Age 71 Death & Why Globe Life Insurance Isn’t The Answer

71 Globe Life Insurance

Guess who died at age 71? How SWEET it is … What Gary? Why combining Sweet and Death? Let me explain. In this article we will examine why Globe Life Insurance isn’t the best choice at 71.

You must remember the great Jackie Gleason.  If anyone ever enjoyed their life it was the great star of the Honeymooners and later many movies.

His Famous Saying … “How Sweet it Is”

I was born in 1962.  The Honeymooners was shot way back in 1956. There were only 39 episodes and they must have been televised in reruns millions of times over the past 60 years. 

Obviously it was classic TV.

But what many don’t remember is that Jackie Gleason did a variety show for CBS from 1966-1970. I was just a little “peanut”. Probably 6 or 7 years old.

But I clearly remember Saturday nights with Jackie alternating between a one hour variety format and one hour of the Honeymooners in full blown color (a really big deal back then).

Jackie would announce at the start of each show what they were going to do for the night, and if it was going to be the variety stuff, my young mind would wander off and find something else to do.

I could care less at the time about guys and gals dancing on stage with umbrellas singing about what a beautiful world it was. BORING. I guess I was ahead of my time on that one, because you don’t see any of that kind of stuff on TV today.

But if it was the Honeymooners … I was glued to the set. That was a long time ago, but Gleason was so talented even a 7 year old was glued to our 23″ inch TV set.

I can’t remember what I had for dinner last night or what fight I had with the wife the day before, but I can remember Jackie Gleason from 51 years ago like it was yesterday. Strange how the mind works.

I have two young boys now, age 8 and 14 and they wouldn’t watch Gleason and Art Carney if their lives depended on it, but I guess times have just changed. My 14 year old is a video game addict. What’s going to happen to everything once these kids grow up with this new habit?

And my 8 year old is a cookoo … You should see the crazy things he does. He calls me girdy, a combination of Gary and Daddy.

Jackie Gleason was one of the most talented men ever to live. He really deserved to live a far longer life than he did.

But, Jackie Gleason was a smoker.

He died the way most smokers die … from cancer. June 24th, 1987. What a loss. There is no fairness in life and death.

If you were Jackie Gleason you probably thought you would live forever.  Imagine how he must have been treated almost anywhere he went.  Like a King.  Probably better than a lot of ex-Presidents would have been.

So what’s the point?

Even the greatest amongst us die.  We won’t be spared any more than Jackie was.  Me the writer, and you the reader, we will both die. It’s just the way things work, even if right now it feels like our minds will never be shut off for good.

And when we do pass the vultures comes out.

Is Globe Final Expense Life Insurance or is there Something a Whole Lot Better?

The vultures being the funeral homes with their cremation and burial costs and all the things they have that surround it. And I am not saying this as a way to “sell” you something. We all know it is true. The costs related to death are an outrage.

My Dad passed 3 years ago and even though all of his friends had long since past away and the folks in attendance were only close family members, the entire bill was more than $23,000.

It was crazy. I loved my Dad. I love the memory of my Dad. I’m a huge success in business. But $23,000 is crazy when a family is already in distress over their loved ones passing.

I know, you can have it done for less. You are right. My Dad passed in York, Maine. Not a discount dollar community. East Coast, near the beach, old money abounds. Costs are high.

But even if your burial is half of that, that is still a lot of money for most families to come up with. It usually ends up on a credit card with years of absurd interest payments stacked on top.

Not only is the funeral home ready to rip your finances to shreds, then the 27 percent credit card rates make sure the job is totally done.

Financial Destruction and I’m not talking about the destruction a Colonial Penn Life Insurance policy will do to your wallet now

You’ll want to dive headfirst into that grave with the person you just buried.

Some folks say, just toss my body in the dumpster.  Others (like myself) want cremation with my ashes spread behind the pool at my house.  Come to think of it, maybe in the pool and let the pool filter catch my remains and then the pool guy can worry about it later.

Men care about these things less than women it seems. But is that reality?

No! Male or female, and as simple as you want to keep things, when you die there will be costs and there will be tremendous stress on you family.

Think about it, even if you keep your final expenses to a minimum, there still will be a cash crunch when your social security vanishes or your final wishes need to be executed.

Sadly your DEATH is expensive. Your family will be burdened. They may even curse you under their breathe as your remains join the next life. Image the cuss words as your casket is lowered into the ground.

And there is no government help on the horizon.  Bernie Sanders has campaigned on medicare for all, but he has never mentioned death expenses for all.  You are on your own with death. Either Bernie doesn’t care about the insane cost of death, or he figures it will be a miracle enough if he can get everyone covered under medicare.

You need to consider coverage. I know, you hate the idea of more insurance. Insurance is like betting against yourself. You are only going to get to take advantage of it, if something horrible happens.

You die … your loved ones get money. Not exactly what you want to think about over a Saturday night out at the movies.

But still, you know you need the coverage. After all, there wouldn’t be so many people talking about it if no one ever purchased it.

The truth is, coverage like Globe or John Hancock final expense burial coverage is very popular.

But Not All Coverage is the Same. 

You can get Term coverage from a company like Globe Life Insurance, with all of their fancy advertising, thinking you are getting some type of deal.

The problem is that term coverage can end at age 90.  And the monthly payments rise every 5 years.  The idea is to get folks in their 50’s and 60’s to sign up … Take in all of their money and then have them dump out of the policy one way or another before they die.

If your monthly payments triples for your Globe or John Hancock final expense burial insurance, you are going to cancel that policy unless you hurry up and die.

Please die self so I don’t have to lose the money I put into this policy. You might not even be suicidal. You just are so cheap, that you don’t want to lose that coverage without FULL payment.

So Die Before 90 or You are Screwed with a policy like Globe Life Insurance where their term policy all goes poof at that age …

Better to have NO coverage, than be forced to think that.

Amazing … Just like with Gleason, life is so unfair.

With insuranceforfinalexpense.com you won’t have that problem.

Sample Insurance Rates with Insurance for Final Expense for 71 Year Olds

Non Tobacco Female$29.00$56.00$83.00$110.00
Tobacco Female$33.25$63.83$94.42$125.02
Non Tobacco Male $40.00$78.00$115.00$153.00
Tobacco Male$43.14$83.63$124.12$164.62

My Mom is now 88 and if she had purchased a policy at age 68 from Globe Life Insurance, her policy would have expired years ago with all of those payments made and with no benefit for our family.

Bad, Bad, Bad …

And think about this, Globe Life Insurance was founded in 1951.  Mutual of Omaha (which we offer) has been in business since 1909.  They survived the Great Depression.

1951 until today is a good run for Globe, but Mutual was in business long before that and survived the Great Depression in perfect order.

There is not a person in America who would worry about the financial stability of Mutual.

It’s 100% … They have never missed a payment upon death. 

Or you could go with Globe and their ever increasing monthly payments and coverage that ends at age 90.

Give me a break.  The decision is not even a close one to make. Mutual of Omaha will win out every single time.

Gary P. Cubeta
(Serving Americans In All 50 States)