will be payable immediately if death occurs – in other words, payment of the full death benefits is not contingent on accidental death, and the full face value is payable instantly.

Graded Death Benefits

This insurance option is a good option for applicants who have minor medical or health issues, depending on your answers to the knockout underwriting questions.

The payment model for the death benefits with this plan is staggered, and you don’t get paid 100% of the death benefits on day 1. 

Instead, American Amicable will pay 30% of the death benefits if the policyholder dies during the first year after purchasing the policy. They will pay only 70% of the full death benefits if death happens in the second year. 100% full death benefits are only payable in the 3rd year and in the subsequent years.

That said, the full death benefits would be paid only if the policyholder dies from accidental death.

The Return of Premium Death Benefits (Modified Plan) 

The Return of Premiums insurance plan is the other insurance product offered by the American Amicable Insurance Company. This plan, unlike the rest of the plans, also features a tiered payment option for the death benefits. 

This plan comes with a 10% interest rate payable in the first 3 or 2 years of the policy for applicants aged 65 years or below (as per the date of policy application).

There is a 2-year graded period option for applicants aged 65+ (at the application date). The graded 2-year plan is also ideal for all ages in the states of New Hampshire, New Jersey, or Illinois.

This plan is also considered the modified plan as it comes with another option with a 3-year waiting period for policyholders between 50-64 years. In this case, the amount paid in the first 3 years is 10% plus premiums paid and the full death benefits paid after the 3rd year.

After the lapse of the graded period, the insurer will pay the 100% death benefits. However, the same 100% death benefits are also payable in case of accidental death, whether in the first year of application or the second year.

Before checking the rates of the insurance products offered, let’s take a look at some of the benefits and the riders you will enjoy when you choose to work with American Amicable.

Terminal Illness Rider (Accelerated Death Benefits) – This rider allows policyholders to enjoy the full death benefits for the policies if, after applying for their application products, you receive a diagnosis for a terminal illness in which the licensed medical professionals give you a maximum of 24 months to live. The best part is that this rider is available at no extra cost.

Accelerated Death Benefits for Confined Care – This is the other rider offered to policyholders in the event of permanent confinement to the nursing facility. If this happens within 30 days of the purchase of the insurance policy. 

With this rider, policyholders also get to receive at least 5% of the insurance face value on a monthly basis and as part of the immediate death benefits option. Unfortunately, this rider is not available in all states.

In other words, this policy/ plan is more of a whole life insurance policy whose premiums remain unchanged throughout the life of the policy, and once you qualify for this insurance cover, the value of death benefits will be unchanged too.


The final expense insurance rates are variable, depending on your age and the preferred value of the insurance coverage.

  • The non-smoking rates offered are as follows – for the Immediate Death Benefits Plan 50-year old females and males looking to buy the $10,000 plan will pay monthly premiums of $27 and $32, respectively.

While 85-year old females and males are also looking for the $10,000 plan will pay $166 and $221 in monthly premiums.

  • For the Graded Death Benefits Plan, the monthly premiums rates payable for insurance coverage worth $10,000 is as follows:

$30 and $38 for females and males aged 50, and $221 and $278 for 85-year old females and males, respectively.

  • Under the Return of Premium Death Benefit, the premium rates payable are as follows:

50-year-old females and males pay $36 and $44, respectively, in monthly premiums, while 85-year olds pay a premium of $263 and $338, respectively.


American Amicable Burial Insurance company requires the filing of claims by calling the toll number, sending the claim application by mail or fax. 

There is no clarification of the maximum time it takes to process the application, and it may or may not be 24 hours. But the official filing times would be considered to be the same as their operating hours, 8 AM-4.45 PM.

Final Expense Coverage benefits

American Amicable Final Expense Coverage benefits
  • Free Riders – These riders include the accelerated death benefits, and the terminal illness accelerated death benefit riders.
  • Accumulated Cash Value – In addition to the fixed monthly premiums and the unchanging value of the coverage, you should know this insurance plan is a permanent life insurance product. This means it gains some cash value over time, with the money’s growth permitted and compounded on the tax-deferred basis. In other words, the cash value growth of the policy isn’t taxable until the cash is withdrawn. Also, the cash value could be withdrawn or borrowed for whatever reason.
  • No Medical Exams – The other feature of the final expense insurance plan is that the plan’s approval is not subject to any medical examinations, and there is no blood or urine to be tested for you to qualify for the policy. In other words, the approval process for this policy is much faster than that of any underwritten life insurance product. In most cases, it would only take a couple of days or an entire week for the approval process to be completed.
  • Optional riders – The options include Accidental death rider offers to policyholders between 50-80 years. It comes with the minimum possible protection offered and a minimum of $2500 in minimum payments. The only catch is that it is not offered on the Return of Premium Plans.

There is also the Grandchild Rider, also between 50-80 years, valued at $5,000 and applicable to grandkids under 21 years – the maximum number of units that can be purchased is 2.

Nursing Home’s Waiver of Premium Rider – This rider comes with the immediate death benefits plan only, but there is a 90-day waiting period before the policy kicks in.

What Are the Knockout Questions?

In insurance-speak, the knockout questions are the three important questions that determine the final expense insurance plan you are eligible for.

  1. Are you hospitalized currently, confined to a registered nursing facility, wheelchair, or bed because of some chronic disease/ illness? Currently on assisted breathing or receiving care at a hospice or home health care, got amputated from an illness, or currently diagnosed with some form of cancer, or any other illness that affects your daily living activities like dressing, bathing, toileting, or eating?
  2. Have you ever been or had a medical diagnosis or advised to get an organ transplant, undergoing kidney dialysis, or have been diagnosed with a disease like congestive heart failure, dementia, Alzheimer’s, ALS, or been incapacitated, maybe even suffering from respiratory failure, liver failure, or end-stage disease that is likely to cause death in less than 12 months?
  3. Have you been diagnosed or medically treated by medical professionals for AIDS, AIDS-related complex, or tested positive for HIV?

Generally, answering No to all these questions is the ideal setup that would mean instant qualification for the immediate death benefits final expense insurance plan. 

However, this is not always the case, and most people with health issues would qualify for the graded benefits plans.

What Are the Health Questions Asked for a Whole Life Policy?

In addition to the knockout questions, there are several other health questions asked, and they include:

  • Insulin or diabetes-related diseases, including TIA, heart disease, strokes, and other forms of circulatory diseases.
  • Diagnosis for cardiomyopathy, Lou Gehrig’s, Huntington’s, cardiomyopathy, or congestive heart failure.
  • Cancer, except for the squamous and basal cell skin cancers.
  • If you’ve been diagnosed in the past 12 months with a disease that affects the heart, kidney, liver, lungs, brain, or internal cancers like melanomas, lymphomas, systemic lupus, or leukemia. This also applies to treatment for drug and alcohol used.
  • Lastly, if you have, in the past 24 months, been treated for or medically diagnosed with or taken medication for internal cancer/ melanoma, leukemia, COPD, cirrhosis, liver disease, ulcerative colitis; stroke, and other heart-related illnesses or procedures to improve circulation, and lastly, if you’ve been paralyzed or suffered any neuromuscular diseases.


Here are the important bits of information you need to know about the underwriting process for the final expense insurance policy.

  • The application information is easily obtained online, with the American Amicable telesales teams requiring you to answer some important health questions over the phone.
  • The underwriting process also includes the medical information bureau check and pharmacy database checks.
  • A client build based on the applicant’s health and weight ratio is also incorporated.

Pros & Cons


  • Free riders offered.
  • Cash value builds up over time.
  • Coverage will not expire.
  • The premium amounts are fixed.


  • No guarantee of the claims being paid in 24 hours.
  • Other companies offer cheaper plans.

How to Sell American Amicable’s Final Expense Product?

To sell life insurance products, you have to apply to be an agent on the company’s website.


Though American Amicable is one of the top-rated insurance companies, it isn’t everyone’s best or first option. They offer great plans for smokers, and also, you get to enjoy great rider options, but the rates may be a little too expensive for some people. 

The difference between this insurer and what’s offered by other companies might be minimal, and at the end of the day, you’d have to make the choice that best works for you and your loved ones.